Anon Asked: Looking back on your first post with Kite and Cerise, it mentions that Cerise snuck off to visit reclusive Kite. Since he wanted to isolate himself did he welcome the company or was he .. ya know. .. Kind of a jerk to begin with until he got to know her better?

He was a hostile jerk…but it’s not as if he didn’t have his reasons.

Scare them off before they can get close. Get close…and hurt you.

When Kite and Cerise first met, she had just dug herself out of a horrible situation about three months prior and Kite is still dealing with his own many demons. Kite is 20 and Cerise is 16 here.

shout out to every adoptive / foster mom in warrior cats that always has their name put in parenthesis by the fandom bc the fandom Cannot Compute that adoptive and foster parents mean just as much as a birth parent

anyways shout out to:

- squirrelflight

- brindleface

- graypool

- goldenflower

for being amazing and doing what u had 2 do i love u all
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There was nothing I could do by then, though. I tried, but Howard had so much money and influence and I’d given up all my parental rights.

Howard. Maria.

Steve stared at Peggy’s letter in growing horror.


Slight SPOILERS! Winner NOT RUvealed but...

Muva Ru, who was fiercer than ever tonight (if that’s even possible), called this one correct.

Peppermint is a legend, far and wide, with charisma, credentials, and charm for YEARS!

Trinity Taylor proved herself to be a multi-dimensional queen with talent and off-beat humor, to boot. 

Shea Coulee is a fucking ICON already, like, bitch…a visual album released on grindr!? (Go listen to “Cocky”. Now!) Seriously, Shea serves looks and confidence with honesty, awareness, and grace.


Sasha Velour is, in my humble opinion, The Future of Drag who KILT that muhfuckin lip-sync (she turned “So Emotional” into a tale from the perspective of an obssesedlovah who is angry she can’t get over her crush!!! With roses…The mask in the second, Dr. Zhivago 2K17 couture look, lip-sync? wink, wink.) She is irreverent, weird, and brilliant!

I am proud of them. After Drag Race, they will all be more than fine. The final four are all CUNTY! They elevated their respective forms of drag and werked the stage. And, again, I am personally proud of all four because they have inspired me so much through their individual innovation, genuine sisterhood and sheer love and respect for the revolutionary art of drag. Winner, and “losers”, they slay. To the Top 4, I say:

Hey who wants to do a giant fanfic collab

So a lot of people seemed interested, so here’s the official thingy I guess. 

Basically this is a collab for a NessCas fanfiction. It’s a pretty good opportunity to practice your writing, I think! Here’s how it works: 

  1. Everyone who wants to join will be added to a Google Docs page.
  2. Everyone will randomly be assigned a chapter they will be responsible for writing. (This will be decided by my state of the art technique: using an online random name generator.)
  3. The first person will be responsible for starting off the skeleton of the plot, but will not reveal what it is until they finish the chapter. Once they finish, the second person continues the story, and the chain goes on until it’s finish. The last writer will be responsible for finishing with a conclusion to the story. 
  4. Then we marvel at how great our teamwork is and we share it with the world

So here’s the document here, with all the info and stuff.