mothers weekend

Mother's Day weekend highlights from the flower shop
  • so many Very Tired dads and their Very Small children
  • tiny adorable child who insisted on picking the most heinous flower combination i have ever seen to make into a bouquet for their mum
  • Writing the phrase ‘happy mothers day’ on so many cards you begin to dream about it
  • “what do you mean there’s a two hour wait time i want this made up for me now”
  • “no I don’t want anything from the fully stocked floor I want something made up special”
  • roses roses everywhere
  • the one dude who spent more than I make in a fortnight on one arrangement “that’s enough for something big right?” MATE IT’LL WEIGH MORE THAN I DO
  • small child who ATE (!!!) part of a bouquet before their dad could stop them
  • leaf cuts aka paper cuts from hell
  • that one customer who tried to pry the locked front door open at 7:30pm on saturday night  
  •  leaves covering every single inch of the workspace
  • slipping on said leaves and landing in a bucket (you’ve been here for twelve hours now you don’t know whether to laugh or cry)
  • getting flower muck in your tea. drinking it anyway.
  • “yes i absolutely have time to talk about your wedding which is ten months away”
  • literally running out of every flower but geraniums
  • everyone HATES yellow flowers for some reason (?????)
  • the absolute euphoria of an emptied order file 
Babysitter (Part 2)

Summary: Your parents have to leave for a buiness trip for the weekend and you invite Taehyung over

Pairing: Kim Taehyung/ Reader

Genre: Smut X2

Word: 3.3k

A/N: I suppose there will be a part 3 lol maybe- Sorry if this one is not as good

Part 1 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5Masterlist

As you woke up you noticed you weren’t in your bed. You saw that Taehyung was sleeping right next to you. You blushed just thinking about last night. The time that you spent together was special.

You felt him stretch next to you sending him awake. “Morning.” He yawned but then he snapped to reality.

“I slept here?” He panicked. “Did your parents come home?”

“I don’t know.” You said getting up.

You noticed the cable box said 8 o'clock. You made your way to the kitchen when you noticed your mother starting to cook. “Mom?”

“Hey dear.” Your mother continued cooking. “What time did you get home last night?”

“Around one.” Your mother looked past you as she saw Taehyung sneak up from behind.

“Excuse me ma'am.” He bowed. “I’m so sorry that I fell asleep before you got home.”

“Don’t be son….I wouldn’t want you to drive home so late anyway.” She gently caressed his cheek in respect.

“I guess I’ll be heading home then.” He said.

“Nonsense, stay for breakfast.”


After breakfast Taehyung left, he was sweet but didn’t give you much attention, probably because your mother was around. Or at least you hoped. You guys didn’t really get the privacy to talk about last night. You hoped things weren’t going to be awkward now.


It’s been one week since you seen Taehyung. Your parents only been out once and you haven’t been out since that night. Your friends had pressured you into going to more parties but you denied, that was an awful experience for you, but at least something came out of it.

You were in your room reading when your mother barged in suddenly.

“Sweetie, something has come up and I need you to watch the kids all weekend.” Your mother said.

“Why?” You asked confused.

“Your father and I have a business trip.” She said it like it was a nuisance.

“Do you mind watching the kids?”

“No I guess not.”

“Please don’t throw any parties or let your friends over….I’m sorry I don’t like them.”

“Okay fine….no fun…got it.” You said sarcastically.

“You can invite Tae over only, if you need help.” Your mother started leaving your room. “We’ll be back Monday morning.”

Funny enough that you can’t throw a party but invite the guy you had sex with while your brother and sister were just sleeping upstairs. Ironic.

It was kind of obvious that your mom approves of Taehyung but you bet she would never expect this.


“Okay please don’t burn the house down.” Your father said dead serious.

“I won’t.”

“And remember what I said….nobody over except Tae.” You heart beats when you hear his name.

“Tae can come over?” Dara showed behind you. “Can we have a sleep over?”

“It’s up to your sister….shes in charge.”

Your sister pouted. “No worries Dar….” You winked at her sending her smiling off.


“Are you gonna call him?” Your sister has not stopped bugged you about calling Tae for the past hour.

“Yeah it’s already 5, we have to go to bed in like three hours.” Your brother argued.

“Okay calm down.” You grabbed his number from the fridge dialing it in your phone.

Why did you feel so nervous?

“Hello?” He asked on the other side of the line.

“T-Tae? This is (Y/N).” You said nervously.

“Hey.” He said causally.

