some doodles with a trio of dresses i found in my massive fashion folder

So based on this (only) image of the Hamada parents…

We know that Tadashi bares the most resemblance to his father

But which traits from which parent did Hiro inherit from?

Based on just looking at the parents, we already know that Hiro got the dark hair and his Asian traits from his father; but aside from that, there’s not much else to go on.

But then I noticed the eyes. Aside from the fact that they are obviously almond shape to correspond with his Japanese genes, take a look at the parents again. Tadashi’s eyes are slightly more narrowed, like his father, and the mother has very round eyes. Almost the exact same shape as HIRO’S.

Hiro has his mother’s eyes.

Also the mother looks to be a very tiny person - just like Hiro!

Oh and we can’t forget Aunt Cass, since she is their mother’s sister

Those smiles are uncanny to each other!

(it’s hard to see in the picture but the mother seems to be wearing a similar smile too)

So this means

that although it’s small, Hiro has inherited most of his features from his mother’s side!


Lovelies! Some good friends of mine are in need of some help.

They recently moved to Colorado to start a new chapter in their lives with their son. They’ve only been in Colorado a few months when they had a car wreck coming home from the Grand Canyon. Taylor managed to get out with only some bruises and Eulen got out without a scratch. Emily, however, tore all of the tendons and ligaments in her legs and is currently unable to walk and will not be able to walk without multiple surgeries.

They are currently needing help raising $25,000 to help pay for all of her surgeries so that she will be able to walk again. Until then, Taylor is back in Colorado teaching World History and maintaining a steady paycheck to help take care of their family while she is getting treatment here in Oklahoma. Eulen is off with family in L.A. to keep him away from the stressful environment Taylor, Emily and the rest of the family are all in.

Please, if any of you have some extra pocket change, this family really needs your help!

You can donate here. If you are unable to donate, signal boost with gusto!

concept: every word that’s thought about you appears on your skin like a tattoo

Disclaimer: This isn’t my idea. I saw this beautiful post here by @inkmagician and I wanted to make a Les Amis version of it. (I really hope that’s okay. If not, just let me know and I put it down.) Anyway, here we go:

Let’s start with Combeferre, why don’t we? Combeferre’s words are as confusing as the thoughts regarding him. He finds things like Moths, dude, seriously?! on his wrists every other day and won’t stop laughing about it. When he studies in the library sometimes he watches He looks like he’s genuinely having fun??? Can you have fun while studying??? appear on his skin and he looks up to find someone clutching The Atlas of Anatomy to their chest and blushing fiercely. He almost always waves them over and tells them in a low voice how much he likes it to Just Know Things and yeah, were they aware that the adult Luna moth doesn’t eat? No, honestly, it doesn’t even have a mouth. After it emerges from its cocoon, it lives for about a week and its sole mission in life is to mate and lay eggs. (The person then often leaves the library with SCIENCE!!! somewhere on their body in big fat letters and Combeferre continues studying with a woah, dude, chill on his forehead and a smirk on his face.)

Combeferre, strong, reasonable, calm Combeferre gets a lot of Thank you-thoughts: when he backs someone up in a meeting, when he calmly takes weak argumentations apart without starting a fight, when he stays at Enjolras’ side in a demonstration and silently watches the police approach.

There was a time he used to wear long sleeves to hide the racist comments regularly appearing on his dark skin, but he doesn’t need to, anymore. There are enough of You’re beautiful, I’d be lost without you, I love you I love you I love you to cover them up.

He still needs to wear long sleeves after nights at Courfeyrac’s though. Probably a trench coat. Glasses. Tons of make-up. Bahorel’s Spiderman-suit, maybe? Damn it, Courfeyrac. The guy laughs and talks in bed like the most casual person on earth, but oh, he Thinks Things.

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On gendered behaviour, feminism, and gender as emotion

You know that trans narrative. “We always knew she was a girl because she played with dolls while her brother was playing with trucks.” Trans folks are pushed to justify their gender in a way that cis people never are, most notably by the medical community. We are taught to do this, in a way that cis people have never been, even when it’s not necessary.

