LISTEN UP Y'ALL. If you have any interest in WildStar, sub NOW. Even just for a month. It’s going f2p soon, and anyone with an active subscriber on June 15 not only gets four months if the Signature service, you get a MOTHERFUXKING DJ CARETAKER PET. It’s fine if you don’t know what that is. You want one.

Speaking of, WS has pets now. And better leveling, better attunement, a LOT more stuff to do at fifty, SO MANY housing improvements, and an active rp community. I understand pvp isn’t perfect yet, but seriously, the he gets tons better every few months. Each drop is the new Best Drop Ever. If you’ve been waiting to return, it’s time to do it.

Ok literally their performance is the greatest thing I ever saw! 😍
Michael: his hair was so fucking straight I died
Calum: his fucking tattoos were showing so much and the whole front of his hair is blonde
Luke: he literally wore his black and white shirt and looked like a sexy limp noodle
Ashton:a sexy motherfuxker who played the shit out of the drums and was hot af