“My parents are gone for the weekend.” You just realized how that sounds making you stumble over your words. “I- I was wonderi- I mean the kids were wondering if you wanted to sleep over or if you don-”

“I loved to.” You heart fluttered. “I’ll be right over.”


You weren’t the best cook so you decided to call for a pizza instead. When you heard the knock on the door, you made sure to grab your wallet and head to the door.

It was earlier then usual from the fact that you only called 15 minutes ago.

When you opened the door you were met with the boy who stole your heart one week ago. You thought you were nervous before, you had no idea what was coming.

“Are you paying for my company?” He smirked as he saw your wallet in your hand. Your stomach exploded with butterflies.

“Wha- oh no I ordered pizza.” You bit your lip.

Taehyung started to brush past you but stopped, leaning into your ear. “Please don’t bite your lip or I won’t be able to control myself.” He whispered and headed towards the living room.

“Fuck.” You whispered to yourself. You were already feeling flustered and he just got here.


After you all ate, you were sitting on the couch amused as you watched your little sister tackle Taehyung on the floor. The sight of seeing him around children was sexy.

‘Okay okay clean thoughts.’

“I think it’s getting close to bed time.”

You watched as you saw Dara sit up and groaned. “I don’t want to.”

“It’s 9:30, I already let you stay way past your bed time.”

“Fine.” She got up. “Can Tae read me a bed time story?”

You looked at Tae for permission but your sister was already dragging him towards the stairs.

“Dara you need to ask.”

“It’s fine, I like a lady in charge.” He winked at you.

This boy was going to be the death of you.

You followed upstairs to send your brother to bed, but as soon as you entered his room he was already past out with his video games running. You quietly turned everything off and closed the door.

You passed Dara’s room as you saw Tae acting out some mythical story making her laugh. He was so good around kids.

You went to your room changing into something more comfortable. You figured maybe you and Tae would watch another movie.

“So this is your room?” You jumped from his voice behind you. You saw Tae looking around your room while leaning on the door.

“Your sister falls asleep fast.” He smiled.

He took a few steps walking into your room. “What do we do now?”

You blushed, biting your lip as soon as he looked at you. “I thought I told you not to do that?” At this point he was walking closer to you until he was right in front of you.

“Are you going to punish me?” You asked giving him a slight pout.

“I don’t believe in that.” Your eyes soften. “But…” He smirked.

You gave him your full attention. “I have a better idea.” Before you can even process what he said he smashed his lips with yours. You missed this, one week without his presence was too long.

You responded by wrapping your arms around his neck as soon as he deepened the kiss. He was already pulling your hips towards his as he leaned into you, you couldn’t help but moan, from his tongue exploring every corner of your mouth. He almost seemed desperate, like he missed your touch as well.

The next thing you know Taehyung was slowly moving you towards your bed. When your back hit the sheets he was on top of you moving his lips to your neck, not missing any detail. You could feel the tingles spread throughout your body as he left wet kisses down your neck.

Your breathing became heavier as his hand slid up your shirt, the sensation gave you chills. You could feel the dampness in your shorts as soon as you felt his member poking your thigh through his jeans. You loved how much of an impact you had on him as much as he had on you.

The cold air hit you as he sat up, you groaned from the sudden loss of his warm hands caressing you. You watched as he licked his lips while looking into your eyes. Just then he reached for your shorts waist line, dragging them off until they hit the floor. Your heart was beating rapidly from the sweet tender kisses up your thighs. He didn’t miss a spot as he made his way towards the area you wanted him most. You tilted your head back as his tongue licked up your core.

“Oh fuck-” You moaned from the new feeling. This was your first time that anyone has ever pleasured you like this.

“You gotta be quiet babe.” He whispered.

He continued to move his tongue swiftly through your folds, the pleasure was unbelievable that you just wanted to scream. You scrunched up the sheets under trying to refrain yourself, but Taehyung was making it impossible. You had a feeling his tongue could do incredible things by the way he kissed you but never this.

You were trying not to lift you hips as you could almost feel your climax take hold. “Are you getting close?” He asked.

“Yeah.” You moaned.

You gave him a questioningly look as he suddenly stopped and got up from his position. He laughed at your reaction as he started to strip off his clothes, from his shirt down to his pants. He knew what he was doing by the teasing look he was giving you. “Take off your shirt.” You did as he made his way towards you.

