People say to be like snow.
Ignore them.
Don’t be snow; be like springtime.
Blossoming from within yourself,
letting go of your demons and
becoming a whole new creation.

Don’t praise cold beauty;
it will lead nowhere.
Realize your unique beauty,
so much like a flower’s, and
spread love and warmth.
That’s how you came to be.
That’s how you are remembered.
—  –m.v.r.

Because who doesn’t love everyone’s favorite lesbian future queen, Miss Margaery Tyrell! This network is a safe place to rant obsessively over the black widow of Westeros

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  • likes are poisioned at their wedding 
  • except for bookmarking, we’ll let that slide
  • must love margaery (obviously)
What we're looking for
  • a super nice person
  • with a sweet blog
  • original creations appreciated but not necessary 
  • that’s all folks

Blogs will be chosen on May 13th, we’ll pick between ten to twenty blogs total. Come to us with any questions or if you just want to be friends. We aren’t picky. <3

A network dedicated to the fact that Margaery Tyrell and Sansa Stark are actually lesbians

Lovely banner by Nina

What we're looking for:
  • an a+++ blogger
  • someone who posts at least a little game of thrones
  • doesn’t necessarily have to have a clean theme/simple url but it increases your chances
  • you have to ship sansaery sorry no expections
if you're accepted
  • You’ll be sent a message letting you know if you are in
  • Submit Em an icon (size will be specified later) and a small description
  • Send your email to anyone of us to be added to the group chat
  • Track the tag “sansaerynetwork”
  • It’s encouraged to follow the other members, however not a requirement
  • new friends that ship sansaery uwu
  • a place to share fanart and fic that you like
  • help with html and promos and whatnot
  • a follow from the admins

That’s it! We’ll be choosing 12 members on the 24th of May

♥ blog rates ♥

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theme: /10

posts: /10

overall: /10


following: sorry no / now / yes / duh

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Want to join my Fandom Family?

so I’ve wanted to do one of these for a few weeks now and here it is, finally!

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that’s about it! also, if you want to be part of a certain fandom but you don’t see it in my tags page, message me and if I’m part of it as well, I’ll add it. I’ll check some of the blogs and most likely follow back too.