MotherMAN 「訴え」PV (by kikakuya1)

Jay Park - Lotto
- Jahlil Beats

[verse 1]
No I ain’t a D-boy but I am a B-boy
never dealt drugs but I’m stackin G’s boy
no gat not strapped I ain’t never seen toys
but I’m always takin pics so U know I get that cheese boy
you know I’m ill with it
keep on rappin till I make a hunnit mill with it
and no I do not have a deal fucka deal with it
It’s me and Jahlil on the beats we gon kill kill it
Seattle 2 Seoul, So U know that I’m coasting
give yo girl the D but her legs wide open
always winning so I always feel like toasting
spit hot fire so you know my mic smoking
no shaft but i’m one bad muhfuckah
no disguise but I got yo girl under covers
AOM all day brotha’s from another mother
man u know I got them moves hotter than a Sydney summer

Yeah, let’s get it
U know I’m poppin’ bottles
yo girl a turkey on my dick gobble gobble
I’ll fuck her till her knees wobble wobble
celebrating everyday like I hit the lotto

[verse 2]
I’m a Seoul city ridah Sea-town lion
a king mothafucka man U see that crown shining
I'mma keep on hustlin till I own my own island
yall don’t know the hal of what is in my pan frying
so I don’t have time for the fuckery to my face they pretend fake wishing luck to me
behind the scenes pulling strings
u know they be wanting me dead and long gone but I’m styling on them comfortably
so I’m just smiling like a winner
while I’m leaving sweet u mothafucka’s is bitter
no I ain’t a gansta no I ain’t a thug
but a couple drinks I be gettin ratchets at the club
so every nights a party like there’s no tommorow
hit it up like there’s no work tommorow
faded in this bitch it’s gon hurt tommorow
yo chick thirsty murcielago


we hella high in the air
hella high in the air
hella high in the air
so ain’t no motha fucka gonna be us down


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