You smiled when he hovered over you, kissing up your chest all the way up to your neck once again. He stopped to look you in the eyes when you wrapped your legs around his waist. He licked his lips again. Damn you hated when he did that but loved it at the same time.

He looked down as he grabbed a hold of his length, slowly sliding into you. You bit your lip trying not to moan from the tight feeling. He started to thrust into you at a steady pace while he kissed you passionately.

You couldn’t contain your moans any longer, you let a few slip out as he rapid the speed hitting your g spot. “I can’t wait to get you alone, then I can really hear you.”

Just his voice was setting you towards your high, you weren’t sure how much longer you can hold back. “Tae….I’m going to cum.”

He took that by kissing you so you wouldn’t make anymore noise. You felt him smile against your lips as you tried to moan when you orgasm came flooding through. He was still moving quickly as you were numb under him. He stopped kissing you but he kept his face aligned with yours gently. He closed his eyes tightly as he let go, filling the tight space with his cum. “You drive me crazy.” He whispered.

You giggled as you watch him lay to the bed next to you. “Your welcome.”

He was leaning over you once more pecking kisses over your cheeks to your nose. Taehyung was something special, he could go from sexy to adorable in the matter of seconds.

“(Y/N)….” He had your attention. “Do you know how beautiful you are?” You blushed from his compliment.

“Do you know how rude you are?”

“What?” He asked confused.

“You can’t be licking your lips all the time or winking at me….its rude.”

“I cant help it.” He smiled.

“You’re a tease.”

“You’re face is a tease.” You laughed at his childish behavior. He slouched to your side once again pulling you into him.

You felt sleepy as his arms were wrapped around you. You cuddled into him more when the sleep took hold.


You woke up feeling peaceful when you saw the sunshine peeking through your curtains. You felt Taehyung’s arm wrapped around you. You turned around and noticed he was still sleeping. He’s so cute when he’s sleeping.

You blushed from the idea of waking up to him by your side every morning. It made you feel butterflies in your stomach, but you can’t get carried away nothing was official between you two.

The child in you had you gently poking his face to try to wake him. You giggled watching his face scrunch up. “Tae.” You whispered as you kissed below his ear.

He cutely groaned as he fluttered his eyes open. “What?” He yawned closing his eyes again.

“Wakey wakey.” He opened his eyes again and smiled at your cuteness.

“(Y/N)!!!” You heard Dara yelling as she barged into your room.

“Oh fuck!” You panicked.

You pulled your sheets over your chest as soon as Dara entered, from the fact that you and Tae were still naked underneath.

“Dara! Remember you have to knock before you enter someone else’s room.”

“Sorry I forgot.”

Dara gasped as soon as she noticed Taehyung. “I didn’t know you were having a sleepover together….how come I wasn’t invited?” Your sister pouted.

“Tonight we will make a bed in the living room for all of us okay…now please go wake your brother.” You rushed.

“Okay…” She left.

You jumped out of the bed with the sheet wrapped around you as you closed the door locking it.

“Okay we have 5 minutes.”

Tae smirked when he saw you. “Stop staring and get dressed.” You laughed.


The day was full of exhausting activities your siblings put you through. A walk in the park, a trip to the ice cream shop, back to the house watching movies. Your brother wanted to sleep over his best friends house tonight so Dara was the only one to take care of.

It was 7 o'clock and the only movies Dara let you watch was kid movies, so you and Tae were quite bored. Dara was sprawled out on the love seat facing the TV, while you and Tae where on the couch farther back. You slid over to be right next to Tae.

You rested your head on his shoulder as some song the characters were singing was irritating you. You felt Tae place his hand over your knee. Luckily you were wearing leggings unless his touch would affect you. “I thought you were a good boy.” You whispered as he moved his hand further up your leg.

You saw Dara move so you quickly moved Tae’s hand off of you. But she was still hypnotize by the movie as you can see, for all you know she could be sleeping, you couldn’t see her face.

About 10 minutes have passed you wondered how long this dumb movie was. You couldn’t stay focused any longer. Tae’s fingers were tapping against his thigh. You couldn’t help but stare as your eyes wandered to a more inappropriate area. You couldn’t help but noticed the slight bulge in his sweat pants. Was he turned on?

“My eye are up here.” He laughed. You just tapped his chest playfully.

“I was looking at your annoying tapping.”

“Sure.” He smirked. “And to answer your question I’m very turned on right now.” He confessed.

“You’re the rude one, wearing that shirt.” He continued.

“I’m wearing a tank top.” You laughed.

