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There is nothing you can say, and by that I mean nothing, that will convince me their relationship was just the ‘heat of the moment’, that they weren’t supposed to end up together.
You’ll always have me ∾ montgomery de la cruz

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request? yes
Saw that you said you wrote for 13rw and I just had to request. Can you do an imagine where the reader and Montgomery are best friends and the reader is Justin’s little sister so when the mom’s boyfriend beats her she goes to Montgomery and he comforts her and more fluff? Thank you !

pairing(s): justin x sister!reader , montgomery x reader (platonic) 

warnings: plenty of cussing

words: 1032

a/n: i couldn’t find any other gifs so that was the best i could find, oops.
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I'm feeling 62. (Please don't cry) really hard even though like 2 out of the 3 words are barely in Andrew or Neil's vocabulary

Okay so like I love this concept and I love this dialogue but…. Andrew doesn’t say please and Neil would never say please in front of Andrew, but……. I did my best
#62. “Please, don’t cry.”

Andrew’s sweatshirt is the only barrier between Neil’s skin and the biting December air. Where the metal of the balcony touches Neil’s bare thighs and feet, he freezes. Tears stick to his cheeks. The cold doesn’t register. Neil just feels the heat of a gasoline fire, smells flesh and hair and plastic burning. He can feel the resistance against his fingers when he rips his mother’s bones from the seat with blood acting as velcro.

The balcony door slides open and Andrew steps out. King slips past Andrew’s feet and trots over to Neil. The cat meows before stepping onto Neil’s thigh and head-butting his chest. Neil blinks, and more tears fall and freeze in place. Sir meows from the doorway and paces, but he won’t come outside. 

“Your cats are stupid,” Andrew says, sitting down crosslegged beside Neil. 

Neil doesn’t respond except to drag in a trembling breath. Andrew and the cats are peripheral to the last moments he has of his mother. Neil’s grief and exhaustion warp reality until the memory feels more real than the present moment. He’s not sitting on his balcony, remembering California, he’s on his knees on the side of the road, vomiting up the smell of ash and the taste of sea salt until his stomach is empty.

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Could you do a fix it fic where kara and Lena finally admit their feelings for each other (and lena knows that she is supergirl) and lena stays with her on the ship please? Your fics are the best and honestly you should write the show!

This picks up from here:

Lilian underestimates her daughter.

She always has.

She probably always will.

Underestimates her because she sees her.

She sees the way she clings to Supergirl’s hand; the way her entire body pressed into their hug; the way her entire body is relaxed, now, safe, now, that the caped alien nuisance is by her side.

She sees her, but she fails, utterly, to understand her. To comprehend her.

To truly feel for her. With her.

Because she underestimates Lena.

Underestimates her knowledge. Her perception. The depth of her love, her appreciation, for Supergirl. For Kara Danvers.

She wants the news that her two friends in National City are, in fact, one friend, to break her.

She wants it to make her hate Kara. Hate Supergirl.

And that break will be the clean one Lilian’s been searching for, to use to weld Lena by her side.

But she doesn’t understand her, doesn’t comprehend her, doesn’t feel for her. With her.

So she doesn’t know that Lena already knows.

Lena already knows exactly whose hand she’s holding.

Knows exactly who this woman in a cape is.

Her hero. Kara Danvers.

Her friend. Supergirl.

Her love. Both. The same. One.

So when Kara thrusts Lena protectively behind her back, because at the slightest nod from Lilian, Cyborg Superman lunges to try to wrench the two of them apart, Lena knows exactly who is protecting her.

Who is fighting for her.

She knows exactly who is throwing punches and sweeping up her cape to protect Lena from hellfire.

She knows exactly who is punching and heat vision-ing into unconsciousness the man who hurt the woman she loves. The man who hurt the woman her sister loves.

No more. No more.

Kara rounds on Lena’s mother, and she doesn’t need Lena’s whimper to stop her from killing her.

She won’t break Lena, not like that. Not ever.

“Take those two and Lena back to the surface,” she tells the man restraining Lilian Luthor.

“What? Why? You can’t stay here, the DEO has that cannon thing trained on this place – “

“I have to give your mother a chance. All of them. I can’t just leave them to die without another chance.”

He doesn’t argue nearly enough, but he shuts Lena’s mother up effectively enough when she starts to scoff. 

He doesn’t argue nearly enough, because he says he’s a superhero because he loves a superhero, but he loves his comfort more.

But Lena? Lena won’t take a step toward him. And she certainly won’t look at her mother.

“Lena,” Supergirl prompts, her voice softening as she turns to her, blocking her mother from her view. “Lena, you have to go with them. The DEO can protect you – “

“We don’t have time for this, Supergirl, the DEO is about to blow this place – “

“I know, I know – he’s right, Lena, you need to go, now.”

Lena tilts her head and stares, like she can’t quite comprehend what’s happening, what Kara is saying.

“Not without you,” she says, like it’s the most obvious conclusion in all the multiverse.

“Lena, you can’t – “

“Lena, be reasonable, you – “ But Lena has grabbed the device from Supergirl’s hand, and she’s fiddled with it with the speed of a genius, and without another word, without another blink, she and Kara are the only two remaining.

“Lena, what did you do? I can’t let you stay, it’s too risky – “

“Your sister won’t fire a weapon that will kill you, Kara.” She says it soft and she says it scared. But god, god, god, she says it.

