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Silhouette: A-Line 

Sleeve Length: Sleeves

Embellishment: Bead,applique

Closure: Zipper

Fabric: Machine-embroidered sequins tulle,Composite Filament,lining

Built-In Bra: Yes

Waist: Natural

Shipping Weight: 1KG

Occasion: Prom, Party, Celebrity Party, Birthday Party, Holiday Party


Stannis Baratheon & Steffon Baratheon

“We will return in time for Robert’s nameday,” Steffon says.

Stannis nods. Robert will be sixteen. A grand feast is to be expected, for the coming-of-age of the heir to Storm’s End. Robert will love it to no end. Stannis will wish for it to end as soon as it begins.

“Perhaps your mother and I will find a bride for you in Volantis, and the feast will be a celebration of your betrothal as well as Robert’s nameday,” his father says, clapping Stannis’ arm.

The mention of a bride unsettles Stannis, having overheard his mother and father discussing the possible consequences should they fail in the task of finding a suitable bride for Prince Rhaegar. The court is buzzing with rumors of King Aerys’ plan to appoint his cousin as Hand of the King after Steffon Baratheon’s return from Volantis, but the talk in Storm’s End is more ominous and far less celebratory.

“It was a jape, Stannis,” his father says, noting the troubled look on Stannis’ face.

“I know, Father.” Stannis’ bride will be a daughter of one of the stormlords, his father had said before. The stormlords are expecting it, after Robert’s betrothal with a daughter of the north.

(Perhaps we need to find a bride who can teach Stannis how to laugh, Steffon had said to his wife, only partly in jest.

He knows how to laugh, Cassana had replied. He may not find mirth in the same things that others do, but that does not mean that Stannis does not know how to laugh.)

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Neckline: One shoulder

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Closure: Zipper

Fabric: Silk stretch satin, Lining

Built-In Bra: Yes

Waist: Natural

Color: Dark purple

Skirt Length: From Shoulder-BP-Bottom: around 155CM,From Hollow-Bottom: around 150CM (±3cm)

Occasion: Prom, Party, Celebrity Party, Birthday Party, Holiday Party 

unknownflux  asked:

Hello! Do you have any hc for Kouen's and Koumei's mother? like what her name was, what was she like and such?

Okay this was a hard one, good, but hard. I had to give it a lot of thought, and please keep in mind that this is entirely speculation.

Kouen and Koumei’s mother was likely aristocracy. She was the first bride to the man who was second in line to the throne of the Kou Empire. Even before the unification of Kou, that had a lot of clout—marrying him was not a position just anyone could earn. 

Also considering that at least one of Koutoku’s daughters is in a political marriage, and the attempted marriage of Kougyoku, I reason that their marriage was arranged to help strengthen the warring nation from within. This could mean that it was a loveless marriage—bare with me, I’m getting to something here.

I don’t believe Kouen and Koumei’s mother had much impact on their lives—possibly because shew died while they were young, possibly because their father was involved with so many other women (they do have eight siblings from other mothers.) 

Kouen and Koumei particullarly seem to be more influenced by their cousins, Hakuyuu and Hakuren, as well as their uncle, Hakutoku—from whom Kouen likely got his “one world” mission. 

From all this, I believe Kouen and Koumei’s mother was an elegant, demure woman, who felt a strong sense of duty. She was someone who knew that her first duty was to her nation, not necessarily to her heart.  

As for her name, truthfully, I have no idea. But I’ve always liked the name Riyeko.


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Waist: Natural

Shipping Weight: 1KG

Occasion: Prom, Party, Celebrity Party, Birthday Party, Holiday Party

Northern Hospitality

I was told about the strong culture of hospitality in Iraqi Kurdistan before coming here by some dear friends in D.C., but I don’t think I was prepared for how widespread it truly is. This hospitality seems definitive throughout the region, fluidly crossing ethnic and religious lines. It makes an outsider like myself feel like an insider almost immediately, in a wide variety of locations and situations.

It was present when a group of friends and I crashed an Assyrian Christian wedding, a practice that I have come to find is actually welcomed here. We ate and drank with the rest of the wedding guests, and we were greeted by the mother and father of the bride, who thanked us warmly for being there.

It was evident when we visited some displaced Yazidi friends from Shingal, who despite humble living conditions brought about by the brutal rise of ISIS, offered us the biggest meal I have ever seen, along with innumerable cups of tea. We were treated like family coming home after a long absence, and in some strange way we became family after that encounter.

It hit us with full force yesterday, when two Kurdish men dropped their plans, invited us to jump in the back of their HiLux (something like a Toyota Tacoma), and took us all around Amedi and the surrounding areas. We stopped for tea and plums, were driven to the top of a mountain to see one of Saddam’s old palaces, were taken to a river to join numerous Kurdish families who were picnicking on their day off (Friday being the start of the weekend here), and finally were dropped off back at home in Duhok.

In none of these cases were we asked for anything in return, and in every case we were left better off. I guess there are no grand conclusions or revelations here, but believe the hype, the northern Iraqi/southern Kurdish (Başur) hospitality is a force to be reckoned with. And it is something that - when conflict and political turmoil are resolved (as I believe they will be someday!) - the world should not hesitate to experience.

A Jewish girl-bride with her mother Sus region
Southern Morocco
Photographic Archive of the Isidore and Anne Falk Information Center for Jewish Art and Life, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem 
Accession number: 341-5003467

Photo: Jean Besancenot

SUBJECTS: Women’s clothing

herbivoroushomo  asked:

top 5 worst looks in drag race herstory

okay in no particular order and I’m gonna censor these names JUST bc i don’t want to show up if people are searching for fan stuff…this was hard safdsaf:

Sh*ngela’s corn outfit was bad in an iconic way

That one time J*nkx had on that gold outfit with the black hat? I remember Michelle asked her if she was wearing a prosthetic nose with it

when Ad*re tried to look like a mother of the bride

S*rena Cha Cha…

not to drag Ad*re but her like mermaid outfit sticks out in my mind as something I didn’t like too


Here’s the teaser for my Fitzsimmons romcom AU, The Decoy Bride, as a part of the challenge by the fitzsimmonsnetwork. Thanks to @doteleven​ for the all the beta help that she’s already given me!

Summary: When up and coming scientist Leo Fitz marries mega star Bobbi Morse, the media descends on the wedding, looking for the perfect shot of the bride. To escape a particularly dedicated photographer, the couple is forced to move the wedding to an obscure British island- where they still can’t catch a break.

Jemma Simmons moves back to her hometown after yet another failed research project (and relationship) to help her friend Daisy after her mother’s death. When she’s offered money to play bride for the day as a distraction for the paparazzi, she takes it, thinking she’ll be home in time for lunch.

Both Fitz and Jemma get a lot more… commitment than previously anticipated.

Read the excerpt under the cut!

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We love how this #bride had her late mother’s sisters walk down the #aisle in her mother’s honor. So beautiful! ✨ #munabridesmaids #munaluchibride #bridalparty | #Repost @ashleysemila
I lost my mother when I was 2.5 weeks old. I knew I wanted her sisters to play a special part in the biggest day of my life. I asked them to wear ivory and walk down the aisle in my mother’s honor. The love and appreciation I have for these 6 women is immeasurable. I guess if I had to measure…if you take the love I have for each one, it would amount to the love for my mother.