It felt awful to be asked by doctors to explain why I thought I needed treatment, and “I’ve been feeling awful about gendered parts of my body for several years” is never enough. I had to give details in a way that a man with gynaecomastia never would, and because I was not a trans man but a nonbinary person I also had to justify why I didn’t want testosterone treatment. I found myself recounting the time I refused to leave the house in a dress just around the time I hit puberty. Why my mother felt the need for me to wear a dress was not questioned, but my desire to not wear a dress became the subject of serious scrutiny.

At the same time, feminists are fighting a very important battle for cis women and cis men that seems entirely conflicting. Women don’t have to be feminine or submissive. Little girls don’t have to play with dolls, and boys can love cooking and dancing. When cis girls are encouraged to pursue sciences, a trans girl’s love of engineering is seen as evidence of her manliness. And why would you want to be a woman, when your body and your behaviour match up?

Most humans can probably accept the idea that what we do is not who we are. Gay men have wives and children, I can pass as not-autistic in a pinch, and so on. Women (cis and trans) can be butch and men can be femme. Anyone can be both. The myth that 80% of “trans” children grow out of it is based on studies in which playing with toys that don’t match your birth-assigned gender was enough to qualify you as trans, so it’s clear that dysphoria is quite a different thing from rejecting gender norms.

So how does that fit into the trans narrative? And what is gender?

“So if girls can act like boys and still be girls, the same is true for you. You’re nonbinary when you’re in heels, you’re nonbinary when you’re in a tux. A woman is a woman with or without her uterus. Lots of trans and nonbinary people don’t want or can’t have hormones or surgeries, so it’s obviously not required for being so. In light of all of that, how do you know that you’re nonbinary?”

No one has ever asked me in this way, but I feel the questions. When you’re the subject of inquiry from doctors, the government, and everyone you meet more than once, you start to build an idea of a collective feeling, the accumulation of every curious mind into one voice. And it’s asking, “what is gender? How do you know yours is nonbinary?”

That voice asks other questions unrelated to gender in the same way. You see it reflected in books and movies and the questions children ask adults. I’m coming to see that there is another question that is very nearly the same. “What does being in love feel like? How do you know when you’re in love?”

The usual answer is “being in love is indescribable. When you feel it, you just know.”

I just know that I’m nonbinary. It explains everything, but if you asked me to I couldn’t explain it. Knowing your gender after years of not even realising you were strange, it puts everything into perspective.

So I’m coming to think of gender as an emotion, like being in love.

“I’m sorry, but you weren’t successful in your interview this time - you’re in love, and one of the other interviewees isn’t, so we think they’ll fit the role better.”

“Welcome to the store! Over here is the section for people who’re in love, and over there is the one for people who aren’t. We do also have a section upstairs for those who’ve loved and lost, because we know how it can be good to have something a little wider at the shoulders.”

If I tell someone I’m in love, they accept it without question. I imagine if I was sitting with a group of friends and I told them I was in love, they would affirm it and be happy for me. If someone questioned my feelings, they’d be challenged: “how would you know? You can’t tell them what they’re feeling! It’s their experience!” I am respected, my feelings are taken seriously. It’s assumed that I will make major life choices based on my being in love, like moving in with someone, marrying them, maybe one day having children, etc.

If I tell someone that I am nonbinary, I am often met with skepticism - especially online, where challenging me carries fewer penalties because there are so many people and none who see the exchange are likely to care about me. I am told in various ways that I am my birth-assigned gender - a weird example of it, but still a woman, and a traitor for rejecting that womanhood. I am criticised for not embodying a gender I never chose, that was forced upon me before I could even focus my eyes, by people calling themselves feminists. “You are one of us, whether you agree or not! Now, be better at it!” I have been told that I am mentally ill, that intersex conditions are evidence that sex and therefore gender are binary, and that I will likely regret my transition. I have been called “that” by a lead clinician in a gender identity clinic. People argue about whether my pronouns are grammatically correct, or try and fail to avoid pronouns altogether. (Imagine someone repeatedly telling you that whether or not you are married to your husband is a matter of public debate.)

