mothers day tea

For everyone who is a mother, has a mother, is missing their mother, is doing the work of a mother, is no longer a mother, was almost a mother, wishes they were a mother: ✨Love✨ to all of you who work so hard, do so much good, bring so much love into the world. I hope this Mother’s Day weekend brings moments of joy, reflection, and connection to each of you. And love to my own mother, to whom I owe everything. 💛


Honestly, the reason I haven’t posted food diaries lately is because I’m ashamed that I’ve eaten so much and I feel guilty. But I’m trying. Life is really trying to fuck me up though!

Weetabix with milk

Left over picnic food from yesterday (surprised mum with picnic for Mother’s Day)

Accidentally too spicy pasta

Baby bel
Lemon slice
Mini muffin
3 cups of tea
Crackers and chocolate spread

No exercise
Water: 1700l
Total: 2114 calories

:( I feel like I’ve fallen so hard off the wagon. I can get back on though. I have to

Daddy!Harry Blurb #9: Mother

Maybe a Daddy! Harry blurb about Harry having a child from a previous relationship but now he’s married again with a new baby. There’s a mother’s day tea coming up at the child’s school and s/he feels a little left out with the new baby and doesn’t know if s/he is part of the family or if she can invite the new missus to the tea? So they both sit down and talk to him or her and it’s just lots of fluff and cuddles? 

Harry’s child from previous relationship tells him he likes reader very much and wants her to be their mommy. And Harry definitely loves this idea.


It had taken Harry’s little girl a long time to adapt to having a new mum and a new baby sister around the house. When Harry had married you, his daughter had been four. Now, she was just shy of six and had a three-month-old sister in the house as well. You and Harry both tried really hard to give her the attention that you knew she needed, but it was tough with a newborn. Unfortunately, his little girl had to fend for herself from time to time.

So when you came across a paper stuffed in the bottom of her backpack that was announcing a mother/daughter tea at her school, you frowned. She hadn’t told you about the tea and it was happening that night. She must have known for weeks, but hadn’t said anything.

You had shown the paper to Harry, and felt a little down. You wanted his little girl to accept you and treat you as if you were her mother, but it wasn’t happening as quickly as you would have liked.

“She loves you.” Harry insisted. “She’s just havin’ a hard time adjusting to everythin’ right now.”

You and Harry had decided to bring up the tea when you were all sitting around the table at dinner.

“(Y/D/N)?” Harry asked. “Is there somethin’ goin’ on at your school tonight?”

You saw her glance up. She saw that both of you were staring at her and knew that you had discovered the paper.

“I dunno…” She mumbled.

You pulled the paper out to show her and she froze.

“Why didn’t you tell me about this?” You asked, gently. “I would have loved to go with you.”

To your surprise, she immediately burst into tears and ran from the table in the direction of her bedroom. Both you and Harry got up – Harry grabbing the baby from her chair – and followed (Y/D/N) into her room. You found her curled up on her bed in tears. You went in to sit next to her, brushing her hair out of her face.

“(Y/D/N), did you not want me to come to the tea?” You asked.

She shook her head no.

“But you didn’t tell me about it?”

“I wanted you there.” She sniffed. “But I didn’t know if I was allowed.”

Both you and Harry were confused.

“Why would you think you weren’t allowed?” Harry asked

“Because you don’t play with me anymore!” She wailed. “You love the baby more than me!” She looked over at you. “And…and…you’re not my real mummy so I thought that you wouldn’t want to go with me!”

Harry sighed, handing you the baby and pulling her into his lap.

“Sweetheart, that’s not true! I love you so, so much. I know that the baby gets a lot of attention, but that doesn’t mean we love her any more than you. You’re always going to be my baby girl, okay?”

“And I never want you to feel as if you can’t ask me to do things with you.” You chimed in. “Okay? I love you and you’re so, so important to me.”

(Y/D/N) wiped her eyes and looked earnestly into your eyes

“Can I…call you mummy?” She asked.

You felt your own eyes fill with tears as you handed the baby back to Harry and pulled (Y/D/N) from Harry’s arms into your own, hugging her tightly.

“You absolutely can! I would love that so, so much.”

Harry stood up with the baby in his arms.

“I think we need to have our own tea party tonight. Just the four of us. How does that sound?”

You were thrilled to see (Y/D/N) smile at last as you made your way back to the kitchen to get ready for your tea party.

“They make it tough for working mothers. I don’t know why they have to schedule all of this stuff during the day. My first grader is playing a hammerhead shark in his class play—but it’s at 11 in the morning. They scheduled the Mother’s Day Tea on a Friday. But they put the Father’s Day Tea on a weekend, of course. The other day my first grader told me how lucky his friend was that his mom didn’t work and could come to everything. That one hurt a little.”


Yesterday, Quinn’s kindergarten class threw us a Mother’s Day Tea.

I didn’t know there was such a thing, but apparently there is, because suddenly, it’s the only thing showing up on my Facebook feed.

Anyway, it was really great. The kids made us beautiful cards, gifts and books all about their Moms. They drew pictures of us and hung them in the room and we had to figure out which one was us (I’m the one sticking my tongue out, of course). They made us cookies and treats and sang us two songs - “Unforgettable” and “What a Wonderful World”. All the moms were sobbing. Especially me, since at my wedding, I danced with my Dad to “Unforgettable”.

They also lined up to tell us why they love us. Quinn loves me because “I do her hair.” i’m pretty terrible at doing her hair, so I didn’t necessarily want her to tell anyone, but as long as she’s happy, I’m happy.

But, the best part was how excited the kids were. They were so happy to see us and proud to show off their classroom and all their hard work. I love seeing where she spends her day and all her little buddies. I hope she will be friends with all of them for many years to come.

Thank you Quinn, all your classmates and your wonderful teacher for giving us Moms such a special day.

Can we talk about this kitchen for a sec? It’s homey and inviting yet so crisp. Kelly at @eclecvintage did an amazing job revamping this space in her 100 year old home. Her home is beautiful!!! /// I’m off to enjoy my last Mother’s Day tea at the little one’s preschool today. I predict tears (mine- not his 😆) since it will be the last with him starting kinder next year. This is one of my most favorite things- watching these sweet little hearts pamper their mamas. 💗 by aedriel