Pine Siskin by Tami Hrycak
Via Flickr:
A large flock of Pine Siskin’s arrived over the weekend. This is my first attempt at trying to photograph them. Lighting wasn’t on my side on this one, but I will continue to try to capture this adorable little winter bird. Facts: The Pine Siskin is the commonest of the irruptive “winter finches.” The Pine Siskin is gregarious even in the breeding season. It nests in loose colonies, and pairs may visit one another’s nests. The nest is defended against other siskins primarily during egg laying and incubation. Breeding birds flock together to forage. Following a large irruptive winter flight, some individuals may stay near a dependable food source and breed far south of the normal breeding range.The heavily insulated nest helps keep the eggs warm in cold climates. In addition, the female incubates the eggs constantly, and is absent from the nest only for brief periods. Her mate feeds her while she sits on the nest.