April 25, 2017 Message to Marija

“Dear children! Love, pray and witness my presence to all those who are far away. By your witness and example, you can draw closer the hearts that are far from God and His grace. I am with you and intercede for each of you so that, with love and resoluteness, you may witness and encourage all those who are far from my Immaculate Heart. Thank you for having responded to my call.”


The Shrine of Our Lady of Lebanon, Lebanon. Belonging to the Maronite Church, it is one of the most important shrines in the world honouring Mary, Mother of Jesus. Christians make up about 41% of Lebanon’s population, of which 22% belong to the Maronite Church. Lebanon has the highest percentage of Christians in the Middle East and across the Arab world. 

Prayer Request

“There is no greater force against evil in the world than the love of a man and woman in marriage.”
- Cardinal Raymond Burke

I imagine the quote above is absolutely true, which is why I believe the devil so hates and wishes to destroy marriage. I was married 2 months ago, and in the time from the wedding night to now, the devil has been attacking us and our holy covenant. All of a sudden, we argue. We don’t talk. We don’t feel as close as we did just 2 short months ago. Of course we always talk it out and make up, but there are forces trying to drive us apart already. Please please pray that the devil will not prevail! I have no doubt he will be defeated with the Holy Trinity, the Blessed Mother, and all the angels and saints behind us. But we could still use your prayers! Perhaps it will end this battle in a quicker defeat against the devil. My husband is being baptized come Easter and we have been attending RCIA and mass together. He has recently become a lot more serious about his conversion and the faith, and everyone is overjoyed; we are both growing together in our faith after 7 long years, and I think that is part of the reason for this force of evil so vehemently attacking us. His baptism will transform our marriage from “valid” to “sacrament.” My husband will receive 4 sacraments at the Easter Vigil if you include our marriage. I believe this is the main reason for these attacks, because those are faith-strengthening sacraments and such blessings, but the devil wants to bring him and us back to a life of sin. Please pray for us, for our marriage, our faith, our chastity, and for my husband’s continuing strength in his conversion as he prepares for the sacraments. Please pray that he will continue to grow a strong and ever-deepening faith and that he will continue to grow as a leader–as a husband and hopefully, in the future, as a father; that he will lead a life of faith; that I will be able to be the wife he needs me to be and he will be able to be the husband I need him to be; that we will always seek God and learn His will for us; that our marriage will be blessed with God’s strength and resilience; that we will faithfully and enthusiastically live out our marriage vows and our vocations as husband and wife; and that we will continue to grow closer to each other in Christ! Pray also that all married couples and those seeking to marry will also be blessed in those ways. My husband’s name is Derrick and right now his favorite saint is St. Joseph.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017