motherfucking drugs

Dance With The Devil
Immortal Technique
Dance With The Devil

warning: this song is pretty graphic

to fully understand the story of the song

read the lyrics below while you listen

I once knew a nigga whose real name was William
His primary concern, was making a million
Being the illest hustler, that the world ever seen
He used to fuck movie stars and sniff coke in his dreams
A corrupted young mind, at the age of thirteen
Nigga never had a father and his mom was a fiend
She put the pipe down, but for every year she was sober
Her son’s heart simultaneously grew colder
He started hanging out, selling bags in the projects
Checking the young chicks, looking for hit-and-run prospects
He was fascinated by material objects
But he understood money never bought respect
He built a reputation ‘cause he could hustle and steal
But got locked once and didn’t hesitate to squeal
So criminals he chilled with didn’t think he was real
You see, me and niggas like this have never been equal
I don’t project my insecurities on other people
He fiended for props like addicts with pipes and needles
So he felt he had to prove to everyone he was evil
A feeble-minded young man with infinite potential
The product of a ghetto-bred capitalistic mental
Coincidentally dropped out of school to sell weed
Dancing with the devil, smoked until his eyes would bleed
But he was sick of selling trees and gave in to his greed

Everyone trying to be trife never face the consequences
You probably only did a month for minor offences
Ask a nigga doing life if he had another chance
But then again there’s always the wicked that knew in advance
Dance forever with the devil on a cold cell block
But that’s what happens when you rape, murder and sell rock
Devils used to be gods angels that fell from the top
There’s no diversity because we’re burning in the melting pot

So Billy started robbing niggas, anything he could do
To get his respect back, in the eyes of his crew
Starting fights over little shit, up on the block
Stepped up to selling mothers and brothers the crack rock
Working overtime for making money for the crack spot
Hit the jackpot and wanted to move up to cocaine
fulfilling the Scarface fantasy stuck in his brain
Tired of the block niggas treating him the same
He wanted to be major like the cut-throats and the thugs
But when he tried to step to 'em, niggas showed him no love
They told him any motherfucking coward can sell drugs
Any bitch nigga with a gun can bust slugs
Any nigga with a red shirt can front like a blood
Even Puffy smoked a motherfucker up in a club
But only a real thug can stab someone till they die
Standing in front of them, staring straight into their eyes
Billy realized that these men were well-guarded
And they wanted to test him before business started
Suggested raping a bitch to prove he was cold-hearted
So now he had a choice between going back to his life
Or making money with made men, up in the cife
His dreams about cars and ice made him agree
A hardcore nigga is all he ever wanted to be
And so he met them Friday night at a quarter to three

Everyone trying to be trife never face the consequences
You probably only did a month for minor offences
Ask a nigga doing life if he had another chance
But then again there’s always the wicked that knew in advance
Dance forever with the devil on a cold cell block
But that’s what happens when you rape, murder and sell rock
Devils used to be gods angels that fell from the top
There’s no diversity because we’re burning in the melting pot

They drove around the projects slow while it was raining
Smoking blunts, drinking and joking for entertainment
Until they saw a woman on the street walking alone
Three in the morning, coming back from work, on her way home
And so they quietly got out the car and followed her
Walking through the projects, the darkness swallowed her
They wrapped her shirt around her head and knocked her onto the floor
“This is it kid, now you got your chance to be raw.”
So Billy yoked her up and grabbed the chick by the hair
And dragged her into a lobby that had nobody there
She struggled hard but they forced her to go up the stairs
They got to the roof and then held her down on the ground
Screaming, “Shut the fuck up and stop moving around!”
The shirt covered her face, but she screamed and clawed
So Billy stomped on the bitch, 'til he broken her jaw
Them dirty bastards knew exactly what they were doing
They kicked her until they cracked her ribs and she stopped moving
Blood leaking through the cloth, she cried silently
And then they all proceeded to rape her violently
Billy was made to go first, but each of them took a turn
Ripping her up, and choking her until her throat burned
Her broken jaw mumbled for God but they weren’t concerned
When they were done and she was lying bloody, broken and bruised
One of them niggas pulled out a brand new twenty-two
They told him that she was a witness for what she’d gone through
And if he killed her he was guaranteed a spot in the crew
He thought about it for a minute, she was practically dead
And so he leaned over and put the gun right to her head