“I can see your bra.” He whispered in your ear. You loved when he did that, it sent chills crawling down your neck.

You looked down and noticed your bra was hanging out. Honestly that wasn’t on purpose. You had this thing forever it’s probably just grown to be too small on you.

“Sorry.” You giggled pulling your shirt up.

Just then your sister got up sleepily, almost like she was sleep walking. “I’m going to bed.” She said and made her way upstairs.

“I’m changing this crap.” You got the remote finding something else on Netflix.

When you sat back down you tried not to pay attention to Taehyung’s tapping once again. Probably something to do with his dirty mind.

You slapped your hand over his to stop his taping. “You bored?”

“No.” He said casually, but you knew he was.

You reached your hand over to where his bulge was still visible. “Your still showing.” You smirked as you starting rubbing the sensitive area. You love seeing him squirm under your touch.

“Do you need help with this?” For some reason Tae has made you more confident, only when its the two of you.

He arched his eyebrows as soon as you got down on your knees in front of him. “Have you ever done this before?” He said nervously. “Because you don’t have to.”

His sweet side showing, he actually cares about your feelings, doesn’t want you to feel pressured in anyway. Not like most guys.

“I owe you from last night.” You started tugging on his pants, only to have his length exposed. You wrapped your hands around his shaft. He was harder then you thought, he was weak when it came to you. Just thinking about it made you blush.

You started to pump his length slowly to tease him. The sexual desire was stirring up inside you. You went in circling your tongue around the tip, while your hands continued pumping.

You watched him lean his head back on the couch moaning quietly. “You sure you haven’t done this.”

You nodded as you took him into your mouth to as low as you can go, while you pumped the rest.

You felt yourself getting wet as you heard him moan. When you brought your head back up you noticed the tip was throbbing. He wasn’t going to last much longer. You wanted the thrill of him releasing in your mouth.

“You like ladies in control?” You teased. He felt his part twitching in your mouth.

“Fuck.” He placed his hand on the back your head to make you move faster. He couldn’t control himself much longer as you felt the salty substances fill your mouth.

You swallowed his liquids as you leaned in to lick him clean. He was still a wreck, breathing heavy as his orgasm was slowly passing.

“You good?” You giggled as you still were licking up the mess.

He looked at you tiredly when you finally pulled his pants back up. “Can I ask you something?”

He got on the ground with you, getting under the covers of the bed you made in the living room.

“Go ahead.” You smiled.

“The sex has been great with you and all, but I was wondering if you wanted to actually go out…like a date?” He looked nervous. How cute.

“Of course.” You tried not to make it seem like you were overly excited.

He smiled and leaned in for a deep kiss. “Ewww. Wash your mouth out.” He pretended to be disgusted but then he laughed.

You hit his shoulder but then pulled his shirt into you making him kiss you again. This time he didn’t pull away. The way he kissed you made you feel like you were in a fairy tale.


“Wake up.” You felt a tiny body throw them self between you and Tae waking you up immediately.

“Dara.” You groaned in pain. “Why are you so annoying?”

“Hey sunshine.” Tae smiled at the pain in the ass.

“Mommy and daddy are here.” Dara said looking at you. What? Your mother said that they’d be back Monday morning not Sunday.

You got up to look out the window, you saw your parents grabbing their bags from the trunk of their car. “Why are they early?”

“Maybe something came up.” Tae said hugging you from behind.

“Hey…..I want a hug.” Dara pouted.

“Of course sunshine.” Are you really competing on who gets Taehyung with your sister? Little brat.

You quickly grabbed the blankets from the floor, tossing them in the linen closet before your parents would enter.

Just as your parents entered Dara ran to them, giving each a hug. “Wheres Sungmin?” Your mother asked.

“He asked if he can sleep over Suho’s last night.” Your mothers eyes brightened up when she saw Taehyung greet her.

“Surprised to see you here.” Your mother greeted.

“We had a sleep over.” Dara cheered.

“Really?” You both nodded.

“(Y/N) let Tae sleep in her bed with her.” Dara pouted like she was jealous and your mother and father stared at you both confused.

Oh fuck! We’re busted.


