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gentle reminder that mother’s day is not for all moms. it’s for good moms. abusive and neglectful moms do not deserve to be celebrated on this day. and if you are the child of one of those moms, you should feel no guilt in ignoring the day altogether. I hope you can stay strong kiddos! ♡

types of friends (tag yourself)
  • the mum/mom friend
    - very loving
    - always worrying about friends
    - cares a lot
    - has a crush on brad pitt, probably
  • the dad friend
    - cares about friends but sometimes kinda distant
    - tells bad jokes
    - sometimes embarrasses friends but they still love them so its ok
    - the cool awkward friend
  • the sister friend
    - no one can pick on their friends except them
    - nice usually but can be deadly
    - embarrassing sometimes but loveable
    - surprisingly good with advice
  • the brother friend
    - annoying but loveable
    - has a rivalry with their friends
    - makes bad jokes
    - constantly has to be reminded that they can’t fight everything
  • the grandma friend - loves hugs
    - always has sweets with them for reasons unknown
    - makes things for their friends
    - loves friends to bits
  • the aunt/uncle/pibling ?? friend
    - kinda distant
    - really nice
    - laidback
    - their friends like spending time with them even if they don’t often
  • the cousin friend
    - kinda distant and their friends don’t see them often
    - when they do see them you’re like temporary best friends
    - cool as hell
    - understands
  • the fifth-cousin-three-times-removed friend
    - who are they
    - loves their friends
    - their friends hardly even recognise them
    - these friends keep quiet about it and pretend they know this person

By far one of my favorite stories from mom was

“I accidentally stood up to a robber once because I didn’t notice that he had a gun so I treated him like a normal customer and told him to go to the back of the line.

He just ended up leaving.”

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tell me the story of neville longbottom, the other boy who lived.

tell me the story of a boy who was born unimpressive, who could have been a chosen one had snape listened longer at the door. who had parents that loved and cherished him for far too short a time. who lost his mother and father to the cruelty of death eaters, who had to grow up with a family that always saw him as less than who he was, who he could be, because his magic remained hidden inside him, coiled like a snake.

tell me the story of a boy who could never quite handle school, who could never muster the courage to raise his hand in class, who always messed up his potions somehow. who sat in the gryffindor common room as hermione patiently went over her history of magic notes for him and wondered for the millionth time why he didn’t end up a hufflepuff. who never saw himself as anything special, not really, because there were other kids in his year whose stars burned brighter, while he struggled just to keep up with the bottom of the class.

tell me the story of a boy who stepped up, who foresaw hogwarts descending into darkness and refused to let it happen without a fight. who became the next leader of their secret fight against the dark lord, rebelling against snape and the carrows from within the castle. who led the surge to take the sword of gryffindor from snape’s office; who took blow after blow from torturing death eaters to try and protect the first-years who didn’t deserve any of this. who ended up hiding in the castle, creating a supply line to hogsmeade and continuing to fight under threat of expulsion (and worse) because someone had to do it.

tell me the story of the unchosen one, who went from a nervous little boy to the slayer of nagini in seven years. tell me about that neville longbottom.

My abusive mom started treating me nicely when I moved out which was very weird, and I just realized that I wasn’t the only one who experienced this.

If your abuser suddenly started treating you differently when you moved out then good for them, but don’t you ever forget that they’re basically the same person who ruined your life, don’t believe that they have “changed” and became better.


Whenever I went back to visit my parents my mom would still yell and scream at me and call me horrible names.

These people never change, they’re the same person no matter how much they try to manipulate you into believing that things are better now.

They’re the same person, remember that.


some holly doodles to wind down for the night…..she would 100% be a hippie

  • albus: dad, why did you name me albus severus?
  • harry: you were named after two men who in hindsight did some kinda shitty things to me, but they're dead so i can forgive them and think of them as heroes
  • rose: mum, why did you name me rose?
  • hermione: because you deserve a name of your own, and your uncle is kind of full of shit

The Vampire Chronicle Characters

Cate Blanchett as Gabrielle de Lioncourt
…It was the same the first time I bore a child,’ she said. ‘I was in agony for twelve hours, and I felt trapped in the pain, knowing the only release was the birth or my own death. When it was over, I had your brother Augustin in my arms, but I didn’t want anyone else near me. And it wasn’t because I blamed them. It was only that I’d suffered like that, hour after hour, that I’d gone into the circle of hell and come back out. They hadn’t been in the circle of hell. And I felt quiet all over. In this common occurrence, this vulgar act of giving birth, I understood the meaning of utter loneliness.

not to sound over dramatic but honestly hiroko katsuki is the cutest freaking character ever made in the history of forever and i would die and kill for her

mother’s day psa:

if ur mom has harmed u in any way, including all types of abuse, and you don’t like/love ur mom, it’s ok to not feel as though you want to “celebrate” her; an abusive parent does not deserve your guilt or your kindness. if doing something for your mom will ensure your safety/is safer than not doing anything (like me for instance), just for a little peace of mind, please do it. it’s okay to lie for your safety as well. 

everything will be okay. we will get through this.