Kara nearly reaches for glasses that aren’t there and she desperately tries to pfft. “What? How do you – “

“Because she loves you, of course.”

Kara blanches. Everyone keeps saying she loves Lena… And she does. Rao, she does. Just not in the way they were all saying. She thinks Alex might know, but that’s not the point, not right now… 

“No, I meant how did you – “

“Because those eyes, Kara Danvers? Will always be heroic to me.”

The ship rumbles and Lena staggers forward, into Kara’s arms, and just this once, the multiverse is working in their favor.

Kara breathes out and Lena breathes in her breath, and time is frozen like the world isn’t about to end, like the planet below isn’t on fire.

“Lena, I… I’m sorry I lied, I didn’t want to, I just – “

“No, Kara, this isn’t… that’s not why I told you, I’m not… I’m not angry. There are many kinds of lies, Kara Danvers, and the ones you have to weave in your life? I imagine they’ve only ever caused you more pain than they’ve caused anyone else. And you bear it so beautifully, so bravely, I…”

Kara’s lips part and her breath hitches and her eyes travel to Lena’s lips, to Lena’s chest.

“Thank you for coming to rescue me,” Lena finishes softly, and Kara reaches slow, tentative, terrified, exhilarated fingers to her face.

“I will always come for you,” she whispers, and Lena is too overcome by the burning in Kara’s eyes, by the intensity of the woman’s gaze, to even crack a smirk at the unintended pun.

Lips hover close to lips, and neither is sure who tilts forward first, but Kara is sure that Lena tastes vaguely of hope and loss and stale ship air and Lena is sure that Kara tastes of wind and ash and sky.

Both are sure that the other tastes perfect.

“Well isn’t this the scandal?” Rhea’s voice makes them both jump. “My son’s wife-to-be and my son’s worthless girlfriend, together on his wedding night.”

“You’ve lost, Rhea. There won’t be a wedding night. There won’t be any obliterated hospitals. You’ve lost,” Lena practically snarls, and Kara gulps at her intensity, at her fire, at the fact that those perfect lips were just on hers.

Rhea is chuckling and Kara is clenching her fists, is shifting in front of Lena.

“They’ll blow this place, Rhea. Don’t think that they won’t. You can choose to end this, now, and leave this planet, or you can choose to vaporize with us. And what, you think that’s funny?”

“What I think is funny, Kara Danvers, is that you seem to think I only have one way to defeat you.”

Lena gasps before Kara sees him, before Kara takes the brunt of his blow.

Her stomach contorts when she blinks up at her cousin, clearly controlled somehow.

It’s bad enough that she loves him so much.

But at least it’s not Alex this time.

“Lena, stay back,” she shouts, and Rhea chuckles as Lena scrambles to obey, stolen gun in hand, ready.

Ready to defend the woman she loves, as the woman she loves defends her.

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Could you elaborate on their first kiss (if ur not gonna write it in a different post?)

tbh, this ask is psychic. i was actually going to do it on a text post but like, i barely had enough time to do b&r, much less that. so like, you’re a fucking lifesaver, anon.

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  • at this point, neil hatford has changed about pretty much all of andrew’s rules apart from the jock thing. neil has made andrew:
    • bring someone home for something other than a group project
    • eat someone else’s cooking (not after the incident in first year)
    • have a crush on a jock
  • andrew’s reputation around the school counts for him being in the gsa (people think he’s there to mooch up on renee), having hospitalized that dude at the freshman mixer (which was actually aaron’s doing), taking unknown medication in the middle of the day (pain meds because he doesn’t wear his hearing aids to school), and being the MVP of the debate team (him and aaron are a roasting in a package deal, okay)
  • in all the weeks that came after andrew’s realization of his crush, neil has:
    • improved his grades 
    • been to at least two of the debate team’s events 
    • invited andrew to all of his games (”what makes you think i want to go there” “well it wouldn’t hurt to ask, wouldn’t it? it’s not like we have anything apart from tutoring on fridays”) 
    • stayed over to keep andrew company on more than one weekday (which only renee used to do)
    • once, neil even barged into a debate meeting to have a silent freak out about his A- on biology while andrew just looked on not-fondly 
      • aaron: that is bull
      • andrew: shut up, your girlfriend makes you look stupider than this
      • aaron: you may not know this but you just played yourself
  • andrew’s pretty much screwed the pooch, especially with how he gives neil Special Treatment, or so aaron calls it.

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Y’all know which one I’m talking about

  • The obvious angst
  • Sam who tries so hard to be understanding but who just can’t understand and who is just so HURT 
  • Dean’s face, like The Face, which gets me every damn time 
  • Sam talking about their own toolkit which works just fine (this is so touching)
  • Dean looking down when Sam talks about what the BMoL did to him and you know he’s remembering (judging by the way his eyes move, I would even say reliving) how it made him feel 
  • Dean looking at Sam even though Sam doesn’t look back and keeps his eyes fixed on Mary (especially after Mary said “family”)
  • The severe look Sam gives Mary and that we never (or very rarely) saw and the way he’s standing up for himself
  • The brothers standing together, united, and you know nothing, even their mother, is gonna come between them 

I don’t think I’m ever gonna shut up about Jared’s and Jensen’s acting in that particular scene. They already blew my mind in Regarding Dean and of course in several other episodes before these ones and this time they were once again breathtaking.