motherfucking unicorns

AHAHA I wanted to check the aspects of Boyd’s wand and this amused me XD What? Boyd being really loud when one might have expected a nonverbal or quieter response? Refusing to stay quiet and/or incapable of it in certain circumstances? I don’t know what you’re talking about I MEAN #¬_¬#

AHA! see! THIS is how he’ll keep from going Dark despite being Slytherin– he’s got some motherfucking unicorn core up in this house! Just try and get him, fuckers!

Also, the melancholy bit…… how… how does Pottermore know……

(The rigidity and length weren’t super helpful and not nearly as funny)

Oh yeah, btw….

I like that list. Boyd, I’m cool with you joining those ranks :D
The reasons I ship cockles~

They are/behave/do:

* Cute af 😊
* Handsome af 😍
* Playful af 😁
* boyfriends af 😘
* whipped af 😳
* married af 💕
* protective of each other af 🔫
* nicknames af 🙈
* naughty af 🙊
* touchy-feely af 😉
* Possessive af (mainly Jensen, have you seen his hands in all the cockles photo ops 😂)
* Bashful af (Jensen again, blushing bby) 😚
* Heart Eyes motherfucker 😻 * Unicorn laughs, gummy grins and silly jokes 😆
* Whispering in each other’s ears while smiling like fools 😭
* Bicker like an old married couple 😅
* compliment each other (Jensen likes his new cologne and Misha thinks he is the coolest for untangling that crab trap lol) ☺️
* They flirt on Twitter 😝
* They go on dates with their families 😃
* Boat rides & sunset pics/frisbee & ice cream dates/spa massages 😏

AND THE MOST IMPORTANT: They make me happy~

Are you Cockles af?

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Ti prego, incontriamoci da qualche parte del cosmo, sposiamoci e non facciamo figli (perché parliamone, porcoddio, chi ha la testa per star dietro a dei marmocchi urlanti?). A presto, mio amore. 🌈 -Motherfucking unicorns' queen

Se il fato lo vorrà ci incontreremo e non avremo tanti bambini, direi anche di non sposarci perché andiamo, chi cazzo ha voglia di vestirsi eleganti?!

My first concept type thing of if Elsa were to make her own steed. I do feel as if she was shorted seeing that everyone else gets a horse/reindeer. She’d probably just eventually be like “Okay, fuckers, I’m just gonna make my own!”

Mel and I are calling the ice/snow unicorn “Chontelle” for now… She’s basically made of snow with her horn and hooves being solid ice. Her tail and bridle are branches from that tree in the film that Sven tangled his antlers in. I might change a few things, you never know… this is a first concept anyhow.

Listen up Phandom (not all of you most of you are wonderful c:)

Okay, unfortunately l was unable to attend playlist this year because well I live in a whole different country, but with the things I’m hearing I just want to ride my flying motherfucking unicorn over there and give Phil a giant hug. I’ve watched Dan and Phil for about two and a half years now and I don’t understand how the whole phandom say that they love both Dan and Phil when Dan has way more subscribers… As I and a good friend of mine decided its neverDan and Phil, its always DAN and Phil. So send me fucking anon hate because I don’t have the same opinion as you. I don’t care. I hate seeing this. I mean I can understand that people may view Dan as more attractive and that’s totally fine! people are allowed preferences but have we all got so superficial that we favour certain youtubers because they’re more visually appealing? I hardly talk to anyone in the phandom anymore because it’s mostly ten year old girls for who the most part don’t even watch Phil’s videos but attach themselves to the phandom because they think that they’re hot. So fuck you (not all of you) Phandom! I’m out.

I thought of an idea to celebrate my blog getting 500 followers! I’m going to make a list of all of my 500 followers! And then at the end i’m going to list all of my favorite blogs! I know this is going to take a long time but i don’t care. I’m also going to list the people who followed after i reached 500 followers so you won’t feel left out. So here we go! LET’S DO THIS!

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Why do you have to make sex so fucking complicated? I get it, you have done other stuff than getting a cock in and out of you, that means you're still a virgin. Oral sex isn't the same as penetrated sex anyway. So why make it hard, why not just say "yes i'm a virgin" ??? I've done my fair share of things too, but i haven't had penetrated sex yet, so if people ask me, i tell them fuck yeah i'm a virgin, motherfucking unicorn right here. Seriøst nokken gang så bare irritere du me mæ all dritten