Maragogiiiiiiii <3 there was a holiday on Monday, so my whole family went to Maragogi– except Rayanne who went evangelizing with her church group. Also, I would just like to note that my Brazilian mother made me do that last picture under protest. I couldn’t stop laughing, it was a very fun vacation (:

anonymous asked:

what's the best way to answer my cell phone, as an adult? just "hello", "hello, this is [full name]", the whole "hello, [surname] residence, this is [name] speaking, how may i help you?" rigmarole that my mother made me and my siblings do when we were still living at home?

It’s pretty much up to you, but seeing as how almost no one has a house phone anymore, I’d avoid the “residence” version. If you recognize the number and know them personally, a “hello” will suffice, but if it’s anyone else, it’s good form to answer with at least your first name so they know whom they’ve reached. Your last name isn’t really necessary, though, and the caller can always ask “is this [full name]?” to confirm if they need to.

Reaction: how i met your mother(you) part 1

Suho: well kids i was in the middle of a concert and i THOUGHT it would be a great idea to throw a ball in the crowd near where i was performing and it hit-

Y/K: you hit mom!

Suho: ……….. that’s not important.

Suho: so yeah after our court date.

Y/N: which i won!

Suho: could you not … she took me out to make up for the time i had to volunteer. so yeah your mother made me do court mandatory volunteer work.

Tao: i had just finish my schedule for the day and i was in a good mood to shop. ge ge and i were trying on clothes.

Tao: seeing that i honestly didn’t want to spend my money i asked your uncle Fan to buy it, but he didn’t want to buy it because we were buying some crap for some member uggh .

Tao: your mother being the saint she is told me that i looked good and she would give me a discount because i look really good in it.(starts to tear up)

Y/N: i convince your uncle to get it for him so ever since that you father always came back to my store and thanked me by going on a date which lead to this relationship and marriage .

Tao: it was so meant to be.

Kai: during my photo shoot i was really hungry and usual i would ask my noona to buy me food but i notice she went home early .. my members didn’t have money and lets just say they forced me to ask a random person to buy us food.

Y/N: random person you came to my shop jongin !

Kai: well you could have said no.

kai: she was so nice she offered free meals to us and i made sure to go out my way to tell her it was really good.

Kai: i felt bad when she got in trouble so whenever i had free  time i made sure i came by her shop and help her out and wait for her to walk her home.

Chen: i’m going to be honest (waits until you leaves the room) i couldn’t stand your mother when we met. I felt like it was her life’s mission to cause pain and suffering .

Chen: she was like D.O any singing competition we had together she always tried to out do me, she always made faces at me thinking she was better. 

Chen: but honestly she capture my heart by her beauty and her trolling , seriously i love this women, she takes my jokes and throw it back at me.

Luhan: the first time i met your mom she had the cutest smile and the worst choice in picking soccer team. 

Luhan: we spent every soccer match together arguing. i seriously thought she had issues because she always went against my team. one time she lost a match and tried to kill me but then again i was the same way.

Luhan: the reason she is your mother and my wife is because no matter how bad we argue about soccer or other things she came out to support me and is my other half .

Baekhyun :our story is kinda funny the way you look at it . i went a whole month thinking she was my stalker when she worked with my company , she was carrying her camera.

Baekhyun: to be honest i kinda confronted her about it and she put me in my place that’s before i knew she was a VJ.

Y/N: you stop a photoshoot to tell people i was a stalker you did no such thing to confront me.

Baekhyun: if you put that way it’s sound horrible .

Baekhyun: after that little mess i said i was sorry and she manage to always capture my best side every time.