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I think this is necessary to post. I see a lot of people “saving” bunnies.

“*Bunnies are one of the most frequently “kidnapped” mammal species.
*Mothers dig a very shallow nest in the ground that is easily uncovered when mowing or raking the yard. If you find a rabbit nest-leave it alone!!
*Mother rabbits only return to the nest two or three times a day, usually before dawn and right after dusk. 
*To determine if they are orphaned, either place a string across the nest in a tic-tac-toe shape or circle the nest with flour. Check the nest the next day. If the string or flour is disturbed, the mother has returned. If not, take the bunnies to a rehabilitator.
* A bunny that is bright eyed and 4-5 inches long is fully independent and does NOT need to be rescued!
*If you find a bunny that does need to be rescued, put it in a dark, quiet location. Bunnies are a prey species and while they may look calm, they are actually very, very scared!”

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The perfect date is a romantic kiss at sunset on a rooftop while you blow up the Colombian drug cartel that double-crossed you in the background.

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the only thing I can possibly say at this point is: Peter Rabbit in the style of Homer

i mean it is basically the cattle of the sun episode with a happy ending…..

Sing, muse, of the reckless rabbit: how he stole 
vegetables from the man of the ground, McGregor, 
and how at his homecoming he found naught but bitterness. 

“Go,” said the Mother of Rabbits, “O my children, 
O Flopsy, Mopsy, Cotton-tail, and reckless Peter, 
go into the lane, and there take delight of food.
But go not into the garden of the Man, who is cruel; 
who has once eaten your father*, baking him in a pie." 

And then did Flopsy, Mopsy, and Cotton-tail gather
the first-fruits of the earth, the succulent blackberries; 
but Peter, obeying his savage thumos, slipped under the gate 
of the Garden of McGregor, and there ate of the vegetables. 

But the Man saw him, and chased him with his ashen hoe, 
and raised the hue and cry; then was Peter sore afraid, 
and with his swift feet ran before the assault of McGregor. 
The gods, who love moderation, caused him to trip; 
but gentle Aphrodite, pitying him, sent her sparrows
to free him from the nets wherein he was entangled. 

[several lines missing] 

And at last came reckless Peter home to his burrow, 
to his mother and to the other rabbits of his tribe;
but he was pale as grass and ill, and his mother 
fed him simply on camomile tea, and sent him to his bed. 
But his sisters feasted that night on blackberries, 
and soul-restoring bread, and the milk of the cow. 

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The scene where Cream reunites with her Mom (around 18:38)



Alice: When I get home I shall write a book about this place… If I ever do get home.

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Burrow’s Lament scene with no background music