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What I learned from RV on Running Man:

-Irene is as scary as she is scared.
-Irene has been extra affectionate toward Yeri since…well, you know.
-Wendy holding hands with another girl just looks and feels right.
-Seulgi does not expect to lose things. Her soul left her body when Irene ripped her bracelet.
-Wendy is smol. Even smoller than I thought.
-Red Velvet needs to actually BE on Running Man for real.

Red Velvet Reaction to: Being on “Return of Superman”

Irene: Very attentive and focused on her children. She has this amazing ability to watch her oldest and check he’s not up to mischief while simultaneously entertaining her youngest, stopping her tears by waving toys at her. As her daughter pumps her chubby legs in her highchair, the viewers fall in love with the dynamic of the three. Her son inherits Joohyun’s caring nature, looking out for his baby sister almost as much as his mom does.

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Wendy: Raises her twin sons with Korean and English, making a lot of Korean-Americans or mixed race viewers interested in her family, since they can identify with them. She’s very gentle and caring, singing the boys to sleep when they’re sick or upset. But can be surprisingly strict, in the kindest of ways. When her sons fight, she uses a calm but strict tone to tell them why that’s wrong and put them on time out. She knows how to lovingly discipline and many parents watch her episodes to take note of her techniques.

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Seulgi: Spoils her children with affection and love, unable to deny them anything. This leads to her often being the guinea pig for their “hair salons,” “restaurants” and “shops.” Seulgi has endured many glitter gels in her hair, bad makeovers and sipped countless empty tea cups.

“Oooh, wow, Jinyoung, you’ve made Mommy look so pretty!”

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Joy: She’s childish and playful with her son, making viewers melt at their interactions. The mother and son bond is very pure and strong, and he waddles after Sooyoung and copies her actions often. He knows all the latest girl group dances and he’s best friends with Yeri’s daughter; the next generation troublemakers. The antics of those two leave the audience in stitches and Yeri and Joy in awe and disbelief at some of the schemes they can concoct.

“They just had to be like their mothers, didn’t they?” Joy jokes.

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Yeri: “Irene unnie, help! Dasom has a cough - is it okay to give her medicine?” The other girls feature a lot in her episodes, even just over the phone, giving her advice. While she’s not the most graceful of mother’s, she’s a very fast learner and soaks information up like a sponge. Her daughter is the same and together, they learn how to maneuver through life; one as a child, the other as a mother.

A lot of other young mother’s also know this feeling, of unsureness so this family is a fan favourite.

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awwww iiyak na yan!! T.T  <– for more memes

The Devil

A Gradence Short
Credence Barebone/Original Percival Graves

Divination was, as a general whole, a complete load of bullshit in Graves’ mind. Fate was something contrived, scrying was unhelpful, and divination was in no way specific enough to be of much any help at all.

Tarot was especially shoddy work, in his experience. 

Oh, he had his deck. Most every witch or wizard did. He had his deck, gifted from his mother, wrapped in a velvet cloth and tucked neatly into a wooden box on his mantle. No-Majes used them for entertainment, he was told, for party tricks to titillate those who didn’t truly believe. You will meet with a tall handsome stranger. An abundance of good fortune is headed your way. Great changes are coming.

All manner of rubbish such as that.

Still. He couldn’t help but smile indulgently when Credence’s shaky, thin hands, free of fresh welts by means of magic, reached out to all the items on the mantle, brushing the box and collecting it into his hands. “And this?” He asked, holding out the box to Graves.

“Ah yes, that is my Tarot deck.”

“Tarot?” Credence’s fingers fiddled with the box. “What does it do?”

“On it’s own, nothing.” Graves reached over, cupping Credence’s hands briefly in his own before taking the box, guiding Credence to the kitchen table and sitting them both down on it. “It’s simply a deck of pretty cards on it’s own. But if you ask it a question, sometimes it answers.” That’s the explanation his Divination instructor had given him, the great cock. 

“Oh…” Credence looked at the deck warily as Graves placed it upon the surface of the table. “How does it work?”

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sukekiyo 二〇一六年公演「裸体と遊具、泥芝居に讃歌の詩」-漆黒の儀-
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01. foster mother
02. aftermath
03. hidden one
04. scars like velvet
05. 斑人間
06. 烏有の空
07. in all weathers
08. celeste
09. vandal
10. the daemon’s cutlery
11. 耳ゾゾ
12. zephyr
13. leather field
14. hemimetabolism
15. elisabeth addict
16. mama
17. latour
18. nine melted fiction
19. dunes
20. maniera
21. 304号室 舌と夜
22. focus
23. anima
24. 雨上がりの優詩
25. 鵠
26. 12時20分金輪際
27. 烏有の空

sukekiyo 二〇一六年公演「裸体と遊具、泥芝居に讃歌の詩」-漆黒の儀-
2016年7月17日(日) 調布市グリーンホール
01. foster mother
02. scars like velvet
03. in all weathers
04. the daemon’s cutlery
05. zephyr
06. latour
07. nine melted fiction
08. maniera
09. 雨上がりの優詩
10. 鵠

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A female goddess makes a cancerous lover, she french-braids my hair after dinner in the kitchen, pins me 2 the sink, dish soap clinging 2 my hands & her mouth tasting like stale milk & sugar. N she’s tryna be my new mother, her velvet cunt tucked away where I can’t touch, she plays-pretend, looks at me w/ eyes half-mast the way he’d gaze at me when i’d be lying about who I was or wasnt fucking & h’was always hoping I’d tell the truth. Gullible, too eager, Male or female, gods are jealous & sad things. Red children, sat in the grass n cryin cause they don’t wanna leave the party. gods wanna be loved but they know their hearts R putrid. gods wana be loved so bad they settle for prayers like pennies, on the corner of some street in New York City,or else tied to the bedpost with cords, naked & eyeing the knife in my hand. Asking for mercy without saying please. i make her a grilled cheese & I hear her laughing at the tv, the window open, Oh yes, violet-eyed goddess, who has ever resisted you? You spread ur legs & I pity you, abandoned fawn, mother dead at the side of the road, I want to hold you where it counts, baby. I got smarter than that. I got out, & you hate the grinning face in the sky, & I hate your face when you know you’re right. You used to wipe out whole cities. Now you shit yourself & eat soggy cereal, cry over ur deformed sex, look at me when Im lying, & stay silent