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I bought this tin a few months ago for pennies, I hate having them in my wallet then started dropping notes whenever I felt like it. I opened it when it couldn’t take any more notes, as you can see there are £5, £10 and £20 including pennies . I still can’t believe it myself but I saved £300($372) this is the first time in my life to save money, I got a few nicknames for my spending habits and got into a few fights with sven over it but it’s old story now. I saved £300 unbelievable, never mind the instant noodles I just got back from shopping. Just look at the money, I didn’t spend it on food, clothes, shoes, lingerie and bathbombs I just dropped them in the puppy tin and saved. My mother called my brother and sisters to tell them, the pictures were taken as proof she said god is real and wants to hold on to the money!  

The Littlest Winchester - What’s A Mom?

Character(s): Dean Winchester

Warning: None

Word Count: 994

Request:  Can I request a Littlest Winchester story where Dean tells his daughter about her mum? I’m really curious as to what happened to her


           The little girl finds Dean in his bedroom with a box of small photographs in his lap. As he nostalgically sifts through the pictures, the four-year-old climbs onto the bed, and Dean sees this as an opportunity to show her something.

           “Come here, baby girl.” He shifts to sit long ways on the bed and pulls his daughter up to sit between his legs.

           She nestles comfortably against his hips and watches as her father selects a photo and shows it to her.

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Queen Rania of Jordan celebrates Mother’s Day on 20 March, 2017 

“No words of gratitude can do you justice… Happy Mother’s Day! A picture from my meeting with a group of Jordanian mothers in celebration of Mother’s Day
‫ ‬#MothersDay #Love #Jordan #LoveJO‬”

Sent from above , when I lost all hope you showed me love . I’m checkin for you boy you right on time , Angel of mine 👶🏽❤️💕🔐

My first Mother’s Day guys 😭


I made some dandy icons! the dimensions range from 166px-240px. i tried each of them out and they all look pretty good so don’t worry about the pixels lol. they’re free to use and I don’t need credit, just don’t claim as your own. if you want one of these in a different color just ask!