Sometimes, when I use my mother tongue, I can still hear the colonizers speaking for me.

FROM THE VAULT: Chrysanthemum Tran - “Cognates” (WOWPS 2016)

Performing at the 2016 Women of the World Poetry Slam. Chrysanthemum placed 12th overall in the tournament. HELP SUPPORT BUTTON POETRY.

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An obvious and trivial fact: nobody starts speaking a new language perfectly. Yet many language learners fear of making mistakes and feel terribly embarrassed with their inability to speak their target language as perfectly as their mother-tongue.

When it comes to learning new languages, the more mistakes you make, the faster you learn. Be ridiculous, play with your target language, have fun and, damn it, make all kind of mistakes now - this is the only way to progress.


So today I got an email back from the people I interviewed with a week or so ago, and they offered me a job as an ALT!!! XD 

I don’t know where in Japan they’re gonna put me yet, I’ve requested to go up north to Hokkaido, but we’ll see what happens. But YEAH. I’ll most likely be moving sometime in March so I’ve got some time to apply for a visa, buy a plane ticket, get my finances together etc. I did a year abroad in Japan, so I’m really excited to go back and work there! Nervous as heck because all this Being An Adult/Doing The Job stuff freaks me out… but more excited than anything else. 

Anyways! Just wanted to share my happy news with you guys!! And I’ll keep ya updated on where they put me~

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Let's be honest here JB was no where near being homophobic it's just a bunch of easy triggered kids that want to start shit like idols can't say shot no more without being dragged for some reason like he could step on a flower and their would be an uproar that he hates nature or something it's so ridiculous

I hope this issue gets revolved though so both sides will be happy. I personally feel like its just a misunderstanding because it really is easy to mistranslate a language. As a person who is bilingual, I can vouch for this. My mother tongue for example (Malayalam) is impossible to translate accurately to English. I’ve watched stuff with English subs in them, and it no way conveys the real meaning of what’s said. Half of the time, it doesn’t make sense. What I’m saying is, I think this whole thing was a misunderstanding and I hope it gets resolved soon. 

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I don't get it ? But that's probably cause English isn't my mother tongue

A coin has two sides, heads and tails. And by saying “what are the chances me of getting head” that means I want the girl to go downtown on 🍆
- bucky


Your mother tongue has a lasting effect on your brain – even if you can’t remember it. That’s according to a new study from the Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital and McGill University’s Department of Psychology.

It’s hard to say exactly what this means for our understanding of language acquisition, but it’s an incredible reminder that our first few months of life are so important for our brain development.

MRI images: Montreal Neurological Institute, McGill University

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Bilinguals overwhelmingly report that they feel like different people in different languages. It is often assumed that the mother tongue is the language of the true self. (…) But, it first languages are reservoirs of emotion, second languages can be rivers undammed, freeing their speakers to ride different currents.
—  Love in Translation by Lauren Collins from the New Yorker, August 8 & 15, 2016
Language Ask!

1.       What is your first language?

2.       Did you grow up bilingual?

3.      Is there more than one official language in your country?

4.       What other languages do you speak?

5.       Are you fluent in a language other than your first?

6.       When did you start learning other languages?

7.       Do you have a favourite language?

8.       Which language do you want to learn next?

9.       What is your favourite word in your first language?

10.   What is your least favourite word in your first language?

11.   What is your favourite word in any other language you speak?

12.   What is your least favourite word in any other language you speak?

13.   Have you ever lived/spent some time in a country where everyone speaks a different language?

14.   Write a short note in your mother tongue for your followers.

15.   Write a short note in a language you choose for your followers.

because i am a foreign-languages asshole: scenes and dialogue in the dragon age series that should have had approximately 300% more difficulty with communication

- broscas/aeducans/mahariels having tons of difficulty navigating surface-level andrastian human slang/idioms/vocabulary because they’re used to their own mishmash of the Common tongue & their mother language from back home