I’m falling and I can’t turn back
I’m falling and I can’t turn back

Right before he pulled the trigger, and ended her life
He thought about the cocaine with the platinum and ice
And he felt strong standing along with his new brothers
Cocked the gat to her head, and pulled back the shirt cover
But what he saw made him start to cringe and stutter
'Cause he was staring into the eyes of his own mother
She looked back at him and cried, 'cause he had forsaken her
She cried more painfully, than when they were raping her
His whole world stopped, he couldn’t even contemplate
His corruption had successfully changed his fate
And he remembered how his mom used to come home late
Working hard for nothing, 'cause now what was he worth
He turned away from the woman that had once given him birth
And crying out to the sky 'cause he was lonely and scared
But only the devil responded, 'cause god wasn’t there
And right then he knew what it was to be empty and cold
And so he jumped off the roof and died with no soul
They say death takes you to a better place but I doubt it
After that they killed his mother, and never spoke about it
And listen 'cause the story that I’m telling is true
'Cause I was there with Billy Jacobs and I raped his mom too
And now the devil follows me everywhere that I go
In fact, I’m sure he’s standing among one of you at my shows
And every street cypher listening to little thugs flow
He could be standing right next to you, and you wouldn’t know
The devil grows inside the hearts of the selfish and wicked
White, brown, yellow and black color is not restricted
You have a self-destructive destiny when you’re inflicted
And you’ll be one of god’s children that fell from the top
There’s no diversity because we’re burning in the melting pot
So when the devil wants to dance with you, you better say never
Because a dance with the devil might last you forever

I’m an idiot

Jason x reader imagine. You are a batkid and joined the Outlaws because of your boyfriend, Jason. It’s a quiet night at home but SHIT GOES DOWN cuz lets be real, you live with the 3 most melodramatic vigilantes on the planet. This is mostly fluff, but also some angst so prepare urself for a multitude of feels. 

It was one of those nights. You, Kori, and Roy were home resting from a long mission- while Jason was off to “put that motherfucking drug dealer down, with a hailstorm of bullets” as he so poetically stated before he left.  The three of you had settled down on the couch and were watching some cheesy rom com on HBO. As the film was droning on, your bored eyes wandered around the room, finally landing on Roy who was on his 3rd bowl of popcorn. In your tired state, your gaze settled on his ginger locks. It’s so beautiful you thought. You continued to stare at his hair with your mouth open- I wanna touch ittt. Run my hands through it, it’s so luscious, so beautiful. Ughh I so wanna braid it!!- your mind raced. Your once tired eyes lit up with gleeful determination. You gently nudged Kori who was sitting in between you and Roy. She turned around to give you a puzzled look. You leaned in quietly “Kori, oh my god, we have to braid Roy’s hair”. Your galactic friend looked even more puzzled as she asked “What is braiding?” “Oh my god Kori you have not lived” You said in a state of shock “Don’t worry, I’ll teach you. We just have to hold Roy down. There’s no way in hell he’s letting us touch his hair.” you continued. Kori was now completely intrigued by the proposition of braiding Roy’s hair and asked “What shall we do now?” You gently leaned past Kori’s shoulder to look at Roy who was loudly munching his popcorn and looking at the movie, oblivious to the plan his two teammates were concocting. “Ok- you continued to whisper “on the count of 3 we jump him. You hold his arms down and I’ll tie them with the scarf” you stated, motioning to the garment on the coffee table. Kori nodded seriously “I am ready.” “ok- you whispered excitedly “ one.. two.. THREE!!” Before that poor boy had a chance to process what was going on, Kori jumped and straddled him while pinning his arms down. You made a mad dash for the scarf and ran to tie his hands. “AAAHHH GUYS WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING” Roy screamed. “It’s for the greater good Roy.” you exclaimed as

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anonymous asked:

I read the article and now all I can think about is Philip dragging people and being ruthlessly blunt and then -- "MotherfUCKER ARE YOU DOING DRUGS!? OH HELL NAW!!!" *kicks the coffee table holding a coke-covered mirror over* "QUEENS STAY CLEAN!!!"


