Not Safe (C.H)

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warnings: cussing, mention of religion

A.N: i’m not christian so i’m sorry if any of what i say is offensive,, im trying not to mention as much religion…

His hands started to give out from holding his weight up for so long, so he hovered above on his elbows for support. That deepened the kiss. Tongue was everywhere, you wouldn’t even know what the goal was with this tongue. His crotch brushed against hers, a slight tough but enough to make him moan her name ever so loudly into her neck.

“Oh, Y/N,” he sighed into her neck. He placed small kisses on her neck and on her shoulder, moving back up to her neck. He was having the time of his life. As for her, she stared up at the ceiling. In lust? In desperation? Was she grabbing onto his shirt, desperate for a deeper touch? No. She stared at the ceiling, her eyes filled with boredom, her breathing stable, her body stiff as wood. The routine was simple and the same. Her five year long boyfriend would come over for steak and mashed potatoes for dinner with her parents, sometimes it was with mac and cheese when her mom felt adventurous! Then they’d go up to her room for their 7-8 study session, only to turn into an intense make out session. Or an intense make out session for him. But it never ended with sex. The Lord would not approve of premarital sex. Please do not break the routine.

He let out a grunt and placed one last kiss to her collarbone, letting out a deep sigh. He lifted his head above hers and touched their noses, rubbing his tip against hers. “God, I want to marry you,” he sighed. His eyes were still closed in lust as he savored her smell, the taste of her. Her eyes were wide open, her lips forming a fake smile to show him she was just as enthusiastic as he was. His eyes opened to meet hers and he returned a bigger smile to her. He kissed the tip of her nose and slowly made his way off of her, letting out a loud groan as he made his way up. He sat back on the bed and watched as she made her way up as well, her hair just slightly messed up from the slight head movements on the pillow, her lips glistening from spit and chap stick. Their eyes met and his smile turned into a smirk, proud of his work of art. She placed her hands in her lap and returned a small smile. He furrowed his eyebrows and reached up to move a strand of hair away from her face.

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Sakura is a horrible mother to Salad, even before the poor girl was born. The simple fact that she spread her legs open for someone she knew doesn’t care for her is already proof she cares not for Salad’s feelings.

Even after getting knocked up, she leaves the village to chase after Sasuke all while pregnant. Does she not care if Salad gets damaged during such a dangerous travel? She IS trying to track down Sasuke after all, so Ootsutsukis and rogue ninja after the Rennigan/Sharingan are a strong possibility. But who cares of this child in me, I just want to be with Sasuke. Biggest offense is that Sakura gave birth to her Uchiha-blooded child in the lair of Orochimaru, the bloody man who craved the Sharingan to no end, yet Sakura just casually decides to trust one of his subordinates (Karin) with giving birth to a potentially Sharingan-wielding child Orochimaru would’t even wait a split second to steal. Out of sheer dumb luck of Orochimaru being absent from the hideout, Salad is alive and well in Konoha. All over Sakura’s stupidity.

Then she proceeded to spend the next 12 years lying to her child and never giving a decent answer to any of her questions about Sasuke. This triggers Sakura, then she lashes out with violence to scare Salad into silence, resulting in destroying their home. All over Salad questioning the validity of Sasuke and Sakura’s bond. How ironic that their child questions the validity of SS in the same vein as antis. She is absolutely write, their bonds is very strange.

The Paladins as things people have said to me/I have said

Lance: this drawing represents my soul. This half in black represents my crippling depression, the bee represents memes.

Keith: *holds two plastic Lightsabers* fight me now!

Pidge: yeah, we’re all boys here, aren’t we? The wristbands, the backwards cap, and the unicorns. Every boy loves unicorns.

