moths are adorable

real talk

why tf do people hate moths so much?? they’re just like tiny fluffy butterflies???

i mean

look at how furry they can be!! this one looks like a damn plushie!!!

and look how cool their wings are!!!

this one has snake heads on the tips of its wings!!!

and this one has a damn SKULL on its back!!!



conclusion: moths are adorable little furballs who deserved to be loved

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AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA UR A MOTH. THATS FUCKING ADORABLE. God. I bet your soft. Can I pet you? Or pat your head? Is that weird?? I like soft things. You should meet Felix. He's soft. You'd like him.

I love pets! Wow aren’t you excitable! You can pet my head and my cheek.

11 random facts about me

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1. I draw fluffy things when i’m sad and angsty when i’m happy. 

2. I’m afraid of moths 😱 

3. I adore green tea 💙 and don’t like coffee. 

4. I watched too many horror movies, and now they don’t scare me. 

5. I’m older than 21, but looks like i’m 15 😂😂 

6. I love very spicy food, so if i’ll say ‘wow, it’s spicy’ my friends even won’t be taste it x) 

7. I never killed Papyrus :D 

8. I had two concussions of the brain, when i was child. 

9. All my friends (except one) are taller than me 😂 

10. Undertale is my first fandom where i ship only one pairing. 

11. I love cartoons sooo much more than movies and tv series :) 

Sorry, i’m so boring 😂

I don’t want bother anyone so let’s assume that i tagged all and if you want do this, go ahead :))

“meaning of the totem Butterfly conveys transcending, and is therefore the greatest symbol of our power to choose the path of our destiny.”

I have strange crushes…

I painted this cecropia moth for my mom, because she has always loved them. I don’t remember when she first told me the story behind her affection for them, but it has always been one of my favourite stories of hers so I asked her if I could share it. (and she said yes of course, so here it is)

“The moths. I was 9 years old. I was looking at a beautiful copper cocoon at the back of the yard. The neighbor boy came up with a creepy grin on his face and ripped the cocoon off the branch and threw it on the ground and stomped on it. I was so angry. I wanted to hurt him, but he was much older than I was…and a lot bigger. I went home with my red tear stained face determined to do something. That weekend I talked my little sisters and a couple of neighbor girls into walking to the grocery store and collecting as many cardboard boxes from behind the store as we could carry. We took them home and started collecting cocoons. We canvassed the entire neighborhood and filled some of the smaller boxes with as many cocoons as we could find. The others tired after a couple of days but I kept going. I was determined to save as many of them as I could. I filled the boxes with the leaves and twigs that each cocoon was attached to…I reasoned that that must be what they preferred. I stacked the boxes in a shed in our backyard and put old screens on top. The shed was really only used in the summer, so they were safe. I checked the boxes every day when the weather warmed. I remember so well the day that I opened the door and the light from the doorway landed on a bright blue spot of color…It was like magic! I carefully took that small butterfly out of the shed on my finger and held him up so he could dry his wings in the sun. I waited. He finally flew off of my finger and up into the sky…pure joy!! It happened again and again…more and more butterflies and moths that I took out into the sun and watched fly away. My mother finally noticed that I was in and out of the shed every day and asked me what I was doing…so I told her. She just smiled at me and shook her head…"I have never heard of such a thing!"”

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Some super fluffy, super pretty moths, perchance? I find them adorable, but I don't know if many other people do :'D

these ones are my favorite, their color scheme makes me think of strawberry lemonade. If i owned one thats prolly what their name would be

i mean look at them though???? its like a real pokemon or a fairy

theyre called rosy maple moths 10/10 best tho


Hey everyone! I’m at Anthro New England this weekend! I happen to be seated right across from this fabulous felting duo known as @smallflock responsible for these amazing and adorable moth hairpins! The lunas are the largest, about 4-5 inches long, with many beautifully made smaller species which are all recognizable and expertly crafted. They make many other lovely things as well of all sizes and even do commission work! Please check out their wonderful art. I’m planning to get a rosy maple myself before the con is out. 😄