From Gastroposter Anne Waters:

My mother took great pleasure in showing her love for her family by serving well prepared homemade food. Waffles were always on the menu when her grandchildren came for weekend visits. I inherited her waffle machine some 8 years ago. Every time I use it I think of her.

From Gastroposter Jenny Roger:

Mother’s Day Cupcake from Short and Sweet Cupcakes.
My mother was my inspiration for cooking. Long before the term Foodie came into being in the 1980’s my mother was, and considered herself to be a “gourmet” cook. She was an excellent baker and had a curiosity about food and was always interested in trying new things from all over the world. I grew up in the 1960’s thinking that it was a normal way of eating, but I realize now that my mother was ahead of the times with multicultural eating.
She not only gave me an interest in trendy food but made me appreciate the traditional family dishes.
If I was to share a meal with her today, in spite of all the sophisticated foods she liked, it would include her favourite treat of French fries with vinegar, and a strong cup of quality coffee.

From Gastroposter Garland Liew:

When I think about cupcakes, I think about my mother. She has always been obsessed with cupcakes and every time I come home there is a box of freshly baked cupcakes waiting for me. They are so pretty and scrumptious!

From Gastroposter Maria Zychowicz:

Wild Blueberry Perogies: that’s my memory of every summer with my Mother and Grandmother.

They serve them with fresh whipping cream or vanilla yogurt and sprinkle with brown sugar.


My mom always said “corn doesn’t agree with me” which was code for “I love Ontario corn on the cob so much that I don’t care how sick it makes me, I am eating my weight in corn every August”

I always made her corn chowder when she was here for a visit although she had never made it herself. After she recovered from her first bout with cancer, corn was TOTALLY off limits for her. That first August was pretty rough for her with fresh corn everywhere you look so I decided I would make her a cornless corn chowder. I lovingly steeped the stock with corn cobs for an entire day, I scraped every last bit of milk out of the cobs and I strained it with a fine sieve back into a pot with heavy cream and made her a nice corn soup without any actual corn kernels in it and watching her taste her first spoonful, I knew I had done a very good thing.