mothers of darkness


I felt very inspired by @mdebunny​‘s Disney Princess Legacy challenge (seriously, check it out!), and I wanted to try it out.

Don’t worry- the Frosts aren’t going anywhere :)

This is going to be a little side story/challenge I’ll be playing from time to time. It won’t be as plot driven as my rainbowcy, but should still be entertaining!

Scarlett Enchanted has been living in darkness since the untimely death of her mother- like, literal darkness, the sun has left the sky-  it’s forever night in the Hemlock Forest. Not too long afterwards, her Step-mother, Mal (short for Maleficent of all things) came into the picture.

With her young adulthood creeping closer and closer, Scarlett has felt Mal watching her more than ever. Needless to say, Scarlett is planning on hitting the road and starting her own life, away from her mother’s ghost and her step-mother’s intentions (whatever they may be).

I’ll be playing using Mary’s rules- with the exception that gen. 1 will be a little different (that’s all I’m saying because spoilers).

❤️ More to come later! ❤️

Name: Eric
Last name: Lycan
Age: 13
Siblings: Belle, Aaron, Dominic, and Elizabeth.
Mother: Cindy
Father: ????
Shy around girls
Loves his siblings
Likes to play tag
Has his mother dark powers
Can turn into a wolf
His spirit animal is a wolf
Looking for his father

This is Eric. Eric, Elizabeth, and Dominic are triplets. Belle is one year older than them. But I mess up. Sorry so Belle is 14.

Response: Ohhhh noiceee
It’s okay, I think it’s awesome! ^^
  • Ty Blackthorn: I should do something stupid.
  • Kit Rook: I’m something stupid. Do me.

Muma Pădurii aesthetic

Romanian folklore creatures series - VI

Muma Pădurii is an ugly and mean old woman living as a spirit of the forest . She is an evil witch, the opposite of fairies and literally means “the Mother of the Forest”, though “mumă” is an archaic version of “mamă” (mother).

She lives in a dark, dreadful, hidden little house or in the hollows of old trees, and sometimes goes to the huts of those living near the forest to scare them. If a brave man manages to catch and tie her, she will fulfill a wish. She is also thought to attack children, and because of this, a large variety of spells (descântece in Romanian) are used against her.

In the forest she is a sad mother, mourning, groaning, snorting, howling, because people are cutting her babies, the trees in the forest. She will punish every man whistling or singing through the woods, woodcutters who disregard the rules of the forest, those who collect berries, wild apples and pears, hazelnuts.