motherfucking skynet

y’all always talking about todd howard like he’s some loki-esque figure that’s 49% lies 51% hot gas but peter molyneux is todd howard turned up to eleven. motherfucker was teasing skynet when the kinect was revealled and it turned out to be a pre-rendered cutscened farce. “project milo” my ass, dude was sitting here talking about how there was a program child that could react to what you did in real time and get to know you and procedurally ask you to draw him pictures n shit but it was a total lie. peter molyneux is the worst game developer of all time for the shit he’s pulled, a fallen angel of the games industry (dude wasnt always so shitty, black and white and black and white 2 were really great and so was fable 1 apparently but i never played it). fuck him completely