Shiro: I love you but I’m not going to listen to you talk about Star Wars for an Hour

Hunk: (someone: are you hungry?) I’m always hungry

Allura: why are you calling me mother

Coran: I made salad and I made it with love

The Signs as @_FloridaMan Tweets

Aries: Florida Man Tries to Rob Convenience Store While Dressed as Darth Vader

Taurus: Florida Man Assaulted Girlfriend With Banana Because She Refused to Help Him Detoxify His Urine

Gemini:Florida Man Caught Watching Porn On Cell Phone While Teaching 9th Grade Reading Class

Cancer:SWAT Team Forced to Wait Outside as Florida Man and Girlfriend Have Sex “One Last Time”

Leo:Florida Man Says He “Just Can’t Help” Breaking Into People’s Homes, Flashing Them His Junk

Virgo:Florida Man Attacks Mother With Potato Salad

Libra:Florida Man Accidentally Shoots 12-Year-Old Daughter in Arm While Trying to Teach Her About Gun Safety

Scorpio:Florida Man Waves at Customers While Masturbating Outside Grocery Store

Sagittarius:Florida Man (Dad) Makes Joke So Bad It Gets Him Banned From Disney For Life

Capricorn:Florida Man Leads Police on Scooter Chase After He’s Suspected of Sniffing Women’s Feet in Library

Aquarius: Florida Man Refuses to Get Out of Hotel Pool, Demands Police Tickle Him

Pisces: Police Arrest Wanted Florida Man After He Butt-Dials 911

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Naruto Gaiden Chapter 700+ Easter Eggs

I thought I would post some extra stuff I found in the new Naruto chapter.

First off,    

I could be wrong, but it looks like there is a Tagami Bachi reference on the first page.

OK, next I notice that Salad’s glasses are red, while Karin’s glasses aren’t red.

Everyone noticed this one, but I thought I would talk about him. Who the heck is he!? I want to say Toneri because of the hair. Others are saying Suigetsu, Kakashi, or even Orochimaru.  In my opinion Orochimaru and Kakashi are to old to have kids. ( Who in the world would marry Orochimaru? ) Suigetsu is possible, but why would his Son be in the Leaf Village? Wouldn’t his Son live in the Hidden Mist. 

I will say that he is the only person in the class room who is wearing a Kimono, which could have something to do with Orochimaru. Maybe he is related to Kabuto? 

( So if he becomes Bolt and Salad’s teammate, then what’s going to happen to Rock Lee’s son/disciple? lol. )  

So next is something I found interesting. If you look at Sakura’s house, you see it has the Uchiha symbols all over it.

Not just that, but Sakura also wears the Uchiha symbol. This is probably the most interesting thing I found. 

If the rumor is true and Sakura is not Salads real mother, than she sure is going to the extreme with this secret/lie.

Last thing I found was that in Salad’s childhood pictures she isn’t wearing glasses. 

 Thank you for reading. This is probably the most Original post I have ever made. If anyone wants me to, I’ll do this again for the next chapter. 

I find it hilarious when people say Sasuke having sex with Sakura means he is in love with her/is straight/is jesus/is whatever because

1. Kishi said it’s up to our interpretation who is the mother of Salad.

2. The fact that Sasuke would leave for 12 FUCKING YEARS after having sex ONCE is a huge fucking warning sign, I’m so baffled how people are incapable of seeing something so goddamn obvious. He was upset to see his family again, and then proceed to leave AGAIN. Because he was just SO HORNY FOR SAKURA LMAO STAY IN YOUR DELUSIONS BUT THAT’S NOT HOW MUTUAL RELATIONSHIPS WORK.

My own analysis about Sakura - Sasuke - Karin

Hey there! It’s going to be a long post so…scroll down a lot if you don’t want to read it.

I’m going to analize Sasuke’s relationship with Sakura and Karin over the Naruto and Naruto Shippuden. 


Karin, from what I can tell, was saved by Sasuke when he left the village and from then she became infatuaded with him.

But over the years she had the chance to know the real Sasuke, the avenger-type, at his bad moments and even when he was in the deepest darkness.

Despite the SasuSaku Shipper that I am, I have to admit that without Karin, Sasuke wouldn’t be now alive, that he wouldn’t find Itachi (without his team also).

And Sasuke cares for her because she has been his teammate for quite a long time. Of course you’ll get accustomed to them. They did so much together, they helped him to find Itachi, without hesitation. They were by his side all this time. 

