motherfucking ziam

I hate when people get mad about people shipping the boys and their only defense is “but they are straight!!”
1. Shipping doesnt mean believing its real
2. You dont know them personally so how would you know
3. Sexuality is so fucking fluid
4. You dont have the right to decide anyones sexuality but your own

I love how

Zayn: *mentions he wants his Teddy Bear on the tour bus with him*

Fandom: *thinks Zayn meant this*

Me: I mean, they’re not exactly wrong but…

Me: *remembers the definition of bear in gay and bisexual culture*

Me: *side eye emoji @zayn*

Me: *remembers liam’s physical change over the last year*

Me: *side eye emoji @liam*

Me: *side eye emoji hard @ziam*

Me: These kinky motherfuckers…

hyeon-deactivated20160311  asked:

godddd your tag is on point. they CRAVE to be thanked. like, how entitled can they be? they're gonna be out when they want to and when they're able to. like, your support is ofc will be appreciated but if you /WANT/ them to be grateful to /YOU/ so much, is it even a genuine support? eugh.

Dem biatches only have a one track mind. “Let’s try to predict when larry will come out. Oh neither of them will have another beard. This is great. I can see the future. Ziam is a cover for larry. Liam is my hero reading an awimh sign. That’s the reason he’s here. Niall is the captain of the larry ship. He’s Irish. Zayn left. Ot4. I’m here for it. Fall back all you other biatches. Zerrie is rayl. Sophia is hot so sophiam must be rayl. Zayn and Liam are uber masculine. They can’t possibly be in a relationship. I don’t pay any attention to them cuz I don’t want you asking questions. If I really Paid attention to them, I just might realize that Zayn and Liam are the bee’s knees. They are a couple. But I can’t have that! Nope! They are a threat to my ship based on statistics. There can’t possibly be two couples in this band of five. You’re fucking cray cray if you think that’s a possibility. Gtfooh. Oh Wah Wah Wah! WHY IS LOUIS HOLDING THAT GIRL’S HAND? I THOUGHT THERE WOULD BE NO MORE BEARDS! I’M CRYING! FUCK YOU MODEST! THEY WERE SUPPOSED TO COME OUT JUST LIKE ME AND MY FELLOW LARRIES PREDICTED. THE WORLD IS ENDING TOMORROW. SOB. SOB. SIGH. ZAYN IS A TRAITOR! Even though I paid no attention to him at all. Niall sings just as good as Zayn. So Ot4 all the way peeps. I’m a fucking idiot but will never admit it!” (did I just make a rhyme there)

I spent an unhealthy amount of time staring at Zayn’s latest zelfie.

When I noticed he’s wearing a jacket/zip-up.

Of course the tattoo (and the fact that he’s smoking) is meant to be the focus, so naturally he decides to roll up his sleeves and make sure the tattoo is right front and on display. Thanks for making that clearer for us in case their were any doubts that you were mirroring Liam.