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What I learned from RV on Running Man:

-Irene is as scary as she is scared.
-Irene has been extra affectionate toward Yeri since…well, you know.
-Wendy holding hands with another girl just looks and feels right.
-Seulgi does not expect to lose things. Her soul left her body when Irene ripped her bracelet.
-Wendy is smol. Even smoller than I thought.
-Red Velvet needs to actually BE on Running Man for real.

Red Velvet Reaction to: Being on “Return of Superman”

Irene: Very attentive and focused on her children. She has this amazing ability to watch her oldest and check he’s not up to mischief while simultaneously entertaining her youngest, stopping her tears by waving toys at her. As her daughter pumps her chubby legs in her highchair, the viewers fall in love with the dynamic of the three. Her son inherits Joohyun’s caring nature, looking out for his baby sister almost as much as his mom does.

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Wendy: Raises her twin sons with Korean and English, making a lot of Korean-Americans or mixed race viewers interested in her family, since they can identify with them. She’s very gentle and caring, singing the boys to sleep when they’re sick or upset. But can be surprisingly strict, in the kindest of ways. When her sons fight, she uses a calm but strict tone to tell them why that’s wrong and put them on time out. She knows how to lovingly discipline and many parents watch her episodes to take note of her techniques.

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Seulgi: Spoils her children with affection and love, unable to deny them anything. This leads to her often being the guinea pig for their “hair salons,” “restaurants” and “shops.” Seulgi has endured many glitter gels in her hair, bad makeovers and sipped countless empty tea cups.

“Oooh, wow, Jinyoung, you’ve made Mommy look so pretty!”

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Joy: She’s childish and playful with her son, making viewers melt at their interactions. The mother and son bond is very pure and strong, and he waddles after Sooyoung and copies her actions often. He knows all the latest girl group dances and he’s best friends with Yeri’s daughter; the next generation troublemakers. The antics of those two leave the audience in stitches and Yeri and Joy in awe and disbelief at some of the schemes they can concoct.

“They just had to be like their mothers, didn’t they?” Joy jokes.

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Yeri: “Irene unnie, help! Dasom has a cough - is it okay to give her medicine?” The other girls feature a lot in her episodes, even just over the phone, giving her advice. While she’s not the most graceful of mother’s, she’s a very fast learner and soaks information up like a sponge. Her daughter is the same and together, they learn how to maneuver through life; one as a child, the other as a mother.

A lot of other young mother’s also know this feeling, of unsureness so this family is a fan favourite.

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What if MC had a younger, maybe hotter, sister that tried to flirt and seduce everyone in RFA + V and Saeran?

Jesus Christ DO I HAVE EXPERIENCE WITH THIS *well she was like one of my best friends and jesus pent up aggression gonna be on this post LOL 

MOD Saeran happily serving you :) 

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TO THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN IN THE WOLRD! My mother… the one who’s been there for me since day one.😭 I know I wasn’t the most grateful daughter when I was younger and I’m so sorry for every bad decision I’ve taken. Even if I rebelled against you, you were still there trying to help me overcome obstacles and giving me advice, preparing me for life and I wish I could go back in time to change my attitude and my form of thinking. Now that I’m a young woman, I thank you with all my heart for all the tools you’ve given me to move forward, thank you for being there when I was feeling alone, thank you for being the shoulder to cry on, the voice of wisdom. I can’t thank you enough, you’re the most beautiful and amazing mother, I wouldn’t want any other. ❤️ And even tho I’m in NY and you’re back home in NC, I’m glad I got the chance to catch up with you and hang out on FaceTime with you. I love you mom 💕 and to the rest of the lovely mothers all around the world, hope you had a lovely MOTHERS DAY!🎊🎉

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Wife Irene

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Joohyun would be an awesome wife. She would be a companion wife and would do everything to make you feel loved. She would cook for you whenever possible. She would be constantly ironing your clothes even if you tell her she didn’t had to. She would spoil you a lot

Your house would be filled with plants. But not the boring green plants. You would have beautiful and colourful plants and flowers all over it. The fresh and delicate flower smell would be the first thing you would feel when you got home. It would be really calming.

She would know you better than you know yourself. She would be able to tell if you’re sad, scared or angry just by looking at you. She would pay so much attention at every little thing you do. Like the way you move your hands when you’re trying to remember something.

Your arguments would be really silly. They can’t even be counted as argument cause they would all be over superficial stuff. You would understand each other pretty well so you wouldn’t have so much problems and fights.

You two would be the mothers of Red Velvet. They would love you a lot and would be constantly inviting you to their concerts and all and they would be really happy when you tell them that you were already going. It would make Joohyun really proud and happy to see that would have a healthy relationship with her members.

In all, Irene would be and amazing wife. She would care for you so much and would be always grateful to have you in her life.

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So did twilight (in the arranged marriage au) ever meet her mother?

Hmmmmmmm….. Honestly I’m kinda torn on that one! There’s so many interesting possibilities to it but this is the one like so far:

She’s never met her birth mother because she was fired about a year after she gave birth to Twilight. That said, she does end up meeting her mother when Twi is moved to Equestria.

What I’m thinking is… Twilight’s mother in this AU is still her canon mother (Twilight Velvet), who once worked as…. mm, maybe not a maid, but she worked for the royal family in Saddle Arabia in some way. I can’t decide if the night Twi was conceived was a drunken encounter (drunk on her part, not so drunk on the emperor’s part) or if there was some legit foolin’ around goin’ on there (hell maybe there’s more to it; maybe she was the “entertainment” for both the emperor and empress) but whatever the case Twi was the result, and like I said earlier she’s taken from Velvet at 1 year old (too young to remember her birth mother) and the mare’s fired.

Unable to do anything to see her daughter and thoroughly humiliated by the ordeal, she moves to Equestria with what little money she has left and struggles to start a new life. Eventually she finally stabilizes her life at some point and meets and eventually marries a stallion named Night Light (Twi’s canon father), in which she becomes the step-parent of Shining Armor. The mare knew that Princess Rarity was getting married, but she didn’t know to who until Shining mentions speaking to Twily and describing what she looked like.

Still a WIP but I hope that answers your question. :3