- conversely, amells/suranas/tabrises confusing the fuck out of others when trying to communicate in their own Common-tongue idiosyncrasies from their own extremely insular communities

- Leliana, Zevran, and Sten occasionally having those moments where you completely blank out on a word or phrase in another language and have to stand there coming up with awkward alternate definitions until the other person supplies it for you (Sten has one with “cookies,” more like that pls)

- wardens from aforementioned insular communities pleased to be “reunited” with their respective home environments to some degree because even if the circumstances of their leaving were less than stellar, at least they’re FINALLY around other people who understand their extremely specific family of Dust Town/Diamond Quarter/Kinloch Hold/Elvehn/Denerim Alienage dialect

- Hawkefam having to adapt to the Kirkwall flavor of the Marcher brand of Common after speaking nothing but Backwater Fereldan Redneck all their lives

- Isabela speaking like, any Rivaini whatsoever

- ditto for Sebastian speaking Lowland Scots

- Tevene!!!! Ander!!! Elvehn!!!

- (what im saying is that i wish there was more content of hawke’s LIs speaking to them/teaching them shit in their own languages besides the standard couple of phrases that get frequently tossed around)

- ya boy Fenris doing the blanking thing where you can think of a word in one foreign language but not the one you’re actually speaking at the time (LOOK AT MY NEAR-TRILINGUAL BABY LOOK AT HIM HE IS SO SMART)

- anything to do with the Arishok (im like 400% convinced varric wrote that entire pre-final-battle villainous monologue entirely from his imagination because it’s wayyyy too tropey and articulate in abstract concepts that a general would see no value in learning to have come wholesale from the guy’s actual mouth)


- Dalish Inquisitors being aggressively Dalish, Vashoth Inquisitors being aggressively Vashoth (“Oh Iron Bull thank god you’re here none of these tiny kabethari understand what the fuck im getting at pls help me”)

- like that one post mentioned, Leli and Josie (and probably also Cassandra) being gossipy little shits entirely in Orlesian

- Solas correcting a Lavellan’s grammar because hundreds of years down the line they’re more likely to have more of a slapdash, slang-heavy and very conjugationally irregular “theatrical cut” of Elvehn compared to what he actually remembers

- Viv and Dorian likely also being gossipy shits because being multilingual is a near-guaranteed skill for people participating in highborn political antics

- “Last Resort of Good Men” also taking place entirely in Tevene, and “Demands of the Qun” featuring a ton of Qunlat

- Blackwall’s ability to speak Orlesian getting out after his personal quest (plus Cole’s since he spent tons of time in the White Spire)

- “commoner” Tevene from Krem vs. “academic” Tevene from Dorian

- any Nevarran from Cass. any at all. pls bioware im so desperate for ur shitty fake languages

- Sentinelves from the Arbor Wilds temple being thoroughly confused at a Dalish Inquisitor’s rapid-fire contemporary slapdash approximation of Elvehn and responding only in the centuries-old “proper” equivalent


-tl;dr moar language shenanigans

Magickal Household Plant Master Post

Since I’m on a plant kick today because I’ve decided to give my green thumb a try, I’m creating this master post relating to household plants. This is especially useful for witches like myself who don’t know the first thing about taking care of a plant inside the house besides watering and letting the darn thing get some sun! So, here we go:

Common TOXIC (as in you may not want to get these if you have kids or pets) household plants and their properties:

*Aloe (toxic to pets, not toxic to humans) - wards against evil, protection from intruders and household accidents, brings good luck (also great for burns and good for your skin)

*Lillies, as well as the Peace Lily - love, comfort, harmony

*Ivy - protection, drive away negativity, promote fidelity and fertility

*Poinsetta - purity, celebration of winter holidays

*Snake plant (aka Mother-in-law’s Tongue) - long life, prosperity, beauty, health, strength, intelligence

*Dumb cane - for keeping secrets and starting gossip (not recommended for a magickal household)