one of my favorite lines in Taboo (there’s too many) is when George is on drugs and grabs at Philip and they tussle a little 

then they both FREAK OUT and for a moment you’re like “oh shit what happened” then Philip just…


“George had no right attacking me like that…”

Things that should have been taught in highschool:
-How to properly and safley drive
-What the fuck taxes are and how to do them
-Time management
-Drugs you should never think about touching
-How to design a hirable resume
-Why you should and how to vote, including how to read the ballot
-Basic psychology/sociology on how to read emotions and talk to people
-The gist of credit, debit, bank accounts, etc. and how to manage money

Behind The Scenes (24/24)

Author’s note: Ah, I’m actually nervous about posting this part tbh. I really hope you all have enjoyed this series! Thank you for reading it! Sorry for any errors

Genre:… Drama

Word Count: 2678

WARNINGS: um, abuse and threats (idk, its a bit intense if you ask me)

Other parts: HERE

This is my GIF. I made it based off of this scenario series.

Rap monster turned around and went over to you. He looked very concerned when he saw all the bandages on you.

“Y/n are you okay? Don’t worry, Hoseok updated me on everything. I’ll have someone come in and check on all of you. And don’t worry about Jin. I’ll keep him away from you from now on. You don’t even have to speak to him. Okay?”

You pushed him away from you. He looked a bit confused

“What are in those boxes that you make me deliver?” you asked sternly

“That’s not important right now. Are you okay? How is Yoongi? Hoseok, get Jimin to call the manager and get that guy over here!”. Jhope did as he was told and went off to Jimin’s room

“Are there drugs in those boxes?”

Rap monster froze. All concern left his face and instead he became menacing and serious. He turned back to you and softly, but sternly asked “Who told you?”. His whole aura changed and it was as though he was a completely different person. He came up close to you and glared down at you.

You stood your ground. “That’s not the point! Do you have me dealing motherfucking drugs or not?!?”

He seemed to have snapped back into reality. “Why don’t you and I have a little talk?” he asked calmly. He lightly placed his arm around you and gently yet forcefully guided you to a seat at one end of the table.

He went behind you and began rummaging through the drawers. “So…”, you heard him close a drawer but he remained behind you. “I guess you know now.”

You freaked out, “You seriously have me dealing drugs?!?” you could feel your heart racing. You didn’t think that Suga was actually telling you the truth. The idea of drugs being involved seemed so impossible.

“I have one question for you Y/n.” his voice returned to a menacing and threatening tone.

You began feeling scared. You could feel your heart racing even faster, your palms were starting to sweat, and your breathing became labored.

“Now that you know what I have you doing… Are you still going to do it for me?”

“No! I don’t want to do that! I’ll still be your assistant, but I don’t want to do anything illegal like that.”

“Ah, Y/n. If only it were that simple.” He came around you and sat down on the table right in front of you, revealing the large, sharp cutting knife that he was holding in his hand.

You were terrified. You began to cry. You couldn’t believe this was actually happening. This all felt like it was all some nightmare or an elaborate prank. Sadly, with each second that passed, the more you realized that this was all real.

Rap monster sat there admiring the knife. “Y/n this isn’t anything personal. I hope you know that. It’s just I have to do what I have to do. Since you made the decision to not go along with doing deals anymore… The only options I have left is to kill you.” he told you blankly.

“What?!? No! Please!”

“I’m sorry Y/n, you know too much.”

“No! please! I swear I won’t tell anyone!” you sobbed. “Please! You know I won’t say anything! I haven’t said anything about you guys at all. You know I can stay quiet!”

“That’s not a risk I am willing to take. I’ve worked too hard to get to the point where I am now. I’m not going to take any chances and risk losing all I have created.

“Please! Please! Please! Don’t kill me! Please!”

“Y/n, like I said, this is nothing personal… but you know what? I really like you. I’ll be nice about this, I’ll let the guys give you a goodbye before I kill you.” he turned his head towards the bedrooms. “Oh! Yoongi! I didn’t see you there. Go call the guys over for a family meeting.

You looked over to see Suga leaning in to peek into the kitchen. You could tell he was mortified, but he did want he was told and walked back towards the bedrooms.

