Jesus Christ.  The town is rapidly dying because no one’s getting it on and making kids, so I had to force pollinate all of the eligible women in town.  I was thumbing through the babies and noticed one was fucking green.  I was curious as to whether or not this color was a bug that showed up in NRaas, so I panned to him.  No.  It was not a bug.

And his mother is fucking Skeletor.  D:

seriously, whoever the costume designer was for the hollow crown was clearly a hiddles fangirl. seriously. every other character is in complete period-appropriate attire, except for tom hiddleston. where it’s basically just like “YUP. LEATHER JACKET, BLACK V-NECK, AND TIGHT PANTS. WE THINK THAT’S FAIR.”

…not that i mind in the slightest, let’s make that very clear.