And maybe that I would have liked Karin more. But the way she acts with Sasuke is gross and very perveted-like. This is the only thing I don’t like at her. If she wasn’t like that I might like her and her character.

But despite all of this, I have to take her part with something. Because she and Sakura are alike. They both liked Sasuke and they were both blind and infatuated and clingy with Sasuke. Till they got to know the real Sasuke, the broken one. And why do I have to respect these two ladies? Because they both have to deal with Sasuke’s shit. They were almost killed by him and abandoned and left behind.

But despite his hatred, Karin stilled loved him and forgave him (maybe too soon) when he said sorry. I think that girl is a masochist because she likes too much pain.,

(this is after Sasuke said sorry to her)

And even if Sasuke tried to kill her, she still liked him, even loved because the thought of saving him gave her strength and her full power activated.


I think most of you know who is Sakura Haruno. She is Sasuke’s teammate from the age of 12. I don’t know how did she end up liking Sasuke, because we didn’t find out. We only know that she liked him since kindergarten.

She was infatuated with him, too. 

But there is the differnce between Sakura and Karin… because along the team 7′s adventures, Sasuke adimitted that Sakura is someone special to him and from time to time he would praise her and acknowledged her. And of course, he saved her countless times.

But in-between these teammate moments, I could observe some intimate moments, just they two. When he will let her hold him, or when his lingers will linger around her neck, just for a little more. (I’m sorry that I don’t have a GIF to show you how long they stay like that ;) )

(and let’s not forget about Chuunin Exams when she calmed him down and fought his demons.) She was his light bringing him back from darkness.

And sometimes he would tell her his little thoughts and secrets, and about his brother too. 

And after the times spend together, from ‘’You’re annoying’’ with a glare transformed in the ‘’You’re realliy annoying’’ with a cocky smirk and then with a sad smile because he knew that he couldn’t returned her feelings, after she confessed

I observed that he was the first to protect her during the war, to stay by her side, when Naruto and Kakashi would just gasp. He’s the one to react. And even would acknowledge her (that sexy smirk, damn) after he’ve seen her in her badass-mode.

Even if he tried to kill her, she still loved him, like how Karin did. And she waited for him for quite some time and she still waits to come home. And when the time came, she confessed again, hoping that he will lead him to her. And this time finally he hesitated leaving her (his leg proved it)

He tried to stop her, to make her hate him, by trying to kill her. BUT the fact that he used only GENJUTSU said clear and loud that he cares deeply for her, He could just kill her instantly,  like ,,he was going to kill Naruto,, but he didn’t that too. 

And after the fight with Naruto, he’s changed, became a new person, a free person without any dark thoughts.( I’ve said it another post of mine, that, in reality he didn’t want to kill Naruto at all, that he was glad that he lost the fight). And the Sakura comes and heals them and meanwhile, Sasuke says he’s sorry. But, despite Karin apologize who is half-hearted and rushed and without expressing any emotion, the apologize to Sakura is more intimate, more emotional, like he said it from the bottom of his heart. And that’s all that meters for Sakura. Sakura, who doesn’t accept his apology so easily (how Karin did).She makes him ,,jerk,, and doesn’t want to forgive him, but she can’t help it, because she loves him. AND HE KNOWS IT, it is written all over his face. His face says ‘’serenity’’.

She asks him again if she could go with him in his journey. And he says no, because she has nothing to do with his Revenge. Because she’s pure and innocent and that journey would be no good for her. Because he simply doesn’t want to implicate her in his dark past and revenge. 

In exchange, he offers her a promise of a lifetime, that he’ll be back. And I think that this has a deep meaning, like a marriage proposal. Because when he will be back, he will see her, he will see her in a different way, much more, like a lover. And the way he smiles ay her, says everything.

What i want to say is that is nothing wrong with Sakura or Karin, that they would be very good Sasuke’s wife, but sometime about the interaction between Sasuke and Sakura is  more intimate, pasional, holds a deeper meaning behind their actions towards each other. And I think that Sakura deserve to be happy, next to Sasuke (even if he’s been gone fro 12 years, you damn bastard!) and Sarada. Because I think it will be better for Sarada and Sakura, to be mother-daughter, then to be step-mother or something else, like babysitter and Karin would be the mother ,how others of you said. It’s no good, especially for Sarada, because the family would be separated. IN fact, I haven’t seen Karin at all in Gaiden…so what happened to her? If she was Sarada’s mother wouldn’t be right to stay by her side? 