In no time, all the guys filed into the kitchen. For the most part they all looked panicked when they saw you sobbing and the knife in Rap Monster’s hand. However, they all calmly sat at the table.

Jhope and Suga had their eyes glued on you. The rest of the guys looked to Rap Monster. You finally saw Jin after the fight with Suga. He had a few cuts here and there, but in comparison to Suga, he wasn’t too beat up.

“Okay now that all of you are here…”, he got up and began slowly walking around the table. “Y/n here found out about the drugs. Now, right now I’m not too concerned about how she found out… Y/n informed me that she isn’t interested in knowingly doing the deals, so right now I’m more concerned with the fact that it’s time we say goodbye to her… if you know what I mean?”

Suddenly Rap Monster stabbed the knife into the table in front of Jungkook. “We all know that I would usually do this, but after seeing my little protégé at today’s deal, I feel he should do the honors.”

“What?!? Me?!? You want me to do it?” Jungkook asked frantically.

“Technically, you are the reason she is here in the first place. You always beg me to give you more chances to prove yourself, so here it is.” Rap monster said sitting on the table in front of Jungkook.

Jungkook peeked over to your crying form. “No! I can’t do it! I don’t want to do it!”

You saw as Rap Monster became frustrated. “This shit is your fucking fault Jungkook! Be a man and do what I fucking tell you!”

“Jungkook, just kill the fucking bitch.” Jimin said to him

“Exactly! ‘Kill the fucking bitch’” Rap Monster quoted. “Sorry, Y/n no offense.” He said looking back at you.

“No! I don’t give a fuck! I’m not going to fucking do it!” Jungkook fought

“Well, it looks like maknae is still acting like a maknae.”, Rap Monster said disappointingly. “It seems like I gotta do this shit myself again.” Rap Monster pulled the knife out of the table and walked behind you.

You began sobbing even harder and screamed, “Namjoon! Please! Please! Don’t do it! Please! I swear I won’t say anything! Please!”

“Aaww I’m sorry Y/n” he said softly. He gently removed the hair from your face. He lifted your chin so that you were staring up at him. You could feel the cold blade touch your skin. He ever so slowly added more and more pressure, basically taunting you.

“Don’t fucking do it!” Suga shouted, practically jumping across the table.

Rap Monster froze and looked up at Suga.

“Don’t you dare fucking do it!” Suga shouted

“Why shouldn’t I?” Rap Monster asked, feigning curiosity.

“You can’t!”

“I going to.” Rap Monster said putting more pressure on the blade.

“If you do it, I’ll quit! I’ll fucking quit!”

Rap Monster locked eyes with Suga. They had a stare down for a long time. The more time passed the more frustrated Rap Monster looked.

Rap monster furiously threw the knife into the living room, practically throwing a tantrum. “Fine! I won’t fucking do it!… But she definitely not getting away! Tae! Go bring my USB and the laptop that’s on my desk!” Then he went down to you and angrily whispered. “Y/n you’re so fucking lucky right now! You won’t die today, but I’ll make it my goal to make you wish you did! I will do everything in my power to ensure you don’t say a fucking word about anything!”

V soon returned. He timidly placed the items on the table. To your horror you realized that the laptop was your laptop. Rap monster stayed quiet for a bit and paced around the table.

“Okay, I’ve made up my mind! Y/n you’re going to be staying with us 24/7. No matter what, you are never going to leave our sight! No family, no friends, no school, no car, no money, no computer, no phone, no place of your own, not even your own room!”

“Namjoon, be reasonable here.” Jhope peeped.

“Shut the fuck up! Just shut the fuck up!” Rap Monster shouted.

He turned back to you and spoke a bit more softly, but he was still terrifying. “I don’t know if you remember the last time Jinjin was over, and I said I had an errand to do, leaving you here with everyone else… Well, I went by your place and did a bit of snooping to get a better idea of the type of person I was letting into my home. I hope you don’t mind that I took your laptop, but it’s not like your allowed to use it anymore.”

He turned on your laptop and plugged in the USB. “Before I get to what I found on here… Let’s take a look at what got you here in the first place.”

