motherfucking stop it tumblr

OK YALL who’s gonna program a tumblr bot that posts often enough to show up like every 20-30 minutes of scrolling down my dashboard to be like “HEY YOU ADHD MOTHERFUCKER, STOP HYPERFOCUSING ON TUMBLR AND GO LIVE UR LIFE! UR DOING GREAT 👍” it would be so helpful and motivational

good morning, tumblr! let’s be real for once, okay? be your motherfucking self when it comes to being here on tumblr! stop spreading hate and just be kind to one another, for crying out loud

what do you guys even get when you purposely bring people down online or in real life? wala naman diba? super temporary ng “saya” na nakukuha pag binibring down mo yung isang tao, so why not just spread happiness in the first place para wala nang gulo?

that’s all! it’s a lovely and rather sunny and hot saturday and i hope you guys are having fun so far!