. That’s it!! I know it was a long post, I warned you…so, if you read it then, thnak you! That was my opinion, after all..And if you want to discuss more about it or if you have other opinions, please send me a message or ask me :> it will my pleasure! Also because I like to discuss about Naruto!

source: there are so much that I don’t even remember ^3^..Umm, mangafox,com especially….

#4- Cooking

“Ok! I’m here! What do you want me to do?” You asked tiredly, coming through the door with bags and bags of groceries. “You can start on the cake, he’ll be here in 2 hours and the roast needs to be seasoned. Malia! Please stop eating the fruit!” Lydia whined. “Calm down honey, why don’t you just go take a nap?” Melissa suggested. “I can’t! Scott has done so much for me and I want it to be perfect!” Lydia yelled. “Ok and it will be, just go lie down for a bit.” Melissa smiled. Lydia nodded and headed towards the living room. You started cracking eggs and pouring oil into the mixing bowl. A red velvet cake, chocolate cupcakes, and yellow cupcakes. You poured the red velvet cake mix into a pan and popped it in the oven. Then you started making the mix for the cupcakes and putting the cupcake cups in the tins. “It smells great!” Scott exclaimed as he waltzed through the door. A screech from Lydia was heard and the timer for the cake. “Hi! You’re early!” Malia exclaimed, blocking the doorway to the kitchen. “What do we do? Do we hide it?” You asked Melissa. “He was probably spying on us the whole time sweetie. Don’t worry I’ll just have him wait out in the back or living room.” Melissa chuckled. Scott smiled as he came into the kitchen, “My 2 favorite ladies! What are you guys making?” “Food!” Melissa yelled, at first you thought it was her answer but the vegetables on the stovetop said otherwise. “I’m making cake and cupcakes.” You smiled sweetly. “I love sweets from my sweetie.” Scott said placing a peck on your cheek. “Disgusting. Absolutely disgusting.” Stiles mumbled, “But other than that the cakes and cupcakes smell absolutely delicious!” “What kind of frosting do you want?” You asked. “Eh having everybody here is good enough, and thank you all. I want chocolate, and cream cheese frosting.” Scott announced. “Happy birthday wolf boy. This is probably the only time I’ll cook.” You whispered to him.

“Alright Stiles, just open the turkey and shove it in.” Sheriff instructed. “I’m not putting my hand in there!” Stiles scoffed. “(Y/N) and I can’t do everything. I got the day off so we could have a nice thanksgiving dinner with all our closest friends and maybe some family that decides to show up.” Sheriff sighed. “Ok the ham is cooking! Is the turkey ready?” You asked coming into the dining room where all the other food was. “Stiles won’t stuff the turkey.” Sheriff shook his head. “C'mon! That needs to cook for 2 and a half hours and we have 3 hours till the pack and everyone gets here.” You explained. Stiles warily took a handful of stuffing and put it in the turkey. He gagged and slowly finished the turkey. You rolled your eyes and carried the turkey to the oven. “Please boil the potatoes while I go plug my straightener in.” You said pulling the apron off and going upstairs. “Alright! Well the cookies and cheesecakes are done. The sweet potatoes have a few minutes left. Lydia and her mother are bringing salads and drinks. Parrish is in charge of alcoholic drinks. Melissa and Scott are bringing mixed veggies and the rolls. Ok I think we’re good, I’m going to take a shower.” Sheriff listed off. Stiles nodded and peeled the potatoes before plopping them in the water. “Ok I’m back! The ham should be done in like 2 hours. Stiles I’ll watch the potatoes can you set the table?” You asked as you rushed around the kitchen to check on everything and cover what was done. After all the food was done both you and Stiles rushed up the stairs to finish getting ready for the dinner. The doorbell rang and you ran over, your heels clacking as you did so. “Lydia come in! Hello Ms. Martin. Melissa, Scott nice to see you.” You greeted, ushering everyone inside. After everyone had a chance to socialize and get comfortable, you and Stiles began bringing the food out. You all began eating and making conversation. “This food is really good. You guys did an amazing job.” Parrish smiled. “Well (Y/N) and I did most of it but Stiles was there for moral support.” Sheriff chuckled.

