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Could you please, if you want to, of course, write a intrepid hero fic where Luke is kidnapped kicking and (mentally) screaming by Vader front of rebel command/his squad/rebel friends other than Leia, Han and chewie?

I hope this is close enough to what you were looking for, anon, though mind that since I suddenly wanted to do mother-daughter stuff, Luke and Vader (Padmé) have been flipped of their usual sex.
*due to the switches, there’s mention of unsafe and traumatic cesarean.



So much screaming.

“Obi-Wan, don’t you d—” her voice broke, the scream turning into wordless rage and a shriek of hatred which was dashed on the rocks of smoke-damaged vocal cords and a throat swollen from burns and heat. He didn’t turn around; was all too aware her strength, whatever she would have left of it after the battle, her limbs cut off and after the aborted labour, was running out fast.

“Give… give them back…” the whisper, inexplicably heard under the roaring popping of the lava and the crunch of volcanic gravel under his boots, was soft and fluttery, like the heartbeats of the two small, precarious lives in his arms, dry already in the heat from Mustafar, the poisonous volcanic gases undoubtedly not helping their gasping little breaths at all.

He needed to leave, and yet he turned around, just enough to look over his shoulder. He watched boil-red skin that was slowly turning charred and a bare metal arm, blackened from the fire as well, grasp at the gravel, in the air, after him - no, the children. Her burning, yellow eyes were glassy, and Obi-Wan doubted she was aware of much at all besides her own screaming need and rage.

“Give her back! Give them all—!” her voice broke again, crushed underneath the song of Mustafar and the sudden, modulated command of a clone trooper calling that he’d been found.

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While I was on a break at work chomping away on cranberries I was wondering what kind of content the FO Twitter has...? Inspirational quotes? Recruitment event posters? Open base event invitations?

OH MAN good question glad to see that cranberries are leading to such thoughts

The FO Twitter is a bit of a mystery. It suddenly appeared a few years ago, when the First Order was just entering galactic news. For a long time, people thought it wasn’t actually official, until it ended up with a little verified checkmark. 

It posts reminders about important events in the Empire, tweets about the incoming collapse of the New Republic due to the widespread corruption, and maintains that the Senate lllllies to the galaxy. Pictures of idyllic planetscapes. Warnings about diseases from alien sex. Sometimes, it posts memes that are not so much clueless, but slightly off - here comes dat boi with Admiral Ackbar, unflattering reaction images of Mon Mothma, Imperial pepes. 

Vines are a recent addition. Silent loops of people wearing exquisite uniforms in aggressively designed interiors. 

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Does Padme in Empress Amidala verse have any contingency plans in case of her's or Vader's death? I mean she probably does have some for Luke and Leia, but galaxy scale?

There is: the plan if she dies, the plan if Vader dies, the plan if Anakin UN-dies, the plan if one of the twins dies, the plan if both of the twins die, the plan if Bail Organa dies, the plan if Mon Mothma dies, the plan if Sabé/Rabé/Eirtaé/Yané/Saché/Dormé/Moteé dies, the plan if–

Padmé has a lot of contingency plans in case of someone’s death, really. So very, very many plans. 

She still desperately wishes she’d had one in case of Obi-Wan Kenobi’s death. 

She knows it never would’ve applied, though. Back then, she never could’ve imagined Anakin as the cause of it.