That was my first reaction.

But I love how Odin, even after seeing Ava set fire and do some crazy stuff is relativity chill. He apologizes for abandoning her (finally) and is like “ Is this because of me?” I thought that was cute. We even get our first look at Pedri in almost a year and he’s menacing as ever. I like how Ava slurs her words like she’s having a hangover off her power. Hopefully Odin will bridal carry Ava to the nearest ship and off to his home planet so we can finally get to know more about Odin. Michelle’s art is beautiful as ever and I love the colorist she brought on, makes each panel more dynamic. 

I’m also in hard Flaming Arrow shipping mode.

answering asks!

heheeyeyeheyehHE hey

oh also since this was asked a couple times.. chapter 4 will be starting after i finish the mini comic! i’m currently done with 1.5/10 pages of that.. so i’m unsure when EXACTLY but yea

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i’ve never really liked the “here are my identities/circumstances/etc to convince you to care” bit of crowdfunding but if yr into that thing:
i’m a q muslim woc & i have one month of school left until i graduate college and that is already been hard for me due to mental health/neurological challenges. this happened to my mother yesterday & the day before that, my mamu (my mother’s brother) passed away

as you can see it’s a very hard time for me and my family rn, please donate if you can, pass along the message and/or pray for my family if you can’t <3