Behind the scenes with Ashleigh Good at Chanel’s Fall 2015 couture show

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- Not single. Yet at least. He knows he messed up big time and claims he’s gonna fix all our problems, so we’ll see. It was a rough couple nights for me. I don’t want to lose him.

- Doctors appointment today. Everything’s looking good, I’m even measuring ahead! About a week I think, which is awesome for me because as long as my baby girl is healthy I don’t mind going into labor earlier than expected. Suppose I should get my hospital bag packed! We have just about all the essentials for her. All we really need now is more diapers, medical stuff (diaper rash cream, Motrin, whatever), a breast pump, a diaper bag, and some furniture for organizing. Plus the crib but we just have to wait for Jeff’s parents to bring it to us. Should probably get more toys, too. And a carseat cover. Otherwise everything else is just kind of stuff that would be nice to have but not really necessary. And Jeff’s mom already told me not to worry about anything because she’ll get whatever else is needed. God bless her. She’s been so amazing to us through out the whole pregnancy.

So it seems we’re gonna have to kick into to high gear and really prepare the house and ourselves for Rowan Quinci-Ella’s arrival! I’m so excited!

New Mama-To-Be

I’ll be 10 weeks pregnant tomorrow.

I don’t let myself think about it too much because I’ve had 2 miscarriages and have no children. I thought about the “a” word, but it’s a blessing that I’ve gotten this far and that little heartbeat… I fell in love with that heart beat. 

I don’t let myself feel too much either. It’s all very unnerving. Everything will change - either for the better or the worse. Sometimes I feel this is a mistake. Most of the time I just accept it and keep pushing towards a healthy lifestyle so I can be blessed with a healthy baby.

Time will tell.

But thus far, I’m beginning to be in love… all over again. And this time, not with a “man”.

Did I mention that I think it’s a girl?

I do.