You couldn’t see what he was doing but you heard a lot of clicking and heard him turn the volume all the way up.

“Now Y/n. I don’t want you to even think about running away from us. If I catch you trying to escape, two things are going to happen. One, I’m going to release this video…”, Rap Monster turned the screen around for all of you too see. You were mortified when you saw what he was playing. It was a video of you and Jungkook in his room the night of the party. The worst part was that you could clearly see your face the entire time and clearly hear your voice.

“Wait, this is the best part.” he giggled. Rap Monster fast forwarded the video to where Jungkook was climaxing. This meant that he had a video of the two of you from beginning to end!

“So! I’m going to send this video to everyone you know. To all your family members and all your friends. And don’t worry I’ll send them multiples of the video every day and mail them pictures, so that they have a good mental image if they ever see you again.”

He closed the video and placed the laptop in front of you. It was opened onto your photo album. He began scrolling through your pictures, pictures of your friends, your family, of your past coworkers. “You have a beautiful family Y/n and you seem to have a lot of friends.” Rap Monster commented as he clicked through the pictures. “So after the release that video of you and Jungkook. I am going to kill every single person in this photo album. I’m going to make sure that they know you are the reason they are going to die a slow and painful death…. Now after that I don’t know what I’ll do. I might kill you, but I might also let you live so that you can just live with all that guilt. Don’t worry, I’ll figure it all out later.” He laughed.

“Okay! Okay! I promise I won’t try to run away! I swear I won’t do anything!” you cried.

“I haven’t forgotten about you Jungkook!” Rap Monster shouted, still glaring down at you. “Because you didn’t do what I fucking told you to do, because you couldn’t keep it in your fucking pants to begin with, I’m going to punish you too…one way or another!” he warned. “Tae! Go get me the knife!” he ordered.

V did as he was told. He retrieved the knife and handed it to Rap Monster. Rap Monster went behind you again. He grabbed a handful of your hair and jerked your head back so that you were looking up at him again. This time he was staring down at you. “Yoongi! Y/n! I want you to know that I’m being serious here. Just because I won’t kill you, doesn’t mean I won’t hesitate to do so if you ever cross me!”

Rap Monster dug the tip of the knife just below your neck and dragged it along your clavicle. You let out a horrible scream as an oozing mark was etched across your collar bone. You could feel the warm blood pour down your body.

“Jimin, did you ever call the manager?” Rap monster asked, admiring his work.

“No, you called us in here before I could…” His voice was calm, but he was noticeably shaken.

“Call him! Get him to bring that friend of his over here and to take a few of you to Y/n’s place to go pick up her stuff. Do whatever it takes to make him get here right now.” He ordered. “Tae! Yoongi! You two go get that extra twin bed from the basement and go put it in Jimin’s room.”

“Oh fuck no! I don’t want that whore staying in my room!” he shouted, suddenly not so shaken about the whole thing.

“Jimin! Namjoon is the damn leader, whatever the fuck he says goes!” Jin shouted.

Rap Monster threw the knife into the sink. “Hoseok, go take Y/n and clean her up a bit.”

Everyone did as they were told. Rap monster went over to your bag and confiscated your phone, your wallet, and your keys.

Jhope remained quiet as he cleaned up your wound a bit. He just let you cry everything out. V and Suga brought a moldy, old twin sized mattress and put it in Jimin’s room for you.

The manager soon came and Jimin, Jungkook, Jin and Suga went you your place to bring some of your stuff. In the meantime, the manager’s friend stayed behind and stitched up the gash on your collar bone. It was Rap monster’s orders to not to give you any type of pain relievers or anesthesia. For what felt like hours, you felt him painfully stich you up. He would have done it faster but you had to stop him because it hurt too much.

After an hour, the guys came back from your place with trash bags of your belongings, it was mostly your clothing and your bed sheets. As you took your things into Jimin’s room, Suga and Jin were getting checked up. Jhope helped you as V and Jin were soon getting lectured by Rap Monster. Jungkook and Jimin stared as Jhope and Suga helped you move your things. Jungkook was sulking but Jimin was fuming. He was giving you insult after insult as you got your bed together.

