crystalguerrieriart  asked:

Dear Coey, What ever happened to that Moth and Mantis story you posted a while ago? It looked really intriguing and I was looking forward to more. Just curious. Have a great day!

Hey Hun! I still have it - its there! I just have a lot of stories and I usually bounce between them given  what i’m into that week @ _ @;;; so I still do stuff w/ them and I actually have a lot drawn that I dont post (in general- I scan maybe 3-4 thigns from a 30 page sketchbook) mostly because i’m lazy or forget . __ . oops….. But thank you!! I’m glad you like them! I do too :> actually been meaning to post a picture i did of them that i threw  a review up of …. so I guess i’ll post that! thanks for the reminder <3