mother's day 2013


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Hi, Mom!

In a few hours we’re gonna Zeta out and see Bette’s parents, so I thought I’d come see you first.

I really miss you, Mom.  I didn’t start the family I thought I would last year, but that’s all right.  Things have changed a lot in a year.  I could really use some advice.

I’ve got that Grayson wanderlust again.  Although, I guess it’s not really a Grayson thing since it’s yours.  You know, i just realized I never knew your maiden name.  I guess that really makes you a Grayson.

Anyway, I feel like I’ve…  I should be happy where I am.  I’m stable.  I’m not falling.  I’m surrounded by people who love me.  But I just want to leave it some days.  How did you and Dad handle it?  Was the movement of the circus enough to calm it down?  Or is that why you’d get anxious those nights, because you couldn’t move, couldn’t fly?

Kinda funny how the Townie wanted to move more than the circus boy.  I guess in some way that makes sense, though.  Rromani blood looks for a place to settle; yours looks for places to go.  Now I’m torn between both of them.

I’m gonna go take a nap now, Mom, before we have to leave.  Come talk to me?

I love you.  Happy Mother’s Day.

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY TO ALL THE BEAUTIFUL MOTHERS OUT THERE! And to everyone else, I hope you showed your moms some love today (though you should do that everyday). The first thing I did this morning after getting up was give my mother a big hug and tell her how much I love her. She’s the best mom ever!

So I just got home from spending the day at my Nana’s house. We had a small family get together. It was nice. I got to see one of my cousins who I honestly haven’t seen for…about ten years. That was nice. She’s cool. And I spent time with one of my other cousin’s one year old daughter (I have a lot of cousins on my mom’s side of my family) She’s the cutest little girl ever. And we all had a nice lunch, despite my family being the most obnoxious people ever. Overall, it was nice to be away with family for the day.