Masterlist | Part 1 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5


Sunday hike featuring a long and punishing climb to a breathtaking emerald mountain lake, beautiful mountain wildflowers, mountain sheep, and a lovely waterfall. 🏔🌲🐏 I will admit, the view at the end was totally worth the effort! 😍👌🏼💯 The lake in the last pic was just the starting point for the trailhead! Next time I’m bringing my canoe! 🛶

You know, we were all so innocent. Here we all were, writing about the kids Waverly and Nicole are gonna have, and writing about how great or how funny of an aunt Wynonna is gonna be. In reality we were really just wasting time not writing about single mom!Wynonna and auntie!Waverly and Nicole

This is for the haters that say Asians don't like Black girls..

So, I got some tea to spill ☕️
This is for the haters that continue to say Koreans, Vietnamese, etc
Don’t like black girls..
anyways let me get on to the story. Last weekend my mother and I went to an Asian market that is located in Arlington we live in Fort Worth, she’s a regular customer and she goes there all the time to buy fresh fish and produce. It was my second time going there and

It was my second time going there but this time it was different, I’m not sure if it is because of summer and school is almost about to close. Their were a lot of cute Asian boys working at the counter. Girl, when I stepped inside the store every Asian boy in their was checking me out, like they’ve never seen a black girl throughout their entire life. They kept staring at me and smiling and blushing. Even the elders were staring at me. So, we walked around the store and went to butcher side

Where they chopped fresh fish and it took 10 minutes for our order to be ready, so we walked around to the vegetables section to buy tomatoes, cucumbers, etc. And their was this fine ass Asian boy, I don’t know if it was his sister or girlfriend but he forgot all about her and was mad checking me out as I was helping my mom out, and when we made eye contact he looked away as if he wasn’t just staring. So, we walked back to get our fish from the butcher section and went to the cashier to check out our groceries and their was this fine ass Asian boy, girl he made eye contact with me and I made eye contact back and i couldn’t help but smile and he smiled back and starting blushing Girl, I was almost about to melt 😓 Ps: their was some Ahjussi’s checking me out too but that’s a whole different story that doesn’t need to be said 😂

Also, two weeks ago I went to my neighborhood beauty store and I’m  thin and tall and dark complexion and I when my mom was about to check out her items and she got a discount on some nail polish so she went back to pick 5 more colors. I was standing at the counter and I asked the lady, are you guys Korean? And she said, “How do you know? In surprise. I told her because I’m learning Korean and I can i can understand a little. I’ve heard you guys speak Korean numerous times. And she said, wow

And, the lady next to her she’s also Korean said to me, you’re so skinny “How old are you? And I said, 19 And she said, "very beautiful age and very beautiful girl And my mom when on to say, "yeah.. she’s learning Korean.. every day at home she’s watching Korean drama, music, etc And then my mom said, "one day she wants to go to Korea” And they were very surprised and suddenly became very happy and excited when I told them about how I love Korea ❤️ And as we were leaving they kept talking 😂 before I used to think they were mean and rude, I guess I was very wrong. Once I opened up to them and talked about Korea They started talking to me and smiling and I think they like me now 😊

For The Pack; Part Two

Fandom: WWE

Pairing: Baron Corbin/Roman Reigns/Female Reader

Rating: Holy shit M.

AN: Whoโ€™s thirsty?! Iโ€™ve missed you guys! Tagging @toxiicpop, @oraclegazes, KING CAPTAIN @hardcorewwetrash and the leading authority on A/B/O, @writergrrrl29. Enjoy!

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  • *riders being friendly to each other before their tests*
  • Dressage Mums: no ๐Ÿ™… tests ๐Ÿ“ only ๐Ÿ‘† competition ๐Ÿ† top ๐Ÿ” scores ๐Ÿ’ฏ top ๐Ÿ” placings ๐Ÿ…no ๐Ÿ™… friends ๐Ÿ‘ญ only ๐Ÿ‘†competitors ๐Ÿ‡

can’t trust everyone || deacon || listen

i. lies // marina and the diamonds ii. do i wanna know // hozier iii. i’ll be good // jaymes young iv. unbelievers // vampire weekend v. save rock and roll // fall out boy vi. polarize // twenty one pilots vii. it’s time // imagine dragons viii. waiting for a war // the morning benders ix. polaroid // imagine dragons x. bite down // bastille xi. on top of the world // imagine dragons xii. high tide rising // fox xiii. kill your heroes // awolnation xiv. transpose // bad suns xv. infinitesimal // mother mother

Happy Mother’s Day to all the UK Nonnatuns. I love that we have a day to celebrate our mothers, grandmothers, great grandmothers and mother like figures in our life. These are the people that are there for us from the moment we take our first breath. They listen to our fears and worries no matter how big or small. Our mothers are the ones that pick us up when we fall, they heal wounds in ways only mothers can. They’re our first friend, our first confidante. Through their words of wisdom in the good and bad times they help you become the person you are. You might fight and fall out and bonds are tested. But the bond is unbreakable.
Our Mothers, Grandmothers and Mother like figures all deserve to be celebrated today 💖

anonymous asked:

MSR prompt: M&S get caught being intimate at Maggie's house by Bill Jr.

