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Random Life Update

So I will be, especially this summer after I finish school because unfortunately that has to come first, going into Research Mode. I was never a fan of a written grimoire but since instead I’m doing a few little books of specific things, I feel like I can organize it better. So!

  • My faerie journal is finally beginning. I’m starting with the titles and little drawings of the fae, and then I’ll add the information later.
  • I bought a journal today for Kemetic stuff, I think I’ll have some stories/lore first, then the gods (and probably pictures of them too), and then probably some stuff about symbols and hieroglyphics.
  • I bought a tiny little journal to write down glamours and beauty magic because I’ve been wanting to get into that more.
  • My sigils and the rest of my spirit work things are online. My crystal and herb information is online and I’ve had a good memory with that stuff anyway. Outside of that I can’t think of anything else I would need a journal for, but if I end up with a dozen companions T would kill me but he would also be happy with it lmao I might do a journal for them and give them each their own drawings, descriptions, etc???? Not sure yet.
His Thoughts

 Nobody noticed him.


 Nobody cared about him.


 If anything, his existence was meaningless.

 Arms lowering down from the target board, Takumi only stared blankly. Sunset eyes hazed with sorrow and emptiness. Flickers of hatred and resentment stroke across the surface of his irises. Dry lips pursed and tightened for Gods know how long, he only let his mind wander to such malicious thoughts.


 That’s what he felt. That’s what he’d always be.

 Utterly, laughably, alone.

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Ok but imagine this...

Severus Snape: equal rights enthusiast

He was born in 1960, his father was a drunk, an abuser, misogynistic, and most likely raped his mother now and then after a particularly bad gambling session at the pub.

His mother, who was most likely a normal mother. Who treated him like mothers were supposed to treat their children. Nothing is canon that he had a bad relationship with her, so in my mind he would have cared for her.

His dad, abusing his mother and him and spending the majority of their money in the pub. You can’t tell me that he didn’t disagree everything he believed in subconsciously. He was a person in the 60s. You can’t tell me his views weren’t fucked up.

His mother who he loved so dearly came from a society where
-women are treated as equals
-LGBT is accepted
-all races are respected
You can’t tell me he didn’t adopt his mother’s opinions.

Imagine this:
-When Severus taught Lily about the wizarding world, he also had to teach her to unlearn all of her shitty views (it was the 60s she had to be a little shitty)

-hating the muggle world because the majority of people believed in awful things

- Lily suggesting one summer, “why don’t we try to change them” and then going to muggle protests to try to knock some sense into these assholes

- talking back to his father when he says something way out of line, even though he’d probably get a slap

- protecting his mother when he turned aggressive towards her, even though that would probably get him a bloody nose and a bruised cheek

- “The headmaster of my school is a gay man, and he has accomplished more than you have in your life time. Go to bed, you pig.”

Equal rights enthusiast Severus Snape🐍💚🐍💚

(Mother 3 spoilers down here ahoyyyy!)

I’m a little surprised that more people aren’t talking about the parallels between Undertale and Mother 3 because there are really nice ones that I picked up on.  These games both mean a lot to me and part of why I played Undertale in the first place was because I had heard it was inspired by Mother in some ways.

Claus’ story has a lot in common with Asriel’s: two children who lost their lives and were later “revived” as empty shells of themselves.  Both of them play vital roles in bringing about the so-called “end of the world” as we know it in the story.  The final battle with Asriel in Pacifist is a big callback to Claus’ in Mother 3, but especially due to what happens halfway through (skip to 12min in that video for the part I want to talk about).

Throughout Mother 3′s story Hinawa - Claus and Lucas’ mother - plays a vital role despite being deceased for much of the game.  She has a prominent golden flower motif - sunflowers, to be exact - and said flowers are often used to symbolize her.  Her tender memories of Claus are able to reach his heart during the final battle and pacify him.  She may be gone, but her spirit is strongly felt throughout the entire story.

A deceased family member with a golden flower motif who reaches out to a loved one with their memories during the story’s final battle… doesn’t that sound familiar?

In a Kill All run the Claus parallel above could be extended to Chara as well, but in a Pacifist run?  Chara is playing a similar role to Hinawa, especially at the end of the story.

