Gonna stay away from my roleplay blogs for a bit. College starts next week and I went to the doctor’s today to see about getting assessed for Autism and Aspergers. Mum did something incredibly stupid that I will put under a cut but I’m just letting my roleplay partners from my Prussia, Mindfang and Roxy blogs know that I’m stepping back for a bit cause I’m upset and stressed and pissed off.

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Pairings for this week

This is an encouragement to RP these pairings this week. It can be of anything, NSFW, escape plans or whatever your brains can think off! This is posted a little earlier as to give people the chance to plot, etc. etc; but most likely the official start will be on Saturday or Sunday and will be switched around each week!

Of course this doesn’t mean that you have to halt every other RP for this one though. After all Ambrosia is meant to have fun and not make it a chore. But we can’t keep you guys running amok. ;D


If there are any problems with these, notify me and I’ll see what I can do next time around and try to avoid them in the future! :) If you are however not one of the players of these characters, you can ask the muns who do to tag this pairing so you can blacklist it.