You wanted it (as did half my inbox), you got it! I hope you like it, this turned out waaaaay longer than I anticipated. I apologize, I’m not that great at writing smut, but here we go. 

Caught in the Act (NSFW)

Scully glanced over at her partner, smirking to herself as she took in his comatose state, snoring lightly on her mom’s patterned sofa. The events of the past week, the two FBI agents traipsing across the country on yet another case, had clearly taken their toll on Mulder, and he’d drifted off once they’d settled on the couch, not long after enjoying Maggie’s renowned Sunday lunch. Usually he had no qualms with visiting Scully’s mother on the weekend, but this time it was different, it was an entire family gathering. Bill, Tara and Matthew were in town to celebrate the Easter weekend, and for once Charlie, his wife Claire and their two sons Jason and Mark had joined them. And not only was it the first time that Mulder had met Charlie, it was the first time he was coming face to face with Bill since he and Scully had become a couple. It was no secret that Bill hated Mulder; that had been particularly evident at Christmas, when Scully had invited her partner to her mom’s for the day, and the two of them had later experienced their first kiss beneath the mistletoe. But despite the fact that Mulder and Scully were now officially a couple, Bill’s attitude still hadn’t softened towards his sister’s partner. So far he’d been civil, but was lacking any warmth, however the opposite could be said for Tara and Charlie and his family. Though Mulder had only met Tara a handful of times, mostly under sad circumstances, she was always polite and friendly towards him, sensing how important he was to Scully. She seemed pleased that their relationship had developed and was happy that her sister-in-law was happy. And Charlie, well he was the complete opposite to his brother – laid back and friendly with a great – and sometimes sick – sense of humor. Mulder immediately took a liking to him, and the feeling was mutual.

Considering he’d been reluctant to attend a Scully family gathering, Mulder had soon stopped sulking once lunch was served, and even Bill managed to chill out as they all ate. Once dessert had been served, the family retreated to the living room while Bill and Charlie – nominated by the Scully women – started work on the dishes and Maggie observed, taking time to catch up with her sons. Meanwhile Mulder had promptly fallen asleep while the adults talked and the children played with Matty’s new trainset.

“I’m taking it as a compliment that Fox has fallen asleep on us,” said Maggie as she entered the living room, giving Mulder a fond look. It appeared the dishes were now done.

“Please do mom,” said Scully, sitting next to her partner. “You know how much he loves your cooking.”

Bill scoffed from the doorway, a towel in his hands. “It’s a convenient time to take a nap, just as we’re doing the dishes.”

“Fox does the dishes every Sunday,” Maggie argued. “It’s about time he got some rest.”

“You been keeping him up all night Danes?” Charlie asked with a smug smile, coming to a stop just behind his older brother. Bill turned and glared, flicking his brother with the towel. “Don’t be so crass Charlie.”

“What? I didn’t say anything. Mulder and Dana work long hours, that’s what I mean.”

“Yeah, of course you did.”

“Lighten up Big Brother. Anyone would think you didn’t get any.”


“Get any what dad?” Asked Jason from his position on the floor. That shut Charlie up.


Maggie smiled, bemused at the conversation. “Dana, if Fox wants to sleep he can go upstairs.”

“I thought today was supposed to be a family day,” Bill protested. In response Tara glared at her husband.

“You’ve changed your tune considering you spend all your time stating that Mulder isn’t part of the family,” Scully shot back, unable to stop herself.

“Now now,” Maggie interrupted, well aware of how easily disagreements between her children could escalate. “Please be nice to one another. It’s been a lovely day so far.”

“Sorry mom,” Bill and Scully said in unison. “I’ll send Mulder upstairs,” Scully continued. “We didn’t get back from Alabama until late last night.

“You’re not sleeping,” Bill said pointedly.

“Mulder has difficulty sleeping at the best of times,” she argued, before sighing heavily and shaking her head. She wasn’t going to get into this.

Taking the hint, Bill returned to the remaining dishes, leaving Scully to wake her partner and point him in the direction of the spare room upstairs.