It wasn’t long before Rap monster came into the room to inspect everything. In one hand held a hammer and in the other he had pieces of metal. Without a word, he slammed the door shut and began hammering something into the wall and through the door.

When he was done, he came back inside. “Do you like this little lock I put on the door?” he asked pointing at the piece of metal nailed to the outside of the door. “Don’t worry, this ugly one is only temporary, I’ll have a better one later.” As he had his back to you, his voice was normal, but when he turned to you, he was instantly back to being terrifying. “I don’t want you trying to run away in the night y/n… From now on you are going to be locked in this room whenever I fucking say so. I don’t give a shit if you’re hungry, if you’re sick, even if you have to go to the bathroom. If I lock you in here, then you will stay in here. I am the one who is going to decide when to let you out… Now the rest of you go to sleep, we have a long day tomorrow.” With that, that Jhope, Suga and Jungkook left the room. “Actually, Jungkook, go to my room. I need to talk to you.” With only a menacing look, Rap monster shut the door and locked it.

That night was your first night in your new prison.

SIDE NOTE: This is NOT the official ending. I am actually in the middle of writing Behind The Scenes 2. I originally had wanted it to be just one, but there is just so much that goes on. I really hope that you all stick around for BTS 2. If you have any questions about the series or my part 2, feel free to send an ask or to message me. Thanks for reading! :)

Space Invader, Pt. 14

Well, this is it. A simple prompt from a pal that turned into the longest fic I’ve ever written. It’s also my first Spacedogs fic, which was monumentally dumb of me, but still, I loved writing it. I hope you guys enjoyed. 

As always, none of this could have been possible without @chronicopheliac, @wrathofthestag, @plan-d-to-i or @thegnosticgospelofjulio - who prompted me. 

Catch up on the whole mess: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12, Part 13

Chapter 14: Fucking Kiss Me Already 

         Adam’s eyes flicked over Nigel, assessing.

         “You’re bleeding.” He disappeared back into his apartment.

         Nigel shook his head, sending shards of pottery and dirt flying.

         “What the fuck? Are you alive?” Darko peered over the edge of the roof, his voice sounded tight.

         Nigel opened his mouth to respond when he heard his darling coming back. He waved his hand at Darko, signaling him to fuck off already. Adam appeared by the door with a small first aid kit. He opened it, retrieving a cotton ball and wetting it with alcohol. Nigel sat in a daze as his little sniffling cosmonaut dabbed at the scratch on his cheek and his torn lip.

         “Why did you do this? You could have been seriously hurt.” Adam’s eyes were all over his face, body tense and trembling. Nigel took advantage of the proximity to look over his darling, he couldn’t see any bruises or marks, most of the damage must have been done in his apartment.

         “Fucking worked for you, didn’t it? You show up on my balcony in a fucking spacesuit and before I know it I’m practicing breathing exercises like a fucking pussy and praying you’ll stop by to boss me around some more.”

         Adam turned his head away.

         “I don’t want to talk to you right now.”

         Nigel sighed.

         “I know. I fucking know, Adam. But can you just let me say one thing? Then maybe help an old man up, because I’m not fucking sure I can stand in this goddamn suit.”

         Adam’s mouth formed a moue while he considered.


         “I want you to understand that I’m fucking shit. What I did was shit. You should be fucking furious. You should hit me and break my shit, maybe never speak to me again, but please – fucking please, Adam, don’t think for one second that this was practice. I love you. Darko loves you. Five fucking felons who would shoot their own mother to make a sale are back at the warehouse right fucking now hoping you’re ok and planning to kill me if you’re not. Adam fucking Raki is loved. So fucking loved.”

         Adam was gnawing on his lip, the hand that had been pressing the cotton to Nigel’s lip had stilled, riding Nigel’s jaw as he spoke.

         “I’m going to go. And if you can forgive me, I’ll be here, ready to do what you need me to do. Make another fucking list, we can work on it. If you want me to move so you’ll never see my fucking face again, I’ll do it. But I won’t leave until you promise not to hit yourself or break any more of your nice fancy space shit,” Nigel caught the hand that was still on his chin. The fine-boned wrist that flexed so beautifully when he was coming undone in Nigel’s bed. God, he would miss this fucking kid.

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