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Hi. I want to discuss a thing with you. You're my fave and I value your opinion. So. Why do people write Bucky as a Russian? I mean, yeah, they had him, tortured him, used him, but.. he's James Buchanan Barnes, Stevie's best friend, born and raised in Brooklyn. Why, in so many fics, people write him as a super Russian spy. I get really angry, when I see something like Bucky thinks of Russia as "motherland"??? I mean, come on. Why. Is it from the comics? I don't read them. It bothers me a lot.

Ah, well thanks for saying I’m your favourite blog, I appreciate that!

I actually hate this so much. Like if Bucky’s written as being from Russia and not from either Illinois or New York, then I’ll probably close the fic. I’ll also probably come back to the fic later bc I’m weak but I close it when I first read it.

I don’t know why people do it, Bucky isn’t Russian, Bucky never was Russian, Bucky was taken by a group of people who tried to strip him of his identity and replace that identity with this soviet killing machine. But that didn’t mean he became Russian like,,,,boy is still from Brooklyn - or Illinois, p sure he’s from Illinois in the comics and moves to NYC as a kid. So yh, I feel you, I’m not keen on people characterising Bucky as Russian not American, idk why they do it, you’d have to ask them.

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hur vågar du förolämpa moderlandet. inte ryssland, du dåre, men sverige. sverige är skiten. Vi har fisk som är röda och välsmakande. och köttbullar. var skulle ditt samhälle vara utan ikea Jag är väldigt arg. Jag skickar dig en fågel (mycket brott) i mail

“how dare you insult the motherland not Russia, you fool but Sweden. Sweden is the shit. We have fish that are red and tasty. and meatballs. where would your society be without ikea i am very angry I send you a bird (much crime) in mail”

waht are you talking about what did I do to offend Russia? Russia is my daddy what?

I read that all wrong what did I do to offend Sweden lmao sorry I can’t read