Mulder stirred as he felt the mattress dip, and a hot body curl up against him. “Mmm?”

“Hi.” Scully snaked an arm over his torso, burying her head in Mulder’s neck, pressing light kisses against his skin. Suddenly he was becoming more awake. “How did you sleep?”

“Good,” he murmured, shifting in the bed. “I didn’t mean to fall asleep on you.”

“I know. At first I thought you were pretending to get out of talking to Bill, but you didn’t stir when Mom mentioned leftovers so I knew you were really out for the count.”

“I was tired.”

“I noticed,” she replied, leaving his neck momentarily to kiss his mouth.

“Bill won’t like this,” said Mulder when their lips parted, moving his right hand down to the small of her back, holding her in place.

“Bill’s not here.”

“He’s gone already?”

Scully smiled at the hope in her partner’s voice. “He’s gone for a walk.”

“Off a short pier?”

“Now now.”

“Sorry.” He didn’t sound particularly sorry.

“They’ve all gone out to walk off lunch. The kids had cabin fever and were driving everyone mad.”

“Everyone’s gone out?”


“You didn’t want to go?”

“No, I had a headache.”

“You do?” Mulder propped himself up on his elbow, studying his partner. “Are you ok?” He moved his hand up to Scully’s forehead, trying to feel whether she had a fever. She batted him away.

“I’m fine.”

“Your headache has gone?”

“I never had a headache.”

Sleepy Mulder looked adorably confused. “You’re losing me here.”

“I never had a headache,” Scully repeated slowly, her lips reattaching themselves to Mulder’s neck. “I thought we could have some alone time.”

Suddenly he caught on, his body beginning to respond. “Oh really.”

“It’s been a long week. I missed you in my bed. The house is empty Mulder. There’s no one here except you and I…”

“Here all alone in your teenage bed.”

“Not my teenage bed.”

“Sssh…don’t ruin the picture I have in my mind.”

“You’re a dirty old man.”

“And you love it.”

In response Scully trailed her hand down Mulder’s torso and down to his pants, slowly loosening his belt. His jeans suddenly felt a little tighter as his cock began to harden in anticipation. “So, we’re all alone in this big old bed of yours.”

“We are.” The belt now unbuckled, Scully began work on unbuttoning Mulder’s shirt.

“What shall we do?”

“Well, I guess we could nap.” She flicked her tongue at his nipple, smiling as he shivered.

“We could, although I’ve napped already and I’m not particularly tired.”

“That’s a shame. I guess we’ll have to think of something else to do.” Her hand moved down once more towards his zipper. She looked down, licking her lips subconsciously as she saw the bulge in his pants, all for her.

Mulder’s eyes darted over towards the closed door. “Are you sure this is safe? What if they come back?”

“They won’t come back for a while. Matty is into everything right now, it’ll take them an hour to even get around the block.”

“What if they change their minds and come back?”

“They won’t come back until the kids have worked off some of their energy.” Scully kissed her partner, moaning as Mulder’s tongue entered her mouth, his hand moving to palm her ass. “I think it’s about time we worked off some of our own energy.”

She shifted, taking the opportunity to remove her sweater, slowly evening the score, while Mulder’s eyes darted over towards the bedroom door. “Should we lock it?”

His partner kept her gaze on him as she unhooked her bra, her breasts spilling free. Next she reached into Mulder’s pants, wrapped her hand around his cock and slowly began to stroke him. “We’re fine,” she stressed. “It’s locked.”

“It is?”

Scully said nothing, instead scooting down the bed to carefully divest Mulder of his pants and boxer shorts. “Normally you don’t have any reservations about getting naked.”

“Normally your brother is safely on the other side of the…fuuuuck.” Mulder’s head fell back onto the pillow as Scully licked his cock from root to tip.

“Don’t you want to fuck me in my teenage bed?” she asked, batting her eyelashes at him.  

Groaning, Mulder nodded. “I do,” he hissed as she took him into her mouth, working him in earnest. “I really really do.” Scully’s free hand moved up to caress his balls as her lips moved up and down his shaft. “Oh god, I’m not going to last if you keep this up.” She quickened her pace in response. “Scully please?”

“What?” Her voice vibrated around his cock.


“Why?” She was smirking now, playing with him in more ways than one.


“I can’t hear you,” she taunted, swirling her tongue around the tip of his cock. He was about to explode in her mouth.


