“Everyone seeks their own utopia
What kind of outcome shall be met?”

Story of Evils | Formalin [pixiv] 
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An evil flower scatters attractively, with vivid colouration 
The later people talk of her this way;
Ah, she really was a Daughter of Evil

Evillious Chronicles Chronological Order Playlist

so for a while now friends have asked me where to start with evillious and due to the sheer amount of songs its hard to know where to start so ye im making a list and deviding it into arcs

please tell me if i used a link without subs or got the order wrong bc its changed so many times

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Vocaloid Producers as pastry chefs
  • Mothy:Plain looking cakes with stale frosting but the inside has all kinds of mixed up flavors that anyone can enjoy.
  • Hitoshizuku:Makes nothing but banana and orange flavored cakes, decorates them with bananas slices and pieces of oranges.
  • Machigerita:Makes artsy dark cakes and decorates them with body parts made of candy. Puts out one pink frosted cupcake sprinkled with edible glitter.
  • Giga-P:Erotic cakes
  • mothy:Here's a Hänsel and Gretel story, except their adoptive mother is a witch and they are insane so they murder their adoptive parents who murdered their biological mother .
  • Hitoshizuku:Here's a Hänsel and Gretel Story, except it's filled with sex.
  • mothy:Here's a Peter Pan story except Peter Pan isn't real and Wendy is delusional and kills herelf
  • Hitoshizuku:Here's a Peter Pan story, except Peter goes nuts and starts to terrorize Neverland as a pirate.
  • mothy:Here's a Sleeping Beauty story, except she's a crazy amnesiac witch with a love for murder.
  • Hitoshizuku:Here's a Sleeping Beauty story, except she planned to bring forth the apocalyse and was tossed out the window by her prince.
  • Hitoshizuku:Btw I have a story about Onigashima with four dudes fighting four chicks.
  • mothy:Look! A child decapitating a murderess!
  • Vocaloid fanom:*is tensed*