Excited to finally share The Secret Destiny of Pixie Piper, my most recent YA novel cover from Greenwillow books, a Harper Collins imprint. Written by Annabelle Fisher. Interiors coming soon! 

This is a super cute story following 5th grader Pixie, who finds out she’s a descendant of Mother Goose. She rhymes like a pro and has to battle an evil old witch all while learning how to grow up and be a cool human. I totally loved this book, especially because she has an adorable Embden goose that wears a tiny cowboy hat. 


Mother Goose descended on TLOS4 signing. 

Chris: Oh! -laughs- 

Me: Hi 

Chris: Can I have some? I want some of the good stuff. -Takes my cup and drinks from it- 

Me: Okay. Chris, we need to talk. 

Chris: Oh no. 

Security: What now? 

Me: When I send you an evite, I need you to respond to them. 

Chris: What did I miss? Me: A bunch. For drinking. Chris: Oh sorry. Which ones? 

Me: Well, Margarita Monday, Tequila Tuesday, Wine Wednesday, Thirsty Thursday…-draws a blank- Well.. I don’t remember what Friday was but it was really fun. 

Chris: Was it Frisco Friday? 

Me: Uh..yup! That was it. 

Chris: I’m sorry. 

Me: I thought we were friends!

Chris: Well, I thought we had fun writing that book together? You know, Mother Goose Encyclopedia. 

Me: Well yeah! I thought we had something special and that you’d respond to my evite. 

Chris: I’m sorry! I will!

Me: But when we do, I need you to keep your hands off all of this. -Motions to my body- because Chris, I’m taken. -Points to button that says “Merlin is Bae”- 

Chris: I know. I know. I’m dying. I won’t. 

Me: Well you better come out next time because I’m trying to bring this one along -Points to Red- 

Chris: -laughs- Okay! 

Me: Because she’s getting depressing and everything. 

Chris: -laughs- Oh my god. 

Me: So… I need your help. 

Chris: I will. I will. Thank you so much for this. -Shakes my hand- Please take a picture for me. 

Me: -Loses character and mumbles while walking away- 

Thanks wiseshots for these amazing pictures, once again.

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Hi, I’m Arianna and in my spare time I make costumes.

In the last two years I made costumes from TLOS series by Chris Colfer, because he made me remember I wasn’t too old for fairy tales.
He deserves all the praise and celebration for his amazing writing talent, ‘cause people from all ages and countries got lost in his magic world.

This is my way of showing him how grateful I am, he deserves all the awards. I sincerely hope he’ll keep writing books for a long time!