*Arrowhead plant/vine - brings luck

*Myrtle - love, fertility, youth, peace, money

*Mistletoe - protection, love, hunting, fertility, health, exorcism

*Amaryllis - hidden or platonic love, friendship, retirement

*Gardenias - love, peace, healing, spirituality, psychic awareness

*Fig (aka weeping fig, fig tree, ficus, ficus tree) - divination, fertility, love, prosperity, guards against poverty and hunger if placed in kitchen, aids in restful sleep if placed in bedroom

Common NON-TOXIC household plants and their properties:

*African Violet - love, protection, promotes peace and spirituality

*Lavendar (can be toxic If your pets ingest a lot of it) - love, friendship, calm, protection

*Spider plant - protection, healing, absorb negativity while improving the energy and air quality of your home

*Bamboo -  protection, luck, hex-breaking, wishes, protection, helps with depression

*Orchid - love, power, charisma

*Ferns (some ARE toxic, however the Boston Fern is not) - protection, luck, can aid in summoning rain 

*Ti plant (can be toxic If your pets ingest a lot of it) - good luck, can be used to attract money if you place a coin under it

*Succulents (hens and chicks, burro/donkey tail, etc.) - love, abundance

*Palms - spirituality, good vibes, protection from unwanted spirits, ghosts, astral entities

*Cacti (non-toxic, yet can still be painful for kids and pets if they touch the spines) - protection, strengthens will, increases sexual stamina if juices are added to a love potion, guards against intruders if a cactus is placed in the North, East, South and Western points of your home

*Jasmine - love, money, prophetic dreams, seduction

*Other plants and veggies that can be grown indoors

***I’ve recieved a lot of feedback on this post stating that most of the NON-TOXIC plants I have listed are in fact toxic. I’ve made a few notes and changes, but let me just add that many plants can be toxic to animals if they eat a bunch of it. Vomiting, diarrhea, and depression are side effects that your pet may exhibit if they’ve eaten too much of a plant that can be considered non-toxic or mildly toxic. It’s always best to seek medical attention for your pet if they show these sympstoms, just in case. Otherwise, try to keep your plants out of reach of your pets, please!

Use your best judgement on which plants are best for your household. I’m not an expert, these are just some of the things I have gathered through research. If you’re afraid your pets are gonna eat your plants and get sick, then maybe you should get a different plant that is edible or otherwise in no way a danger to the animal.

You can refer to the ASPCA’s website on toxic and non-toxic plants if you’re unsure, but please keep in mind they do not mention the severity of the toxicity of the plants they list, so you can do a simple google search to find out for yourself, but AGAIN please do not replace any information you find on the internet to actual medical care! Consult with your veterinarian if your pet it sick!

Plant Spells:

*Magickal Soil Spell

*Spell to Speed the Growth of Your Plant

*Plant Growth Spell

*Plant Enchantment

Plant Sigils:

*”Pests will avoid my plants” by @sigilcrafter

*”These plants are free of pests” by @sigilathenaeum

*”My plants will survive and thrive” by @sigilathenaeum

Crystals Good for Plants:

*Moss Agate (aka the Gardener’s Stone) - prosperity, vitality, helps plants thrive and will assist plant growth, wearing moss agate while planting/gardening will increase your green thumb and give you energy, assosciated with nature spirits

*Green Jasper - aids in luxurious growth of your plants

*Green Calcite - healing, can be used to soothe when the environment is too loud, associated with Earth spirits of woods and meadows

*Clear Quartz - aids in growth and vitality, grounding, can also be placed in a vase of freshly cut flowers to help them last longer

*Rose Quartz - especially beneficial for roses as it maintains their bloom longer

*Smokey Quartz - keeps pests away

*Tourmaline - healing 

*Amethyst - calms plants that are stressed

*Jet - can be worn to make plants flourish

*Green Fluorite - healing, especially good to use for a plant that has been injured or broken in some way

*Moonstone - fertility, encourages healthy plants and flowers, promotes a soothing, restful area


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