Evillious Chronicles Chronological Order Playlist

so for a while now friends have asked me where to start with evillious and due to the sheer amount of songs its hard to know where to start so ye im making a list and deviding it into arcs

please tell me if i used a link without subs or got the order wrong bc its changed so many times

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(image by @veverydayisanewday)

We’re back for a round 2!

This March 16, the novel adaptation of the final Seven Deadly Sins song, Muzzle of Nemesis, will be released. Like last time, when the Muzzle of Nemesis album came out, we’ll be holding a “Seven Deadly Days” countdown to celebrate!

Each day, starting from a week before release, will be dedicated to fanwork for a particular sin, in song release order, from Pride to Wrath.

In order,

  • Pride (March 10)
  • Gluttony (March 11)
  • Envy (March 12)
  • Lust (March 13)
  • Sloth (March 14)
  • Greed (March 15)
  • Wrath (March 16)

Any and all fanwork is welcome! You can submit it to this blog, @ us, or tag it #sevendeadlydays here or on twitter.

Have fun!