mothering in captivity


GW2 Fashion Week

Day 4: Against my own system of introducing them after their age! He’s my fifth character, Elementalist/Tempest Elemancer Shaan


  • Head: Mind of Koda
  • Shoulders: Genius Epaulets
  • Chest: Leystone Vestments
  • Arms: Feathered Gloves
  • Legs: Inquest Breeches
  • Feet: Seer Boots
  • Back: hidden

Weapons: Peacemaker’s Dagger and Tempest’s Warhorn (mystic coins are too expensive <.< so no Northwind yet…), Machined Staff for events like Tequatl

Dyes: Iron, Red, Scarlet, Blue Shade, Midnight Ice

Shaan was born as the child of an Inquest member, but not some Inquest member, he is Kudu’s son (who knows what this guy does when he’s not busy with annoying Zojja…). So…naturally he was raised after thier beliefs but also was tought by his mother, who was held captive within the lab, what a great place Rata Sum is.

After a fatal mistake during one of her experiments she was forced to do, an elemental explosion was set free and killed her and most other researchers taking part. Not Shaan though, who as an elementalist was able to somehow protect himself. But he absorbed the elemental essence of air and became indeed half elemental through this…which explains his purple hair, his eyes and the scar on his face. All in all he is partially the reason for Kudu’s crazy research…

Now when somebody touches him they get a faint electric shock which is kinda fun for him.

Shaan is more of a silent, observing and calculating person.

I wanted to make him look a bit insane…apparently failed tho…somebody (yes, you, @ralesk) called him cute. xD

Zinnia - In memory of a friend

Amaryllis - Pride, splendid beauty

Jorquil - Desire for requited affection

Okay listen more Qrowin Vampire Hunter AU BC V4 brought more depth to it like

The Schnees being an aristocratic family and then Jacques Gele turns them all into vampires

They’re known for being led by Jacques but if you ask Weiss or Winter they say it isn’t true but he’s essentially forced their mother into captivity via some blood related thing idk there’s a lot of vampire lore out there

And Qrow going after the pretentious fuck that killed Summer

anonymous asked:

This is maybe stupid question but, in the books Sansa said The courtesy is lady's armour, what did she meant by that? What does the quote mean?

Sansa felt that she ought to say something. What was it that Septa Mordane used to tell her? A lady’s armor is courtesy, that was it. She donned her armor and said, “I’m sorry my lady mother took you captive, my lord.”

It’s a mix of politeness, formal compliance to feudal etiquette, and knowing exactly what’s the proper thing to say and how to say it all the time so that you will never embarrass yourself with awkward silences, nor end up saying things that could be used against you. Septa Mordane taught Sansa her courtesies to prepare her for being a lady and a queen. She couldn’t know that Sansa would be forced to use her teachings to shield herself from constant abuse, to keep her captors satisfied with her or at least not offer them her flank so they could take advantage of whatever inappropriate thing she’d say to beat and humiliate her. (it doesn’t always work, as Joffrey is really unpredictable in his sadism, and often hurts Sansa even though she has done nothing to provoke his anger. But that’s what abusers do.) 

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Almost reverse-au Mystery Kids
The lives of children went in a different way, and they are more selfish

Agatha should was burned at the stake on charges of witchcraft, but she manages to escape. After an unjust exile she want revenge, and when she learned witchcraft and develops a psychic skills Agatha gets to his old offenders, and terrifies the entire country for a century, until family of exorcists catches her (ancestors of Dib’s and Gaz’s mother). Agatha released from captivity after a few centuries, and to regain her strength and revenge, she is gaining a team of young psychics.
Dib is interested in magic much more than a science, even if he has a magical talent much less than that of Gaz. Zim and Tak - demons who are tied with Membranes as the guardian spirits (they were summoned accidentally).
(may be design of irkens will change)
So Membranes are against Witching Kids

(Design of reverse pines is not mine, and i don’t know who created it, sorry)


Just saw someone mention that there wasn’t enough of L25 Ocean Sun on their feed - So here she is!

This is believed to be captive orca, Tokitae/Lolita’s, mother. Tokitae has been captive in the Miami Seaquarium for OVER 40 YEARS!!! There is a great retirement plan in place for her… we just need to Miami Seaquarium to end their reign of greed and let her be free!

“You’re starting to sound a lot like my mother.”

“Captivating?” Syl said. “Amazing, witty, meaningful?”


“Captivating?” Syl said. “Amazing, witty, meaningful?”

“Very funny.”

“Says the man not laughing,” she replied, folding her arms. “All right, so what is drearifying you today?”

“Drearifying?” Kaladin frowned. “Is that a word?”

“You don’t know?”

He shook his head.

“Yes,” Syl said solemnly. “Yes, it absolutely is.”


Words of Radiance, Brandon Sanderson

this is hands down my favorite dialogue in the history of ever

In seventh grade I had this bully, this eighth grader named Shirley Panini - that’s not her real name but it’s really close - and I didn’t even know who she was! She just showed up. And I would walk down the hall and there she would be in her little Dutch Boy haircut and she would say, ‘Ringwald, I’m gonna kick your ass after school! After school, I’m gonna kick your fucking ass!’ And I had no idea who this girl was, I just knew that she didn’t like me for some reason and she really scared me.
—  Molly Ringwald, on being bullied.