mother's favourite roses

missshadow99  asked:

Hi!! I really like your Willa! Can you tell us more about her, if you want, of course!! And I like so much her design and that goofy tooth gap!

Thank you <3 <3 <3

She’s a stubborn and impulsive, often acting before thinking. Her intentions are good, but she’s from a very privileged background and often see’s only her side of things, basically she has a narrow perspective. She had a very carefree childhood, she enjoyed her sword training but didn’t expect to use those skills, so she didn’t take them seriously. She often would steal roses from her mothers favourite rose bushes, half pranking, half because she loved the smell.

Being a Cousland, her origin story involves the death of her parents, which is definitely a wake up call for her. She hated Duncan for dragging her away from them, and then also herself for not being strong enough.She then became intensely focused in her training to become a stronger warrior, finally accepting her fate in becoming a Grey Warden so she could find some sort of redemption in destroying darkspawn and the Arch demon.

I was really conflicted choosing between Leliana and Alistair for her, so (in my mind) they live a happy poly relationship,okay. 

Here’s a picture of her looking tough.