mother's day tea

Happy mother’s day! 😄

I made a Japanese style cheesecake for my mother. It tasted heavenly but it wasn’t as fluffy as it was supposed to be…
My mother wanted to make a raspberry biscuit roll but the biscuit broke so she turned it into a desert. It tasted very good nevertheless 💖. So in the end, all is well~
Maru and Miya joined us as well 💕 but we still have plenty left over which means there’s desert for tomorrow too!!

For everyone who is a mother, has a mother, is missing their mother, is doing the work of a mother, is no longer a mother, was almost a mother, wishes they were a mother: ✨Love✨ to all of you who work so hard, do so much good, bring so much love into the world. I hope this Mother’s Day weekend brings moments of joy, reflection, and connection to each of you. And love to my own mother, to whom I owe everything. 💛