motherfucking cannons

After Yuri on Ice ep 7
  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: I fUCking toLd yOu, YoU MotheRFucKerS. YURI AND VICTOR ARE OFFICIALLY CANNON AND NO ONE CAN TELL ME THAT ITS NOT. They fucking kissed on the ice. So it's cannon. I MEAN, VICTOR ISNT GONNA KISS SOME DUDE HE DOESNT LOVE RIGHT? THIS MEANS THAT VICTOR LOVES YURI, AND THATS WHY HE KISSED HIM. And he's not embarrassed about it either cuz they were broadcasted on national television. CANNON MOTHERFUCKERS. CANNON. *internal screaming*
How much y’all wanna bet...

That Roman Torchwick is still alive?

Yeah, I saw what happened to him. I saw him get eaten whole, swallowed whole, and the Grimm that did it crashed inside the air-ship causing it to crash into the ground and explode.

But do keep in mind, this is Rooster Teeth we’re talking about. More specifically Miles and Kerry, who, according to RVB, have a habit of “killing-off” villains only to bring them back later on down the series.

Don’t believe me? Remember in season 10 of RVB two characters, the shotgun guy and Shark Face, were both in this big-ass building fighting the Freelancers when the building was shot from orbit by a MAC cannon. (For those who don’t know, a MAC cannon is a big-ass-motherfucking-cannon)

The building, which was 100+ stories tall, collapsed and fell, the two villains inside with it. And even though the fandom, at the time, thought they were dead, in Season 11 Shotgun-guy came back with a robotic arm on the left side of his body, hinting he only lost his left arm in that wreckage.

And then in Season 13 of RVB, Shark Face comes back showing he only suffered a few burns, broken bones, and facial damage from the wreckage and was back to kicking ass and taking names later on.

The point is, Roman’ s death was nothing too far from being similar to what these two guys went through. I bet y’all that Roman will come back later on down the road of the series. Unless said so by Rooster Teeth themselves, which hasn’t happened yet. :3