what if we convince mariotheplumber to hate ness too

what if he buys so many Ness amiibos that Nintendo notices and he single handedly relaunches the entire Mother series

my mom has this really fucking weird habit of posting pictures of other latin women on FB and claiming they’re her or posting a picture of a place she’s not at or never been to and claiming she’s there atm or has been there.

Vic and I called that out once and she p much yelled at us when its like

hello?? Do you realize how creepy you’re being.

This is what's been happening for the past years
  • Me:Wow Julian Casablancas
  • Mum:Well damn.
  • Me:Ohhh Homestuck!!1!!
  • Mum:Ok nice.
  • Me:I like anime mum.
  • Mum:That's aight daughter-chan I do too I actually watched Naruto before and never told you.
  • Me:I like anime with guys-
  • Mum:-
  • Me:Cute guys kissing-
  • Mum:---
  • Me:Cute asian guys kissing other cute asian guys and then maybe making out and other stuff.
  • Mum:----------- ok me too.
  • Me:Japanese bands mum

i think i’m just partial to my dad’s methods of showing affection.

he just uh
talks to me

he says he doesn’t worry about me because

a. worrying is dumb and
b. he knows he doesn’t need to

i’m not fond of my mom constantly WORRYING about me she worries about EVERYTHING and i’m like mom please…

the cold doesn’t… bother me……