Liam and you were in charge of making dinner for the pack, as part of getting into the inner inner circle. “Where’s the sauce?” Liam panicked. “Right next to the stove where the pasta is cooking. Did you get the pepperoni?” You asked, stirring the pasta for a second then going to knead the pizza dough. “Why do we have to make all this food?” Liam groaned. “Because Stiles said if we didn’t make an array of Italian food, we can forget about getting any help from them. What will happen when we need them?” You asked. “I would be there. Mason would be there.” Liam sighed. “Yeah I know, but what happens if you can’t control yourself one time? I’m not using it to my advantage, but they’re seniors and they can help with studying and school. They’ve been here for you since the beginning, even if it didn’t start up that great, I don’t think it would be fair for them to leave you.” You explained. “Ok I get it. Take a deep breath and let’s just finish this.” Liam encouraged. After nearly burning the lasagna and nearly over-cooking the meatballs, the food was done. “Ok the chicken Alfredo is out, the lasagna is sliced and cooked, the spaghetti is out, the meatballs are laid out, the garlic bread and pizza are in the oven. I think everything is good. Can you set the cups and plates out? I’m going to set the drinks out.” You smiled. Everything was coming along well and the pack would be here in 10 minutes. You rushed upstairs to change because jeans and a shirt surely wouldn’t be acceptable for a semi formal dinner with Lydia around. “You look great and your lipstick is smudged.” Liam smiled wiping some lipstick from around your lips. “Thank you!” You praised, leaning over to straighten his shirt and place a kiss on his cheek before getting the pizza and bread out of the oven. The pack showed up at the door and smiled, walking to the dining room and taking their seats. “This is great! You didn’t have to make this much though.” Scott exclaimed. “Stiles told us we had to make a buffet or Italian food…” Liam trailed off. “What?! I wanted pasta and pizza!” Stiles exclaimed. “We cooked for 4 hours!” You screeched. “Well you forgot dessert.” Stiles said under his breath. You leaped from your seat but got help back by both Liam and Kira. “Well then Stiles, you can wash the dishes, pack everyone’s leftovers, and pay for all of our gelato.” Lydia smirked.

“Ok now we put the chicken in the egg and then in the flour.” Cora read from her phone. “Well then what? I have floury, eggy chicken in my hands, doesn’t feel that great.” You asked. “Then you put it in the oil, obviously.” Peter rolled his eyes from his chair on the other side of the kitchen. “Would you shut up? You’re not doing anything.” You scoffed. “I’m like the owner of the restaurant. I don’t have to do anything, all I do is make sure everything is right and going well.” He explained. “Well maybe you should start on the rice or something. Actually no. You wash the salad and put it in a bowl, shouldn’t be too hard for you.” Cora sighed. Peter rolled his eyes and stalked over to wash the vegetables. “Why are we making this food anyways?” Peter asked angrily. “When’s the last time an actual home cooked meal?” You asked. “That’s unimportant.” Peter stated. You and Cora shot each other a look and stifled your laughter. “This is fun. We should make it like a tradition. Every Sunday for dinner.” Cora added. “That sounds fun. Oh I think the chicken is done. How’s the rice coming along?” You replied. “A few more minutes. I’ll get the plates.” Cora smiled. You then took the area from Cora and set the table. The salad at the center, the chicken on one side of it, and the rice would soon be on the opposite side. “This is awful! Why do I have to do this?” Peter complained. “Then you don’t have to come.” A voice said from the entrance of the loft. “Hi Derek! Dinner is almost ready.” You called. “It’s been a while since I’ve had a home cooked meal.” He muttered. “We know.” Cora chuckled. “Cora why don’t you go sit down? Maybe pour some drinks? I’ll help (Y/N) finish up the food.” Derek smiled. Cora nodded and left the kitchen, leaving you and Derek to finish the rice. “Thank you for this.” Derek whispered, placing a kiss on your forehead. “You’re welcome. How did it go?” You asked. “A little gory but Scott and I were able to get it done.” He shrugged. “Don’t try to act all cool. I see right through you, baby.” You shook your head. “Well the rice is done, I’ll tell you all the story while we’re eating.” Derek laughed placing a kiss on your lips. “Not near the rice!” Peter yelled. “Leave them alone.” Cora said taking a seat next to you. Ah yes, a new tradition, Sunday Hale family dinners, filled with death threats and gory stories.

