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self care tips when you’re mentally ill

*brought to you by the wonderful @katherinee-wheel @oreocharm @superrr-nay and some lovely anons!*

  • remember it’s okay to not be okay
  • if you only have the spoons to wake up today and not to do much else, that’s okay. Tomorrow is another day.
  • eat or drink SOMETHING. It’s okay if it’s junk food or days old Chinese food or even a pack of oyster crackers and a cup of water. But please remember to put something into your body.
  • listen to music or watch videos in bed. It’s a low impact way to relax and unwind
  • put on my favorite classical or jazz record
  • daydream
  • play my fav video game (bioshock or spyro)
  • call my big sister or mom
  • say beep boop to myself quitely (I read it someplace, tried it, and it at least got me to smile a bit)
  • meditate and try to ‘feel’ everypart of my body
  • cuddle with my pooch
  • read my bible
  • read harry potter
  • read (Oh the places you will go)
  • sometimes bae will give me back messages and talk to me about randomly to get me out of my  mind
  • i usually love food, so i have a stash in my room in a drawer, so i might eat my fav snack
  • drink water or tea (depending on if i feel like making tea, bc i always have a water bottle in my room just in case i happen to choke on one of my snacks)
  • watch my fav youtubers (i like matthew santoro, markiplier, and threadbangers, just to name a few)
  • I’m a very rational and logical person, so in my mind, i know that ill be fine after a while but i just need to get through this one moment, so i make charts and graphs and i write down my thoughts as if i was having a conversation with another person, usually in two colors. On one side of the page will be my emotional side and on the other side will be my logical side, and by the time im done, i usually feel A LOT better; maybe not 100% but a lot better
  • also (last one i promise) i scream cry into my pillow, may sound weird… but it helps with any rage, anger, or frustration that you might have
  • a self care thing i like to do is send my datemate a long cute message because he gets so happy and it makes me feel a little bit better
  • Tips for self care : I listen to music. Go watch my dogs do whatever they’re doing. Watch a movie I like or TV series. Find new music. Go through Tumblr. Sleep
  • Self care tips: relocate. Even if it’s just from the bed to the couch. A change in scenery can help even a little bit 
  • Put on my favorite movie or read my favorite book I guess is an obvious one but it really helps 
  • My self care tips: - play a video game you’re good at / enjoy (important: give yourself the break and don’t feel guilty. feeling guilty won’t help) - listen to a podcast - take a nap - try to contact some friends and chat until you’re better 
  • Make a list of all the things you love about yourself

When Yuuri started training in Russia, he got into a habit of making lunch for himself and Victor every day… Then he made lunch for Yurio whenever his Grandpa was too busy… Then Mila wanted some… Then Georgi got lunch so he didn’t feel left out… And now he makes it for Yakov too. Days Yuuri doesn’t turn up unexpectedly? The Russian skaters starve.

“If you truly get in touch with a piece of carrot, you get in touch with the soil, the rain, the sunshine. You get in touch with Mother Earth and eating in such a way, you feel in touch with true life, your roots, and that is meditation. If we chew every morsel of our food in that way we become grateful and when you are grateful, you are happy.”

– Thich Nhat Hanh      


Mother’s Day Dinner~~~

This was a super challenging menu but we pulled it off and my Mom said it was great so I’m pretty pumped. Seafood based menus are like…The Most.

First Course:  Lightly roasted shrimp skewers with a tomato basil side sauce.

Second Course:  Lobster bisque with a fresh garlic bread! Lobster bisque from scratch was A JOURNEY. By far the most difficult thing to make on the menu. 

Third Course:  Baked Salmon with a brown sugar and walnut glaze, roasted garlic potatoes and a tossed salad with strawberries!

Not Pictured: Dessert was cake and ice cream!

notes on my big six-person polyamorous sapphic ship:

  • there’s three “main” couples - pharmercy, symbra, zarmei - but they’re all kind of interconnected with each other anyway
  • pharah’s dating symmetra and mercy, but also has a homoerotic gym rivalry going on with zarya which is probably going to make one of their four girlfriends spontaneously combust someday
  • symmetra’s dating sombra, zarya, mei and pharah… y e a h she’s super gay? she always has someone to tactile stim with or infodump to or just snuggle with it’s a+++ and she can’t believe this is her life
  • zarya’s dating mei and symmetra and… kinda has a thing with sombra and pharah?? it’s Complicated
  • mercy’s dating pharah and mei but she often has snarky teatime with symmetra, they’re not dating but they’re dating the same people and they’re pretty good friends
  • sombra’s dating symmetra but she thinks zarya is super hot and she’s ngl she would go for it if it happened
  • mei’s dating zarya, symmetra and mercy, the other two think she’s cute as hell though and she likes them too!! friends!!
  • they all have a policy of at least being friends with each other even if they’re not dating and they all get on really well so it works out nicely, there’s occasional jealousy issues but they talk about it the moment it comes up
  • zarya is the queen of cuddles, no one disputes this
  • pharah and zarya are constantly running around making sure the other four are eating and sleeping properly
  • there have been times when they find mercy, symmetra, mei and sombra in a huge exhausted pile in a lab somewhere, it’s very cute
  • they like giving gifts to each other as sort of a reminder of “hey i love you”, once all four of symmetra’s gfs bought her the exact same tangle toy and she loved it because that means she can always have one with her wherever she goes and she’ll think of all of them
  • the alignment spectrum can cause… interesting… issues, it’s mostly sombra and pharah but their debates are actually pretty entertaining
  • they’re all lesbians except sombra who’s bi
  • they’ve talked about getting a pet but it’s just not feasible so instead they treat snowball like their pet
  • when ana came back from the dead, she asked pharah if she’d got a girlfriend, mercy and symmetra were suddenly terrified
  • it turned out okay though because ana’s delighted at the idea of having this many potential daughters-in-law to spoil
  • once symmetra tried to make a rota for who would spend the night with who but it fell apart pretty fast so they just took over one huge room in watchpoint gibraltar and figured it out from there (symmetra’s still annoyed about the rota not working)
  • they frequently just go “oh fuck it” and sleep in a huge pile together, it’s made slightly more manageable by virtue of symmetra and pharah not having all of their limbs
  • zarya and pharah are very happy to carry their gfs around, together they can actually carry all four pretty comfortably
  • clothes get shared a lot
  • pharah and zarya keep losing their clothes to the others who find oversized shirts comfy, symmetra is kind of picky about her clothes being shared so if she lets you borrow her shirt it’s a huge deal and super sweet
  • sombra does all of their nails for them every so often
  • they joke about reaper being their unofficial father-in-law via sombra and honestly he’s just accepted it
  • mccree is their unofficial brother-in-law and he fucking LOVES it like HELL YES
  • food sharing… they always share their food with zarya because she’s probably going to steal some anyway (she’s a powerlifter after all), if they find food symmetra can actually eat they’ll always share it with her, generally they don’t even need to ask to share, mei always has sweets on her so if someone’s blood sugar is getting low it’s like “hey babe pass me a gummy bear”
  • they generally use english but as time goes on they pick up more and more of each other’s languages, so they’ll talk in a horrible mess of russian, chinese, telugu, spanish, arabic and german and it’s basically incomprehensible to anyone but them