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Hey! Could you do a story where Emily gets jealous of one of the other liars because they have formed a close friendship with Alison. So maybe one day Hanna stands up for Alison when Emily says something about Alison not loving her or something and Emily gets angry because she wants to be the one Alison goes to when she needs someone to talk to.

Hey I’m the anon with the “mother” drabble request. I mentioned not being sure about baby or not baby because I made another prompt with Ali and Hanna shopping for maternity or post-maternity clothes, and Ali’s weight insecurity. And maybe them talking about Emison in S5 when Hanna was so against Ali and was always pressuring Emily about her. You said (I think) that this was a little too baby related, though you liked the idea of them discussing S5. So that confused me, and I didn’t know! :)

Can you do a Drabble request of maybe Lorenzo coming back and wanting to get to know Alison again but he doesn’t know she’s dating Emily.

I have a great disdain for he-who-shall-not-be-named so I’m not granting him a mere word of dialogue in this, therefore I altered that aspect of the three-prompt drabble (but he’s still a factor).

Here’s some angsty Emison (plus fluffy, don’t worry) and some sweet Halison:

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Cicero was forced to remain in the Sanctuary for two weeks to teach the initiates about stabbing technique, and couldn’t see the Night Mother during that entire time period. The kids are never getting an allowance again.

Idea for post courtesy of anon! Would love to post a photo of the original request, but the stupid thing only allows ten. Oui vey.

happy AWESOME day continues!!!

Falling Angel (A Teen Wolf Pack Imagine)

“Scott, seriously it was one mistake! No one was hurt, it’s fine!” You said to your alpha, flittering your angel wings behind your back.
“But it could’ve been! Your stupid wings are gonna knock someone off a cliff one day.”
During a recent fight with some strange supernatural creature your wings has brushed against a wall made of loose stones, and you somehow started a mini avalanche of pebbles, no one was hurt but you gave away your pack’s position. “Scott, it won’t happen again!” You insist, curling your wings tighter against your back. Scott snarled, “it won’t.” You sighed in relief, but Scott wasn’t finished “because we can’t have you in the pack.” The room fell into silence, the pack registering Scott’s words, you looked over to the other members but they all avoided you gaze. “Fine then, but don’t come back of you need and favour.” You fully extended your pure white angel wings, walking with your head held high, even though you wanted nothing more than to beg for forgiveness. But you did nothing wrong, you remind yourself as you walk into the quiet street. You had been walking home for a while, turning onto your street when a drunk driver swerved off the road, hitting you and then trapping your unconscious form under the car, one of the tires resting dangerously on your spine.

It took the paramedics, police and fire brigade almost an hour to get the car off you safely, your wings had luckily disappeared after you left the pack. You were rushed into surgery, the medical team trying to fix the breakage in your spine, they wouldn’t know until you woke up.

You opened your eyes, squinting against the bright light. Who were you? You couldn’t remember anything, was this a hospital? Why were you here? As if she could read your mind a nurse walked into the room, immediately paging a doctor when she saw you were awake. The nurse lifted the blanket from around your toes, giving you and her a view of your feet. You tried to wiggle your toes, you really did, but your feet stayed stubbornly still. Then you tried to bend your legs, but they too refused to move. The nurse pursed her lips and looked sadly down at your legs.

You were paraplegic, meaning you were paralysed from the waist downwards. And to top it all off you had amnesia, with no memory of who you were. You were miserable to say the least, and it looked like you would be spending the rest of your life in a hospital or care home.

Scott arrived at the hospital 2 weeks after you had been in the accident, the pack never knew, it was hidden from the press and the only people who knew what really happened were the emergency services that arrived at the scene. Scott had arrived at the hospital to drop off some dinner for his mom, who was about to start the night shift in the long term stay ward. He arrived to the nursing station to see his mum wiping away tears.
“Mom? What’s wrong?” His mother looked up at her son.
“Oh, it’s just this patient. She’s so young, your age I think, and she was in an accident. She’s paralysed from the waist down, and has no memory of her life before the accident. She’ll probably never see life outside of a hospital.” His mom finished, wiping more tears that threatened to leak out. Scott left the hospital, before a familiar scent wafted into his nose. Y/N? He peered into the door he had just passed, looking through the tiny window. There lay Y/N, and instantly Scott just knew that this was the girl his mother had been talking about. Y/N, who was an angel but didn’t know, was paralysed. Scott wanted to help her, but he couldn’t charge in without a plan, and besides she wasn’t even pack anymore. Scott left the hospital.

A/N: this is just something I wrote before my race, this was REQUESTED by anon, but I’m on mobile so I can’t really attach the image. I don’t know about writing a part 2, I kinda like the cliff hanger. I have another request that I will post tonight! But until then, have a nice day/night lovelies xxx