“This movie is getting boring!” Theo groaned. “Well what do you want to do instead?” You asked. “I want something sweet.” He winked. “Cookies!” You exclaimed. “That sounds good, I’ll ask my mom if we have the stuff.” Theo replied getting up and going to his parents’ room. “We should have most of it.” Theo smiled, leading you to the kitchen. “We’ll need flour, baking powder, vanilla extract, salt, sugar, chocolate chips, eggs, and butter.” You listed. Theo reached to the top shelf and grabbed the ingredients from there as you got the refrigerated ingredients. “Your shirt is too small. Your waist was showing.” You tsked playfully. “You know you love my body.” Theo joked, pulling his shirt up to reveal his abs. “Nope! Nope! Nope! Nope! Put those glorious babies away, we’re gonna make cookies.” You exclaimed. You poured the dry ingredients in first, then let Theo pour in the wet ingredients. You then started the mixture and slowly poured in the chocolate chips. “Would you stop eating them? They’re not going to be chocolate chip cookies if they each only have like 1 chocolate chip!” You exclaimed. “Calm down, we have another bag.” Theo chuckled. You rolled your eyes and slapped Theo’s hand away once more, before finally putting the mix on the cookie sheet. “It smells good,” You mumbled from your seat on the counter in front of the oven. “You smell good.” Theo retaliated. “Whatever you cheese ball!” You laughed shoving Theo playfully. “I think they’re done.” Theo said looking at the timer on his phone. He pulled the cookies out and took a bite of a cookie. “It’s hot!” Theo yelled, blowing and fanning at his mouth. “Good thing you’re hot, you don’t exactly use your brain.” You said shaking your head. You took a spatula and removed the cookies from the tray and placed them on a plate. “Now we have to let them cool.” You stated as you washed all the appliances. Theo joined you and after the dishes and appliances were washed and put away you both took the cookies to the living room to binge eat and watch TV. “I want something salty and crispy.” Theo mumbled from underneath you as you both cuddled. “Not again. I’m getting tired and I don’t want to cook.” You whisper yelled. “Fine. Just throw my dreams away why don’t you.” Theo exaggerated. You rolled your eyes and focused on the TV all while hearing Theo complain about wanting fries or chips.

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To be a mother/father doesn´t mean you are only genetically related to the child. To be a mother/father means also you raise up the child, give it a home, food and love. Is this what Kishimoto wants us to tell? Or is this al a red-herring and a mighty troll?

Other anon:

ugggh i bet they use this as an excuse to give salad the MS now uggggggh.

Another one:


Yet another:

So Ki$hi want us to believe that Karin is Salad´s mother? I bet my whole money on it that the specimen is not from Karin but rather from Sasuke ( what is it a hair? ) which Karin had stolen from him to get some kind of trophy or whatever. So in the end Salad is SS true child in genetic and every other way. It´s just a way to make Karin some kind of creepy woman thats all.

Ok this is the ONLY post I’m going to make about this issue because there is only one thing that interests me in Naruto Gaiden and that is the fact that Kishitmoto is a better writing course than anything you can take in college - no kidding, all you have to do is analyze his writing, do the exact opposite, and you’re ready set for a Nobel prize. 

What Kishimoto did in Naruto Gaiden is set himself up a nice and juicy Catch 22.  A catch-22 is a paradoxical situation from which an individual cannot escape because of contradictory rules. 