“I’m really happy you could be with me just before the end…”

(This is my own opinion, but I like to think Once Upon a Time is Chara’s theme in some fashion.  This song bears a faint resemblance to Mother 3′s Love Theme, which is often used in relation to Hinawa)

(also writing this post made me cry over Mother 3′s ending again ughhhhh)

Civil War thoughts

I’ve seen it twice. I’ve had time to process. It’s time to type it all out.

fuck, where do I even begin? I guess we’ll go by character

  • Cap. Oh man. My pal. My buddy. My son, but also true love, but also my cheap trashcan. Going in, I was Team Cap and I never changed my mind. Tony had valid points, but I always stuck with Steve on this one. 
  • Seeing Steve Rogers getting out of a tiny blue bug was the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen and I’ve never laughed so hard
  • Also seeing Steve drive an SUV while in his suit was hilarious like “when you’re chasing Black Panther at 3, but you gotta pick up the kids at 3:30″ I have got to find a gif of that bc I CANNOT STOP LAUGHING
  • Steve at Peggy’s funeral more like stab me 37 times in the chest that was the most depressing thing. Seeing him all watery eyed made me want to die. Also losing Peggy, even though I know I can still watch her on Agent Carter, really sucked bc she’s the best and also Steve’s anchor through a lot of this. So that was tough.
  • Sharon overall was a badass and I loved how her and Nat worked together to kick Bucky’s ass in the scene after he’s triggered. 
  • I was upset @ the kiss, but I’m pretty biased bc I love stevetony also I just don’t like the idea of Steve dating Peggy’s niece??
  • Sharon Carter should be her own valid character, I just don’t want to see her end up being the Peggy Replacement
  • but it was pretty damn funny to see Sam and Bucky’s reactions lmaooo
  • I adored Steve’s protection over Wanda omg
  • Speaking of Wanda, let’s move onto my wife?? daughter?? idk but I fell in LOVE with her in this movie. She felt so much more human in Civil War. I like how she fears herself and her powers and I am living for the quote “I can’t control their fear, only my own” her character arc in this movie is wonderful and I’m so glad she’s getting the proper care from good directors/writers like she deserves

This is extremely long so I’m gonna cut it off here if you wanna keep reading!

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Sarah's son

I’m really fed up of reading fetus glurge, so this is my answer, ‘Sarah’s son’, a little pro-choice fiction.

Sarah had a son named Tommy. She loved him dearly and she would play with him, tell him stories and tuck him up every night before kissing him good night. He loved her so much and he believed she was the kindest and most adorable woman in the world.

One day, Tommy found one of Sarah’s old diaries. He couldn’t help reading it and he discovered that she had an abortion when she was 16. He became so upset that he ran to her and threw a tantrum.

“How could you do that?” he shouted. “Killing your own child! I believed you were a wonderful person!”

“Tommy, please, don’t judge me”, Sarah said. “I was young and I wasn’t ready for raising a child. I just feel I did what I had to do.”

“You had no right to kill my elder sibling, you mindless murderer! I hate you! I hate you so much!”

Then Tommy ran away, crying. He ran and cried and shouted and he eventually sat down on a bench, somewhere. Then a strange creature appeared in front of him.

“You look very upset, young man”, the creature said.

“Oh, I have every reason to be upset!”

“I see. You know, you look like a nice person. I can grant you a wish if you like. What do you wish for? World peace? A new friend?”

“No! I wish my mother never had an abortion!”

“Are you sure?”


The creature nodded and disappeared in a halo of light. Tommy walked back home slowly. Surprisingly, the garden was neglected and the roses his mother loved so dearly were gone. A shabby young man was crying in the garden. His arms were covered in scarification marks.

“What happened?” Tommy asked. “I believed Sarah Smith was living here.”

“Sarah Smith is my mother”, the man said. “My very abusive mother. She’s so cruel to me! Oh, I wish I were never born!”

Then Sarah appeared and Tommy gasped in dread because she looked nothing like the beautiful, sweet, happy woman he remembered. Her clothes were shabby, her hair was dirty and she looked so worn out.

“What are you still doing in the garden?” she asked the young man. “You good-for-nothing, I wish you were never born!”

“How can you say that?!!” Tommy said.

“Because it’s true! I was too young for having a baby! I had to give up all my dreams to raise him, and it was not my choice!”

“But Mommy…”

“Mommy? Mommy? I don’t know who you are, kid, but I’m sure I’m not your mommy! Raising an unwanted child was such a bad experience that I never wanted to have other kids!”

Then Tommy realized that he was disappearing. He was simply erased from existence as he had never been conceived. Soon there was nothing but a miserable young man and a woman who would have been very happy if she had chosen to interrupt her first pregnancy.

Abortion is not a black and white issue. Every person should have the right to do what s/he wants with her/his own body.