Finally pulling away, just in time, Scully crawled back up Mulder’s body, looking pretty fucking smug with herself.

“You’re such a tease,” he said, flipping them both over so that Scully was now on her back. “Bad girl.”

“You love it when I’m a bad girl.”

“You’re overdressed too,” he added, making quick work of her jeans and panties. He paused momentarily, debating whether to go down on her, but he was already pretty worked up and so quickly tested the waters by slipping a finger into her pussy, finding her warm, wet and ready. Seconds later he was slipping his cock into her heat, groaning at the sensation. “Fuck Scully.”

“Move!” she ordered, slapping his ass cheek.

“I’m not going to last long.”

“Me either. But I need you to move!”

Not one to disobey her, Mulder began moving his cock in and out of her, then quickened the pace. They were both so absorbed in the moment, in the ecstasy, that neither of them heard footsteps ascending the stairs, or the door handle turning. They didn’t realize anyone was there until –

“What the fuck?”


Mulder quickly withdrew from his partner, hurriedly attempting to cover their modesty with the comforter as Bill stood in the doorway, his face flushed and his eyes boring into them. This was bad. Really bad.

“Bill! Can’t you knock?”

“I thought you had a headache?” Closing his eyes, Bill spun round, facing the wall as Scully scrambled for her clothes. “I can’t believe you two. This is supposed to be a family day Dana, and instead you guys are doing this? That’s low Dana, even for you.”

“Hey!” Mulder snapped, pulling on his jeans and standing up, searching for his shirt. “That’s out of line.”

“I’m out of line?” Bill turned to face them once again, his expression still furious. “I’m not the one sneaking off with him and doing this!” He sighed. “I came back because I forgot Matty’s raincoat and thought I’d check you were ok while I was here. I wish I hadn’t bothered. I’m going now, but I swear to god if we come back and the kids see you –”

“They won’t,” Scully, now fully dressed, promised, Mulder murmuring in agreement. “But you’re not going to tell Mom?”

“Give me one reason why I shouldn’t?”


“She thinks the sun shines out of his ass,” he yelled, pointing at Mulder. “It’s about time she found out what he’s really like.”

“What?” Scully shook her head, placing her hands on her hips. She meant business now. “This isn’t Mulder’s fault. It was my idea.”

“Oh come off it.”

“What? You think I don’t like sex?”


“No, I’m telling you Bill, I initiated it. I lied to you, came upstairs, woke Mulder up and initiated sex. If you want to tell Mom that, go ahead, but leave Mulder out of it. And just remember the time that Mom AND Dad found you and Tara together in the living room. You weren’t quite so high and mighty back then.”

She had him there. His face flushing, Bill immediately scowled in Mulder’s direction, as though daring him to say something. He didn’t.

“You’re just angry because you’ve got a problem with Mulder, but he’s family,” she continued, her tone of voice signalling that she didn’t want any arguments. “So get over it. Now Mulder and I will meet you downstairs and join you on your walk. And I’d suggest you don’t say anything to Mom, unless you want me to tell her what Missy found in your bedroom that time.” Bill’s eyes widened, and Mulder made a mental note to question his partner further when they were alone.

“Fine,” he spat. “But you two are doing the dishes for the rest of the weekend.”

Scully looked as though she was about to protest, but Mulder interrupted. “Deal.”

“Fine.” Throwing one final disgusted look at the pair of them, Bill moved to head back out of the door. “Two minutes.”

“Five,” Scully countered.

He sneered in Mulder’s direction. “I wouldn’t think he needs five.”

“Bill!” But he was gone.

“Wait, did your brother just make a sex dig at me?” Mulder asked, sitting back down on the bed. “I feel like I’m in the weirdest dream ever.”

“I wish this was a dream.” Walking over towards her partner, Scully perched on his knee. “I can’t believe that just happened.”

“I know. I’m traumatised Scully. Your brother’s face is the last thing anyone wants to see when they’re having sex. No offence to Tara.”

“I’m sure she agrees sometimes,” Scully said, chuckling to herself, before the memory of her brother walking in and catching them in the act came flooding back. “Oh god, I’m so sorry. It’s my fault.”

“I’m equally to blame. I am irresistible.”

“He’s never going to let us live it down.”

“Dana!” Bill’s voice sounded out from downstairs.

“C’mon,” said Mulder, pecking his partner on the lips. “We’d better go before he comes back up.” They both stood to head downstairs. “Oh and Scully? If we stay here again, we’re getting that damn lock fixed.”