~ Day 9 - Music ~

Plotting (Baz’s Theme)

So I tried to come up with a little theme with baz in mind and this is what happened… It’s more for the humorous side Baz and these are some of the times I had in mind when I thought about the song….

• When Baz stormed through those doors like the badass mother fudger he is (and the bass line would sorta be in sync with his footsteps as he strolled up to the doors and then the doors fling open once the main theme starts)

• Whenever Baz smirks and starts teasing Simon

• When Baz practically dies inside after seeing Simon on his rug (and simons like omg you’re wearing jeans)

• Whenever he yells at his sister for not knocking


• Also it kinda makes me think of Simon crawling through bushes and sneaking after Baz like ‘Penny, he’s plotting something. PLOTTING.’ Basically whenever Simon’s like 'He’s plotting.’.

Hence, I named Baz’s Theme 'Plotting’. (It’s legit stuck in my head now for Crowley’s sake)

There’s probs a few more scenes it’d fit but those were the top ones on my mind - HOPE YOU ENJOY!!!


anonymous asked:

So can you give us a list of your non swear words?

Dang nab it
Mother fudger
Well butter my biscuits
Son of a biscuit

Jet Set Radio Redesign Project 13/19: Poison Jam

Well kids, we’re done with the GGs and onto the rival gangs of the JSR series! First of which is the iconic Poison Jam. I’ve been hype to try my hand at these guys. Their JSR designs are okay but I LOVE their JSRF design. Also they roar at your, what losers.

Revealed Chapter 10 [Superfam/Spideypool Fic]

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The drive was mostly silent, or rather… Peter and Wade were silent while the music blared at a billion and five decibels. Peter had cranked up the volume as soon as they’d gotten to Wade’s rusted down, running on its last miracle, car. He’d done it purposefully.

When the car stopped, somewhere with little lights, somewhere out of the way, somewhere without many people around to see two masked people, Peter got out of the car immediately.

He turned, stepped out and slammed the door shut before Wade could even take his keys out of the ignition.

Peter stretched his legs, fists clenching at his sides as he stared into the darkness. He was facing away from Wade but he heard his door open and shut, could hear the gravel beneath Wade’s feet as he walked around the car, and he could practically feel the sound of the car creaking when Wade leaned against it.

“Are you remembering any-“

“No! Wade. I am not remembering anything, fuck.”

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I think we can all agree that prompto would totally use clean versions of curse words if kids are involved like if they meet some while traveling or if some royal families visit while he’s hanging with noctis.
Stuff like ‘mother fudger’ or ‘oh yeah well you can eat my ravioli’ and it’s the best thing the group has ever witnessed.