In this specific case,

Either raising a child by participating in their life and loving them is real parenthood and thus Sakura is the real mother no matter who the DNA donor is and thus Sasuke is not the real father,

Or giving a child their DNA makeup is real parenthood and thus Karin is the real mother, Sasuke is the real father and Sakura has no importance whatsoever.

You see, it’s not a matter of “Oh but Kishitmoto is saying you need BOTH”. No, you don’t

If the mother is the one who raises the child then it really doesn’t matter whose DNA the child has - that’s the premise of adoption by the way - because what is really important is who nurtured the child as a person, not as an organism. 

Because Kishitmoto made SASUKE an absent parent who NEVER participated in Salad and Sakura’s life, SS now can never become a healthy, happy family. He cut the cord that held that family together by proposing that either Sasuke is the parent (DNA parenthood hypothesis) or Sakura is the parent (nurturing parenthood hypothesis). 

They can’t conceivably BOTH be her parents because they are not together. It doesn’t matter that Sasuke married Sakura and calls her his wife - he was never there for them

If Salad is convinced that Sakura’s nurturing is more important than DNA, she will turn against Sasuke by rejecting him. 

If Salad is convinced that Sasuke’s DNA is more important than nurturing, she will reject Sakura (guess what happened in this chapter, hmmm?). 

She’ll never be believably able to accept their marriage and their “love” because there is none. Words alone do not deny facts - Sasuke and Sakura have stayed apart for 12 fucking years with no plausible excuse to do so, since Sasuke has seen and talked to Naruto and has officially been in a mission all this time, so he could definitely take a day off to visit his family once in a while without raising suspicion - please be reminded that he has a technique that makes it possible for him to teleport anywhere and even if he couldn’t, he can travel by hawk summons, it’s not as if he was in another continent because in the Naruto world there is only ONE continent and it’s a continent the size of Japan, you can cross the entire thing in a few months by foot (yes Japan is that small, the entire country is smaller than Texas) - and in fact it would be more suspicious to an enemy that he didn’t do that, since even Jiraya visited Konoha during his lifelong official mission (he states that to Tsunade in the original manga) to investigate the Akatsuki, which means that in the Naruto world no soldier is deployed away from his family/village for so long without any contact whatsoever

As for the DNA sample used to compare Salad’s DNA with Karin’s, it can’t be Sasuke’s because it’s a piece of umbilical cord, something that is traditionally kept by the Japanese (yes the Japanese believe that they need to physically keep the dried stump of umbilical cord that falls from their belly button, it’s a cultural tradition and they do keep it in a tiny case just like that) and Sasuke is male, you cannot make a female clone out of male DNA from regular cells due to the lack of a second X chromosome in them.  

It could be Salad’s umbilical cord, but Japanese tradition views the umbilical stump as something that is part of the person and can’t ever be given away. Not only it would mean that Karin was around and taking personal care of Salad until the stump fell off - which takes between 7 to 15 days and dude, trust me, my mother went into a coma due to birth complications when my brother was born and she still came out of it and went home before it fell off him, nothing short of the mother dying would keep her entirely away from her kid that long - but also that Sakura and Sasuke gave it to her willingly, and that is completely against Japanese custom. There is no way she could have stolen it because it falling off doesn’t come unnoticed by the parents, the umbilical stump is an inch-long piece of skin that the parents eagerly watch for in order to safely guard it when it falls off. 

How do I know all this shit? I live in Brazil in the city that hosts the biggest Japanese settlement outside Japan itself, bro. I have quite a few Japanese-Brazilian friends and they all have their little stumps kept safely in their personal belongings and did the same with their kids’. 

So either Salad is really Karin’s kid with Sasuke, and the Japanese NH/SS fans that he has left will drop the franchise because in Japan genetics are more important than nurturing, so much so that the culture frowns on adoption, or the excuse Kishitmoto has written to make her a genetic SS kid is bullshit and the Japanese NH/SS fans that he has left will drop the franchise because said bullshit mocks a very important Japanese tradition.

Since the Japanese NH/SS fans are basically the only ones who financially support the franchise due to the Western NH/SS fanbase not willing to pay for anything, the franchise will die due to his plot choices either way.

See what I mean by catch 22?