Por fin puedo subir esto completo, la perspectiva es una mentira, pero me gustó mucho como salió. Mother3 es un juego genial u_ú.

Tengo un hashtag para mis fanarts de Mother, por cierto.

I can finally show you the whole thing, I did this for the midwest Mother zine, the perspective is fake and weird but I really liked how it turned out. Mother3 is a great game u_ú.

I have a hashtag for my mother fanart btw.


Even Adult swim wants an English translation of MOTHER 3…


Random WIP pics of my project. I decided to settle with this artstyle.

Ah, the ‘Claus-push-Lucas’ scene was SO annoying to draw. I’m glad it’s over. I was really in the mood to make a gritty\sad film, so having to draw a scene with vivid green happy colors ruined my mood.  (It’s the flashback scene, from the unused backgrounds and cutscenes of the ending. I decided to include it nevertheless.)