TBH Klaroline fans have a major point that its not fair to say Klaus is good enough for one woman then he’s good enough for another.

He used some lame excuse as Klaus killed Aunt jenna. I’m sorry but they barely spoke and I could understand if he said he killed her boyfriends mom, but Aunt Jenna? 

Meanwhile he’s going on and on about oh Cami wants to help him and she can bring him less misery and save all the potential victims he would kill. OMG. 

I’m sorry but Cami is pathetic as fuck and so is Narducci for trying to defend that ship and tearing down KC when Klamille is even worse!

Cami literally just coddles Klaus and cries with him about his daddy issues. Plus he killed Davina and her boyfriend Tim. This is someone Cami see’s as a little sister to her! Klaus also actually tried to kill Josh a few times too.

Cami literally said I quote “ I’m attracted to bad boys because I feel that’s what I deserve” how is that not pathetic? Leah Pipes confirmed that is how Cami feels.

She doesn’t have any self respect and feels its her job to save these random ass bad boys who she wants to coddle and who continuously use and abuse her help. If you can’t see how Klaus continuously manipulates Cami and her feelings for him then you asleep as fuck. 

He’ll cry about his daddy issues when she wants to come at him about doing something wrong and Klaus knows she’s weak and gullible and will fall for that shit so all he has to do is stroke her cheek and throw some romantic lines at her and start crying with his man tear and she’ll swoon and forget all about it cause she wants the dick. Its so pathetic.

I’d take Klaroline over that Klami shit any day. 

From the looks of it Cami doesn’t have much self respect when it comes to Klaus because she’s pathetic around him.

Yet I’m supposed to swoon and be excited about their repetitive boring lame ass cry fest scenes? Get that shit out my face. 

I’m team Klaroline fandom on that shit. Narducci needs to stop.

At least Hayley has some respect when it comes to Klaus. She completely ignores his ass and when he tries to make her swoon she’s like bitch bye and focus’s on Elijah or Jackson. That’s why Klaus gets so pressed cause she doesn’t fall for his bullshit and I can respect Caroline for the same. Also I’m proud as fuck Hayley left Klaus and the Mikaelson family. She said ya’ll bitches crazy and all yall motherfukkas crazy I’m taking my baby and peacing the fuck out with Jackson fine ass. Fuck all yall. Thanks for the good dick. Bye!

LOL! Hayley and Caroline give me life. Cami just look like a pathetic supernatural groupie to me.