mother rue

“So if I’m too little for a musket, can I have one of your small guns? Those wouldn’t be too big for me.”

Comebeferre batted the gamin’s hands away from the pistols stuck through his belt. “Navet, you’re not to have any guns whatsoever. You’re far too young to be involved in the fighting.”

“You’ve got three guns and I’ve got none. That’s completely unfair,” Navet replied, ignoring him. “That’s an imbalance of power right there.”

“You’ll be allowed a gun when you’re tall enough to load it,” Combeferre said, pointedly holding his musket next to Navet. The two were nearly the same height, Navet being quite young and small for his age besides. “Anyhow,” Combeferre continued, “children shouldn’t have to risk their lives in such a way. No one should have to, but children least of all.”

“I’m tall enough to load the small ones,” Navet said, making another grab for the pistols.

Combeferre pointedly pulled his coat shut over them.

Enjolras came hurrying up to Combeferre. “Have you heard from Joly or Bossuet? I’ve yet to see them.”

“I haven’t seen them either. I know Joly mentioned that they might be breakfasting at the Corinth this morning.”

Enjolras raised his eyebrows, having not been informed of this. “Surely they haven’t forgotten what day it is! If they’re to meet up with us…” he drummed his fingers on his shotgun absently. “Pardon me, citizen,” Enjolras said, turning to Navet and fishing in his pocket.

“Yeah?” Navet asked, eyeing Enjolras’ shotgun with some interest.

“Do you know Mother Hucheloup?”

“Over on Rue Chanvrerie, the old man’s widow, right?”

“Right. Go there and you’ll find some men — look for the bald one. That’s Monsieur Bossuet. Tell him from me, ‘A-B-C,’ do you understand?”

“'A-B-C,’ what’s that supposed to mean?”

“Just tell him it for me, would you?” Enjolras said, holding out ten sous.

Navet eyed the coin suspiciously for a moment, then took it. “All right then, good enough for a laugh, I suppose.” He then cast a stern eye on Combeferre. “But you’d better be willing to spread the wealth when I get back, you hear?”

Combeferre cast a long-suffering look at Enjolras.

“Down with Polignac!” Navet yelled, before taking off down the street.


Manda’s Art - 2013 [ Year in Review ] - June and July 2013

I linked June and July together since they were my “artist slump” months of 2013. I didn’t get a whole lot of art done in either month and most of it was pretty lazily done. I seemed to get a bit less ambitious at this time of year. But I still had fun with the art that I did do in this time frame and kept up with my experimenting pose-wise, lighting, and even using symbolic theme with flower representation.

panicatthealice  asked:

Clarisse La Rue

Her mother was a ballerina, and people are always shocked to hear that. 

She is a huge history buff, and teaches high school history after college. Eventually she becomes a college professor. 

She never thought she would have any mother instincts until Chuck was born. People were worried about what it would be like when she had kids of her own. 

A lot of people don’t understand how Chris can handle dating her, and he just shrugs them all off “You don’t really know her,” 

She has a little sister, Madison, in her cabin that’s completely blind. She helps her learn how to fight and use her hearing to her advantage. Clarisse also starts calling her Maddie Murdock.