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The Earth is practically begging us for help.
As of right now, the world has dumped 650.8 million tons of waste, JUST THIS YEAR. In developing countries, approximately 70% of their total waste is dumped in freshwater. The freshwater the people are supposed to drink from, bathe from, get fish from, etc. That doesn’t include the mass amount of chemicals that are poured into these sources. Countries, such as India are starting to clean up their messes. To lower waste in your home, try to invest in reusable water bottles and containers. Start a compost pile! More things can be recycled than you might think, so always check your products!! .
Mr. Trump, I am now speaking directly to you. CLIMATE 👏CHANGE👏 IS👏 REAL👏. By 2050, you’re precious Mar-A-Lago could be an underwater palace, if we keep doing what we are doing. We are destroying our atmosphere a bit more each day, which contributes directly to Global Warming. Animals are loosing their habitats, the poles are melting, and I’m getting sunburnt faster than I should be with 50spf on. Take shorter showers. Write to big cooperations (I’m looking at you, Rex Tillerson) to lessen their fumes. Invest in solar panels (that will save you money in the long run!) Carpool!

Underwater ecosystems are at risk as well. Name one person who doesn’t know what the Great Barrier Reef is… I’ll wait… The reef is bleaching. Human interferences have already caused a 50% decline of coral cover, causing the reef to die. 10% of the world’s known fish species call the reef their home, and there are over 600 types of corals. This World Heritage sight needs to be saved as quickly as possible. Climate Change, illegal fishing and poaching, and coastal development have all contributed to the demolition of the reef. Donating to the Great Barrier Reef Foundation helps scientists battle the bleaching and cure the reef.
Oil spills have also caused a stir in ecology. Since the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill (the major one that happened in the Gulf of Mexico with BP), there has been at least 50 oil spills. Does the major media talk about those? No. We are still recovering from Deepwater Horizon, and saying “oh, this will never happen again!”, but these things are continuing to happen.
We only have one Earth. She has provided us with land, food, shelter, water, beauty, and safety. We’ve only hurt her in return. It’s time to step up and help her, before we loose her for good.


I just watched “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Paid Family Leave” video. And I am in so much shock.

How the fuck you go back to work only 12 weeks after the birth of your baby?! 12 fucking weeks! And apparently you don’t even get paid?? What the fuck?

Here, in Russia, you get:

– a legal guarantee that you won’t lose your job during all the months of pregnancy and full 3 years after(or more). They can’t fire you no matter what! 

– 2(or more, if your boss loves you) full months before you have a baby off the work with full salary

– 1,5 YEARS after the birth off the work with full salary

– 1,5 years more off the work if you want to, with like 1 bucks a month salary

– and what if during the first 1,5 years you have another baby (I know women like that, they just can’t wait to have a house full of kids. It’s a condition)? Well…You guessed it! You get more! You get another 1,5 years of off work with full salary.

I am 100% sure that this is not even the best offer for pregnant women in the world or even in Europe only. Not even close.

My sister had a baby 3 months ago and this topic is so sensitive for me now. I still remember her pregnant like it was yesterday. And how hard it was. And, like, if we were in USA she would have to go to work now. 

And she works in the police. She receives people all day long. Every 7 minutes there is a new person at her desk for 8 hours for 5 days a week. And you have to know my sister. If she had to go to work now, she would have literally killed a man. Maybe a few.

So here is the question: how the fuck do you go to work only 3 months after you had your baby? Where do you store your baby during the day? Do you put it in your purse? And just?.. Like, I genuinely don’t understand.

Mothers of USA I am so sorry for you. You don’t deserve such shit.

Sneak Peek at Lush Mother’s Day!

Hello my lovely Lushies! Here’s a sneak peek of North America’s new Mother’s Day Products!

Lovely in lilac, this super-scrummy, sweet and floral shower gel is filled with lustre for a touch of glamour.

We’ve put our trust in the most famous mother of all - Mother Nature - and blended fresh strawberry juice with luscious butters to give you soft, scrummy-scented skin.

Give us today our daily bath and deliver us from uncleanliness with delicate floral bubbles that unfurl like cherry blossoms in the spring.

Bursting with rose petals, this bomb is a floral spectacle in your bath. Soya milk powder blends with orange flower absolute, rosewood and Turkish rose oils for a beautiful, skin-softening experience.

Hope you all are as excited as I am!!


-Flowering Tea reuseable bubble bar
-Tisty Tosty bath bomb

This bath cocktail was a floral dream. Unlike most floral scented Lush products, the Flowering Tea bubble bar has a strong grassy aroma which is calmed by a slightly sweet orange blossom scent. Not exactly what I was expecting; however, it made a beautiful compliment to Tisty Tosty, not to mention I’ll be able to use it for at least another bath.

Tisty Tosty is always a lovely bomb to use, especially if you aren’t in the mood for a super in-your-face smelling bath. The light rose scent is instantly calming and remniscent of of a lush garden. (heh, see what I did there?) The tiny pink rosebuds are a beautiful touch and always make me feel like a princess.

For more bath art pictures and product reviews, check out my Instagram!

by Spencer Reece

How long do we wait for love?
Long ago, we rowed on a pond.
Our oars left the moon broken—
our gestures ruining the surface.
Our parents wanted us to marry.
Beyond the roses where we lay,
men who loved men grew wounds.
When do we start to forget our age?
Your husband and I look the same.
All day, your mother confuses us
as her dementia grows stronger.
Your boys yell: Red Rover!
We whisper your sister’s name
like librarians; at last on the list,
her heart clapping in her rib cage,
having stopped now six times,
the pumps opened by balloons,
we await her new heart cut
out from the chest of a stranger.
Your old house settles in its bones,
pleased by how we are arranged.
Our shadow grows like an obituary.
One of us says: “It is getting so dark.”
Your children end their game.
Trees stiffen into scrapbooks.
The sky’s shelves fill with stars.