And so we come full circle. I feel that my transition and my neutral name and pronouns are an expression of my gender. But these things are external, and behaviour doesn’t make you a man or a woman or a nonbinary person. A woman who’s had a double mastectomy to survive cancer is still a woman. A man with a hormone disorder is still a man. My behaviour and my body are not proof that I am nonbinary.

If you move in with someone it doesn’t mean you’re in love.

It’s strange how when it comes to being trans all the assumptions are mysteriously forgotten, as part of the pattern in which we are seen as alien. Usually when someone behaves in a particular way it’s an effect, no? Emotion inspires action, that’s how it is to be human. And for gender it’s no different: we feel a gender (or no gender), and we express it - like wearing masculine clothes and having feminine body modifications like pierced ears and avoiding strongly gendered social cues altogether. This is true for trans and cis people alike.

I also feel gender dysphoria, which I don’t fully understand. It used to be a lot worse, an eternal dissociation from my body, and changing my body and name and pronouns made me feel a lot happier and less numb. When the whole world and your own body disagree with your own experience of your gender for every moment of every day, it breaks you. Doctors are sometimes willing and able to help.

And many people feel gender euphoria, where there’s no discomfort, but expressing your gender in spite of your birth assignment brings you such joy and quality of life that you’d be a fool or self-punishing to deny yourself that. (When you’re in love, the world tells you to act on it. Tell them! Say yes! Take a leap of faith, it’s worth the risk. Love is euphoric.)

We know that a single action can be an expression of a lot of different feelings. Maybe I marry someone because I’m in love with them, but maybe I do it for the right to work in a particular country. My nonbinary gender inspired me to express it by cutting my hair short, but this woman has a pixie cut too. Women are more strongly encouraged to pursue feminine crafts like knitting, but before the 1500s knitting was guild-led men’s work. My skirt could mean anything. There’s a very good chance it just means I like to wear skirts.

Things get sticky when people assume a cause from the effect. You’re wearing a dress so you must be a woman. You love ladies and you keep your hair short and you’re into mechanics, so you’re not trans enough to be a real woman. You had sex so that means you’re in love with them, right?

So much oppression uses gender, and sometimes gender gets the blame. If there were no gender, women would automatically be equal to men, right? If there is no gender, there is no gendered oppression. It’s like trying to prevent crimes of passion by eradicating love.

Like any emotion, it’s affected by things in your environment. I second-guessed my nonbinary gender until I had top surgery, and when my chest was flat I finally lost all doubt. It was like my body was telling my mind that I was a woman when my mind knew the truth, and I had to change my body to stop that signal. This idea that gender is always and consistently tied to one’s anatomy makes things difficult for genderfluid folks - but I know that I am more or less in love with my partners at different times for various (sometimes unknowable) reasons. Some people have never fallen in love. Imagine that every time you were angry as a small child your mother told you that this feeling was called “happy”, how that would mess you up; no one named my gender where I could hear it until I was 25.

So, what can I say?

  • Gender is an emotion, a feeling. Some people don’t feel it. It can be a vital, fundamental experience that should never be denied you by anyone else.
  • The feeling of gender can be affected by external things - your body, the way people treat you, other feelings you’re having at the same time…
  • People can help you to name your gender, but there is no way they can possibly know it on your behalf. It’s not just immoral or rude to do so - it is impossible.
  • Gender dysphoria is painful and life-disrupting and should be taken seriously and treated by doctors.
  • Gender euphoria is incredibly important - we need to live by pursuing good feelings, not just by finding ways to escape bad ones.
  • Some people have neither of those things, and still feel gender, and it should be respected - see the first bullet point.
  • Behaviour is gendered by people. The gendering of behaviour is arbitrary and shifts over time.
  • We have no way of knowing exactly what someone is expressing with their behaviour, or whether it’s even connected to their gender at all.
  • Disrespecting someone by debating the validity of their self-expression is never okay.

