you will always be one of the wildest
and most beautiful times of my life.
so what if we couldn’t bare it?
somewhere, I’m still holding
that wild between my teeth.
somewhere, we are staring
straight into the light of it.
somewhere, I am loving you
with all I have
and I am not being punished
for it.
—  Fortesa Latifi - the knife of it all

Was gonna do a “the good” and “the bad” for this episode but there’s no good and bad and no god (literally…), there’s only eMOTION



2. misha straddling a random guy. Had to rewatch the scene because I completely missed the dialogue. The flesh is weak.

3. boy knows his kinks I’m so proud of him. I also missed the dialogue that followed Dean’s comment again and had to rewatch twice because I’ve known in my heart for years but CANON, ok. CANON. FUCKING CANON. I KNEW. CANON. And also a little bit because dean getting someone to spank him and enjoying that lbr favorite headcanon


5. Dean’s face every time Cas and his safety and well-being came up. Fuck.

6. SERIOUSLY. SERIOUSLY Y’ALL FUCKERS. Dean no longer has trouble or doubts admitting Cas is family. He says it like it’s no effort to get it out at all. It just is and he’s completely convinced of it and ready to defend it like it’s just a fact of nature. SO WHAT THE FUCK AM I SUPPOSED TO THINK when those motherfucking expressions of his and the fucking strategical close ups suggest we still haven’t gotten to the bottom of what he feels for Cas, huh? The fuck am I supposed to think when it looks like there’s still a part of what he feels for him that he hasn’t vocalized and it’s so deep and personal and special, and we know it’s not the fact that he loves Cas intensely as a family member because that one’s dealt with?! I’M SO MAD THERE’S LITERALLY ONE OBVIOUS ANSWER AND THEY’RE SO IN LOVE BUT I’M SO FUCKING MAD. SO MAD. WE JUST DON’T FUCKING KNOW DO WE. WE’LL JUST PRETEND WE HAVE NO FUCKING CLUE WON’T WE

7. Amara, this scary, powerful being who understands fuck all about life. Priceless.

8. The whole cast. I’m slayed. The whole cast bringing that fine acting is how I wanted to die.

9. I’m not gonna use another point for Dean’s kinky fantasies. I’m not. This is not it. I swear this is totally not it.

10. The fucking way Dean jumps when Casifer mocks the way he calls to Cas???? The way Jensen did that. The way he made Dean’s face BREAK and CRUMBLE. Dean looks so utterly destroyed and all it took was Casifer mocking his desperation. No other words needed, just that, and Dean felt hit where it hurts most.

11. Dean???? Knows???? Cas??? Will probably not hear him or respond to his words?????? But just before Amara snaps Casifer away???? HE?????? TRIES???????????? TO CALL????????????????? TO CAS???????????????????????????? ONCE MORE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? ANYWAY??????????????????????????????????????????????????

12. FUCKING?????????????????? STAB ME???????????????????????????????????????????????? AHAHAHAHAH JUST PUSH AN ENTIRE SPOON THROUGH MY EYE

13. Cas I adore you fierce cinnamon roll of love and destruction but please. Please, I am suffer.

14. ROWENA FUCKING BOSS. But also the way she’d hide behind the wall every time she heard Casifer’s voice. I was laughing so hard. Fucking survival boss. In an alternate universe where she wins I wouldn’t even be mad.

15. See? I did not use another point to talk about Dean just casually voicing his kinks. I used TWO. Haha bless goodbye


17. Amara and Lucifer do anything you want just do it the fuck out of Cas’ body containing Cas al-fucking-right please?! Thank you.

18. Crowley, Dean and Sam at this point are just like. Hey I could kill you with a snap of my fingers and you could trap me like its nothing but we don’t even fucking bother. Like. Whatever just being casual allies nbd. Let’s go grab a drink and talk about life and stuff and maybe stopping the world from getting destroyed idk

19. The Nile ain’t just a river it’s also the quantitative equivalent of my copious tears



"É um fenômeno natural. Se você está com um público grande, e o público do RBD eram de 20 mil pessoas, 50 mil pessoas, eram em estádios, eram em lugares sempre muito grandes. Imagina a energia que eles recebiam e que as pessoas os davam e gritavam coisas incríveis. De repente você desce desse palco e não pode sair para jantar, não pode sair para lugar nenhum porque os fãs não permitem, você não pode ir contra isso. Você tem uma vida que não é sua." - Pedro Damián