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Abuse survivor Rapunzel headcanons

-Abuse survivor Rapunzel not getting a before-the-trauma because she grew up with Mother Gothel for as long as she could remember

-abuse survivor Rapunzel getting horrific nightmares, not only of mother Gothel coming back and being SO mad at her but also reliving her death, she loved this woman with everything she had and she had to watch her die thinking it was her fault

-abuse survivor Rapunzel not being able to explain to her parents (who won’t stop asking) exactly what happened in the tower because her memory just won’t let her and the only other person who was there all those years is dead now

-abuse survivor Rapunzel actually going back to the tower on numerous occasions because she doesn’t know how to cope in this new palace, it’s too big and there are too many rooms and she can’t ask for help when she gets lost because that would be admitting defeat

-also as much as she hates it, it’s home to her because she never had another

-abuse survivor Rapunzel never telling Flynn how bad it was because he cares too much about her

-abuse survivor Rapunzel flinching every time she sees black, curly hair or red robes

-abuse survivor Rapunzel refusing to pick up a brush for months because she hates that her own artwork takes her right back to the tower

-abuse survivor Rapunzel going to the tower on a bad night for nightmares and burning it to the ground, along with everything inside it

-it doesn’t help a lot but she knows that long term it will help a little

-abuse survivor Rapunzel spending every available second outdoors, she can’t stand being confined because it sends her right back there

-abuse survivor Rapunzel needing physical affection from everyone she loves to remind her that they aren’t out to get her

-but never EVER letting ANYONE touch her hair again

-abuse survivor Rapunzel not being able to call her birth mother “mother”

“I can’t deny that Brave has a special place in my heart. While I grew up with a single mother all of my life, my reality mirrors Merida’s in how as we grew, we would both clashed with our mothers over trivial things, but it’s all a part of growing up. I always tear up when Merida breaks down before her mother switches back to human. I tried getting my mom to watch it with me, but she fell asleep. Oh well.”