Excited to finally share The Secret Destiny of Pixie Piper, my most recent YA novel cover from Greenwillow books, a Harper Collins imprint. Written by Annabelle Fisher. Interiors coming soon! 

This is a super cute story following 5th grader Pixie, who finds out she’s a descendant of Mother Goose. She rhymes like a pro and has to battle an evil old witch all while learning how to grow up and be a cool human. I totally loved this book, especially because she has an adorable Embden goose that wears a tiny cowboy hat. 


Mother Goose descended on TLOS4 signing. 

Chris: Oh! -laughs- 

Me: Hi 

Chris: Can I have some? I want some of the good stuff. -Takes my cup and drinks from it- 

Me: Okay. Chris, we need to talk. 

Chris: Oh no. 

Security: What now? 

Me: When I send you an evite, I need you to respond to them. 

Chris: What did I miss? Me: A bunch. For drinking. Chris: Oh sorry. Which ones? 

Me: Well, Margarita Monday, Tequila Tuesday, Wine Wednesday, Thirsty Thursday…-draws a blank- Well.. I don’t remember what Friday was but it was really fun. 

Chris: Was it Frisco Friday? 

Me: Uh..yup! That was it. 

Chris: I’m sorry. 

Me: I thought we were friends!

Chris: Well, I thought we had fun writing that book together? You know, Mother Goose Encyclopedia. 

Me: Well yeah! I thought we had something special and that you’d respond to my evite. 

Chris: I’m sorry! I will!

Me: But when we do, I need you to keep your hands off all of this. -Motions to my body- because Chris, I’m taken. -Points to button that says “Merlin is Bae”- 

Chris: I know. I know. I’m dying. I won’t. 

Me: Well you better come out next time because I’m trying to bring this one along -Points to Red- 

Chris: -laughs- Okay! 

Me: Because she’s getting depressing and everything. 

Chris: -laughs- Oh my god. 

Me: So… I need your help. 

Chris: I will. I will. Thank you so much for this. -Shakes my hand- Please take a picture for me. 

Me: -Loses character and mumbles while walking away- 

Thanks wiseshots for these amazing pictures, once again.

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