mother's day tea


Some characters in my book.

Miss Ava Tremain, Ellie’s governess and the bane of Master Jacob’s existence

Lord Jacob Temple, Ellie’s fake uncle and her Guard Master. Also the bane of Miss Ava’s existence.

And Ellie Temple/Matthews, the protagonist and Apprentice Guard.

NaPoWriMo Day 2: When they ask me how I love you

I will tell them: I watch for the sun to clock in its scorching afternoon yellow. Put kettle on to boil, 212 degrees, precisely. Drop in tea bag. Infuse herb and water, tendrils of liquid brown smoking in a warming cup. Three minutes to brew. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting. Then: add sprinkle of sweet, splash of almond milk. Set down on a coaster, before I go to wake my mother from soft midday slumber. A gentle back rub, daughter caring for first caretaker, first love, to ease her out of sleep. A kiss on feathery brow to nurture her into the day. A cup of tea to say: Mama, drink this, and know that you are loved.

For everyone who is a mother, has a mother, is missing their mother, is doing the work of a mother, is no longer a mother, was almost a mother, wishes they were a mother: ✨Love✨ to all of you who work so hard, do so much good, bring so much love into the world. I hope this Mother’s Day weekend brings moments of joy, reflection, and connection to each of you. And love to my own mother, to whom I owe everything. 💛


Honestly, the reason I haven’t posted food diaries lately is because I’m ashamed that I’ve eaten so much and I feel guilty. But I’m trying. Life is really trying to fuck me up though!

Weetabix with milk

Left over picnic food from yesterday (surprised mum with picnic for Mother’s Day)

Accidentally too spicy pasta

Baby bel
Lemon slice
Mini muffin
3 cups of tea
Crackers and chocolate spread

No exercise
Water: 1700l
Total: 2114 calories

:( I feel like I’ve fallen so hard off the wagon. I can get back on though. I have to