motherfucking shit man


[What do you sleep in?]  “Nada.”

this is actually one of the greatest and most amazing things i’ve ever seen bc, bc ,just look at it lOOK AT IT…harry just being a confident little fucker strutting over to his boyfriend on stage and kissing him(and yes he is kissing him) and louis looks so happy but his face is like “u lil shit i cant believe you did that *blush* *huge smile* *dies inside*” and it’s brilliant…evERYTHING ABOUT IT IS AMAZING im stuttering im so happy they’re such cute little fucks…i hate them(◡‿◡✿)

zoloft, basically:
- man i dont give a flying fuck
- having an orgasm? in this economy?
- wow i CAN be a functional human being huh who would have thought!
- i literally havent done anything for fun since 1992
- is this shit even working?
- you do everything you have to do and then u spend ur free time sleeping
- wow im a motherfucking robot
- man this shit is so expensive
- do i even feel? do i even think?
- life is meaningless and not worth living but i kinda dont want to die anymore so whatever
- hey my friends are texting me! should i reply? nah
- time does not exist. you are just living your life and not thinking about the future.
- did i take my meds today?
- literally not caring about anything. ever.

th last scene in kingsman where eggsy is emulating harrys fight w deans goons i jus cannot fucking………take tht shit seriously like

colin-firth-as-harry-hart is jus a 54 yr old old Classy British Piece Of Shit Motherfucker ‘manners maketh man’ and th juxtaposition between his pride n prejudice age + aesthetic n th absolute subsequent beatdown was weird n humourous enough to make it work

but w eggsy..egssy in that shit suit..w his glasses…and his weird accent he jus sounds lik a toddler..every time i watch th last scene of th movie where he beats th shit out of dean its jus lik..he looks and sounds like a fuckin 8 year old

lik we see eggsy as a toddler in th beginning of th film and him as a 20-smthing yr old still sounds almost exactly th same