This has been an extremely long ramble of thoughts that finally came together and connected themselves up this evening. If you’ve got this far, I salute you. o7


Based on this

Because I still think it’s hilarious that neither of these Pokémon are dragon types, but even if they made their own little “I don’t need no dragon type” club, everyone needs to remember that Mega Charizard X is a thing

so really Gyarados is the only one with a missing type

be strong for mother

alycadebnam  asked:

Hello. Can I pls have some SQ fic recs? (You're stories are amazing btw)

Sure! Here are ten twenty thirty (SORRY I COULDN’T STOP) of my favorite fics.

  1. Regina (or the Evil Step-mother) by amycarey.
  2. Who Needs Shelter? by deemn.
  3. when you love somebody but bite your tongue (all you get is a mouth full of blood) by insanetwin.
  4. Walking On Water by Hoovahhoopah.
  5. Titanic by darkersky.
  6. Haven for this heart, shelter for this child by 222Ravens.
  7. somehow i’ll see it through by sixtywattgloom.
  8. Five Years by SapphireSmoke.
  9. Why Do We Fall, Emma? by BooklandReeve.
  10. Safe by SgtMac.
  11. there’s all this love if you need it by strangesmallbard.
  12. The Writing by MAYH3M.
  13. I Can Almost Hear Your Harmony by swansaloft.
  14. Ex Astris by mustdefine.
  15. let our mercy be the gifts we lay by wistfulwatcher.
  16. Shuffle Me A Ninth Life by belikebumblee.
  17. I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me) by writetherest.
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  19. Whatever This Is by Afictionado.
  20. somewhere, someone must know the ending by maleficently.
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  22. Changing Seasons by sparowes.
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seventeen as things i’ve said through text messages


jeonghan - “sorry im a mother of 4…i need my break”


jun - “ok never mind that’s nasty too”

hoshi - “pretty groovy if I say so myself”

wonwoo - “I got 6 hours of sleep and I’m ready for the sweet embrace of death”

woozi - “ik…I gagged, then puked then rolled my eyes 277267277272 times”


mingyu - “why you saying ew???? I thought u loved me”

the8 - “I mean u might get attacked but sure”

seungkwan - “im trying to forget that i saw that by singing navillera really angrily but its not working”


dino - “im having a crisis here”

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Headcannons for if Junkrat had a total mom s/o, who worries about him all the time and calls him their "trash child" and "garbade son". Thanks! I love your blog!

Originally posted by hospitalvespers

Thank you so much sweetie!! I shall do my best for you and the Trash Child ; w;

  • He wouldn’t even realize they were mothering him at first, just doing his usual exploding agenda~
  • When something happens that forces him to see that he’s being mothered, he’d probably think Roadhog put them up to it..
  • But, that wouldn’t make sense to him since, if anyone would put anyone else to mothering duty, it would be is S/O doing it to Roadhog
  • Not sure how he feels about it, but in the end just shrugs it off and continues to do what he does
  • Loves being coddled though, means more closeness with his S/O and possibly more kisses and hugs~
  • When he knows something is safe to do, and he’s done it about a million times, he would do it around his S/O just to tease them. Especially if they haven’t seen him do it before
  • Loves them if they mother him or not~ will always act like the trash child he is and he, and, hopefully, his S/O, wouldn’t want it any other way!

im moving out in 2 weeks and my shitty manipulative mother is saying i need to “learn the value of money” and has gotten into the habit of making me pay for my own meals . essentially shes not reliably feeding me (which kinda isnt new) and has been making up bogus excuses to sap any spending money i make or recieve as well (i took you and your brother out to dinner last week, im letting you take x and y thing with you to college, youre too old for gifts so youre gonna need to pay this off, etc).
im going to make an actual commission post very soon with my partner but for now it would be stellar to just get a little money donated to my paypal, ive made a seperate account that my mother doesnt know about and cant access that i can use for meals. any money ill make off commissions will go to spending money. i currently have about seven dollars and my goal for the end of the month is fifty
my paypal is
thank you sm, send me a lil message if you donate and ill scribble sth up for you